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Game Changer Interview with Instacanvas CEO Matt Munson | A.V.A LIVE RADIO (more info)
Listen to the show: www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2013/02/28/ava-live-radio-interviews-instacanvas-ceo-matt-munson

 Game Changer Interview with Blogtalkradio
Cinchcast CEO Alan Levy | A.V.A LIVE RADIO (more info)
Listen to the show Live:

A.V.A Live Radio Features Steven Bauer and underground Junction (more info)

Here the show live:

A.V.A Live Radio Featured Artists: Zara Phillips and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels | A.V.A LIVE RADIO (more info)

Tune in : www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2012/10/10/ava-live-radio-features-zara-phillips-and-dmc


Game Changer: Michael Kors Rides The Fashion Waves into Ready To Wear

Game Changer: Michael Kors Brings Fashion To The Masses

Discover how Michael Kors redefined his brand with a new label that brought fashion to the masses. In the beginning he would create fine couture that could only be afforded by a very small group of clients but then developed his craft into ready to wear that could be enjoyed by woman and men of all ages.

Developing a point of view over the long term is a special concept to him because he felt that when he was a young designer he simply didn’t have the level of experience to have something meaningful enough to say in his work. Through world travel, his failures, his successes and having the tenacity to stay in the business long term he developed a strong point of view that made him one of today’s most popular American Sportwear Designers.

You have to learn to ride the wave and not fall off the board to be successful.



Game Changer: Tom Ford How Our Culture Influences Sales And Effects Creativity

Today’s topic is on creative inspiration and how our culture influences the popularity of what we create. Do you ever feel like your creations just don’t crash through the glass ceiling? Have you ever wondered how some creative people become cultural icons when others burn out after 15 minutes? Do you feel behind the times and you just can’t figure out how to get ahead of the trends? 

How our culture influences the popularity of what we create. 
I was watching a narrative video on Tom Fords career and I found myself drawn in by his theories about creativity, culture of our time and keeping your work relevant in order to be current with your in business. In addition he talked about how these factors contributed to his enormous success in every thing that he’s done at such a young age. Many of you might not be aware of this designer and what he’s achieved by 40 so I’m posting the video I watched for your enjoyment. I think you’ll be inspired by his story and his mind no matter what type of business your in.
One of the concepts he talked about that struck a chord with me was his reference to how he keeps his creative mind current in today’s culture. If you’ve ever created a product, I’m sure you’ve experienced the dreaded moment when you hear the song or you step back and look at the outfit or art work and it suddenly occurs to you that your masterpiece feels dated, like a throwback from a tired old time that we’ve all run out of patience with. It’s at that moment that you feel deflated, a fraud, and a question may run through your mind like: who will ever want to buy this? Or even worse, you have to hear it from someone else who’s opinion you sincerely trust.

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Game Changer: Lauren Bush Lauren FEED

Lauren Bush Lauren inspired us from the start with her amazing company that’s every day goal is to FEED the hungry. FEED produces wearable accessories all marked with a number telling the consumer how many people your purchase helped. She funded her first order from Amazon for 500 hundred bags from her own pocket and her company has been thriving ever since. I love hearing about entrepreneurs who inspire us by making a real difference with their work.
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{Podcast} Marketing Your Music Brand Through Social Media

Today’s show:
Talking about promoting your music brand on social media. Don’t feel lost… I have some great tips to share with you that I have personally used successfully in promoting my own music brand.

Listen to this new episode Branding and Marketing Tips with Jacqueline Jax at http://tobtr.com/s/6974391

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Music Speaks To Us All

“When words fail, music speaks”
How often have you heard a song and felt instantly connected with the story or a particular lyric. You find yourself singing the words like they were the perfect way to express what your feeling on the inside. Music speaks to us each individually and collectively all together. It is the one movement of a worldwide culture that can effect us all at once in the most positive way that ever existed.

Through music we can move mountains and change the way the world thinks. Fill your heart, work and home with music today and do your part to make this world a much better place. Be brave and sing out loud!

Jacqueline Jax :: Radio Host and Recording Artist

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Geoff Higginbottom Rank #1 Manchester UK Folk

I recently caught up with a very interesting man, Geoff Higginbottom in Manchester, England. He has a very unusual song with an even more unusual story that reflected his local culture so much I just had to share it with you.

Jacqueline Jax: What is the history in connection with your song “Stand Up Proud”?

Geoff Higginbottom: I wrote Stand Up Proud as part of suite of songs which collectively tell the story of the Peterloo Massacre in Manchester on August16h.1819. Put briefly, political reformers had organized a pic nic/meeting on St. Peters Fields Manchester. 60,000 cotton workers from all over the north west of England gathered for the meeting. The authorities thought the revolution had started and ordered the part time Manchester yeomanry to disperse the crowd. 15 people died and hundreds were injured by gunshot ,sabre and the trampling of horses hooves. Many of the victims were women and children.
The album. Peterloo tells the full story and can be found in full on reverbnation. Stand Up Proud was the last song on the album and is designed as a reminder to us all of the sacrifices made by our forefathers


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{Podcast} Dos and Don’t Tips For Marketing Your Music Online

Jacqueline Jax shares some of her best Music marketing tips as well as mistakes Artists make when promoting their music careers.

Listen now:

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- Web Sites : it better be fresh & it better be good
In today’s music world your web site is a 24 hour version of you. When someone wants to find out about your work, they usually google your name and hopefully what they will find is your web site filled with awesome photos, live streaming music from your latest album, news clips of press releases, videos and an interesting more importantly extremely engaging story about who you are. Until that page exists please do not promote! Make your first impression a lasting one.
– Response time: acceptable response time is 8 hours or less, less, less
The music world moves fast and most industry professionals are dealing or exposed to 30 to 100 artists per month so if you have a public page available be sure to respond to all inquiries about your music with lightening speed. A quick response could mean the difference between getting your music a featured spot in the press or loosing it to someone who’s on the ball.

– Managers: Managers are great to arrange and schedule events and appearances, and shoulder some of the business end so you can focus on creating and PR but keep in mind that your manager is your representative to the people who can help you move forward. So with that said, if your manager doesn’t have a fast response time, is unfriendly, diva like, apprehensive, or all together unavailable, it can cost you more than just that featured spot it can break your career. Choose carefully and get involved often.

– Invites: Never, never, never send a member of the press and invitation to buy tickets for a concert or event you would like them to cover for you.

– Press Packets – reverbnation creates electronic press packages that you can note on your business card and share via email. You never know when that will be necessary so keep it ready and updated.

– Availability- make time for all press opportunities. So many times I have had to wait for an artist to answer questions for their featured articles… I just think it’s bad form. So when you get that opportunity jump on it.

– Fresh Press – keep your website updated weekly with fresh content. The Internet ranks information partly by date and your followers will forget you if you don’t say hello.



Game Changer: Donna Karen

Donna Karen has always been an inspiration not only to designers but to philanthropists and people seeking their own most amazing journey. She has demonstrated for decades that nature should be reflected in all things. Our creative life, our work life, and our personal life.

“Go Behind the Label with one of the biggest names in fashion history – Donna Karan. Judy Licht sits down in a candid interview with the designer about her business, her life, her charity and her many achievements.

Behind the Label
Each episode profiles one top designer from the fashion and beauty worlds exclusively, detailing their rise to fame, philosophy on fashion, inspirations, current collections and much, much more. Behind The Label also takes viewers behind the scenes with a tour of the designer’s private showroom or a walk through their stunning home.


{Podcast} Success Tips for Selling on Ebay

Today’s Topic: Selling on Ebay
Get the best selling tips for experienced seller and radio host Jacqueline Jax. Discover how to sell, when the best times are and what key things should be in your listings to set them apart from everyone else.

Live at  10:30 AM EST: www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2014/10/21/branding-and-marketing-tips-with-jacqueline-jax-selling-on-ebay

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Joanna Weston on her debut studio album Inside Out

Joanna Weston Inside out

Joanna Weston released her debut studio album on 5 April 2014. Moving from Guildford in the UK, she has been based in The Netherlands working with some incredible musicians, fine tuning each of the songs that appear on this beautiful album. Now released, she is so excited that it’s finally out
in the world for all to hear because the end result of all their hard work is truly fantastic!

Joanna and her band took the stage on 5 April 2014 in Utrecht to celebrate the release of ‘Inside Out’, where they performed all tracks, which appear on the album as well as songs from her two previous EPs. ‘Inside Out’ includes audience favourites from her live gigs ‘I Know’, ‘Say So’, and ‘What Are We Fighting For’ plus some new songs that have never been heard before.
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{Podcast}Branding and Marketing Tips for Selling on Pinterest with Jacqueline Jax

I’ll bet you didn’t realize how much traffic is driven by Pinterest. People often use Pinterest to create lists of thing they like, want to purchase, places they want to visit, things they want to remember. With this in mind ill bet you can already think of ways that Pinterest can be working for you to get your products in front of people and make you more sales.

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{Opportunity} Atlantic Records A & R Search

Hi Everyone,

We are so excited to be sharing this music opportunity lead with you. A.V.A Live Radio is always seeking opportunities for our artists to get noticed. Be sure to submit your music for the one and don’t forget to subscribe to our web site so you won’t miss any of our future opportunity notifications.

Join the roster that brought you Led Zeppelin, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Paramore, Zac Brown Band and more.

The A&R team at Atlantic Records is always scouting new talent. Now, they are tapping ReverbNation as a preferred platform to find it. Both companies will collaborate to review all the submissions.

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{Podcast} Selling Your Products on Etsy

This whole month of October I’m going to be diving deep into the world of ecommerce. Whatever your selling (ebooks, fashion, accessories, music, crafts, art) I’m going to be talking to you about the best places to sell what you have online and give you helpful tips to achieving success in that marketplace.

Today’s Topic: Selling on Etsy
On today’s show I’m going to be giving you key information to see if Etsy is a platform for you and to help you become  a successful Etsy seller. Tune in for the show.

{Podcast} Listen in now:

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Etsy is a vibrant online marketplace and community of creative entrepreneurs who hand make items to sell to customers around the world. The web site is used by people making all kinds of interesting and unique items. To get an idea of what kind of items are best for etsy, you can check out their guidelines. Essentially hand made items, vintage pieces over 20 years old and craft supplies are welcome in this market place.

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(Podcast) Giving Hope for a Creative Future with Jacqueline Jax

Giving Hope for a Creative Future

Whether you love making music, crafts, innovative products, clothing, writing books or developing technology I want to give you hope that you can make your dreams a realistic life changing business.

You may not realize how easy it is to sell your creative designs on the Internet and become an ecommerce entrepreneur. People are doing it every day. In recent years the Internet has exploded with web sites that allow you to list single items for sale or even populate your own branded web stores for as little as .20 cents per item or just $20 per month for a 150 product web store.

All you need to make your dreams become a reality is to believe in yourself and do a little research into your options. Here on A.V.A Live Radio, I’m going to be giving you help in understanding how it all works, what resources are freely available to you and the tools you need to successfully sell and market your products online from anywhere you are in the world. Be sure to subscribe to us on our web site so you won’t miss my helpful articles, morning shows and interviews on this topic and so much more. Our goal is to educate you and help you achieve your dreams.

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A.V.A Live Radio Secrets of Success Series

Have you visited our “Secrets of Success” section lately? We spend alot of time researching and creating these special discussions for you to learn more about branding & marketing your personal pages, blogs, music brands and products. Each special topic series is researched and presented by our main Host Jacqueline Jax and designed to introduce you to new updated concepts and get you started with your marketing strategy.

Browse through our section today for some awesome ideas and inspirational articles, videos and interviews.


–  {Podcast} Branding, Marketing and Social Media Tips with Jacqueline Jax and Luke L Nesler http://ish.re/EHOX

-{Podcast} 10 Exciting New Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook http://wp.me/p1Fv4O-2mD

– {Podcast} Knowing Where To Focus Most of Your Social Media Efforts http://ish.re/EXYB

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Jostens Partners with the Grammy Foundation to Fund Music Education in Schools



Jostens Pledges Up to $150,000 for Music Education

Minneapolis – September 15, 2014 – Jostens, the leading producer of yearbooks and student-created content, today announced a partnership with the GRAMMY Foundation® in support of their GRAMMY in the Schools® music education programs and in celebrating all the moments that matter in high school. As part of the partnership, GRAMMY® Foundation artist ambassadors Jack Antonoff, Colbie Caillat, and Darius Rucker have created messages for students reflecting on music and their own high school experiences.

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{Links To Love} How Indie Artists Are Making Money


ava live radioHey there my fellow artists. Since I’m getting ready to release some new singles, I wanted to do some research and share some articles with you that I found helpful. Most of them offer a new spin on traditional ideas we talked about last year on the show but I made sure each article offered helpful insights that were solid, new and trustworthy….

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Recording Academy News: COSIMO MATASSA Saying Goodbye to Rock and Roll Recording Legend and Shaper of New Orleans Sound

The Recording Academy® Statement re: Cosimo Matassa
September 11, 2014

A Recording Academy Trustees Award recipient in 2007, Cosimo Matassa was a legendary figure in early rock and roll music. A recording engineer and studio owner, he recorded some of the first rock and roll records and worked with artists such as Fats Domino, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis, among others. He helped shape what would become known as the ‘New Orleans Sound’ of the 1950s and ‘60s, leading to a prolific career that lasted for more than seven decades, and cementing his status as a pioneer and essential figure of the genre. Music has lost one of its greatest original masters behind the board, and New Orleans has lost one of its legendary heroes. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family, friends, the city of New Orleans, and all who continue to be inspired by his remarkable and timeless repertoire.

Neil Portnow

The Recording Academy

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{Behind The Music} The World According To Brit Pop Founding Father Vinny Peculiar

Vinny Peculiar 01Vinny Peculiar can be best described as one of British pop music’s most cherished hidden treasures. A singer songwriter with a difference, a poet and an observer of the everyday minute, a creator of poignant vignettes, mini stories and always intelligent observational and insightful. His work has a historical contest and often embraces childhood memories’, he makes absurdist observational thinking the norm whilst standing ordinary life on its head. This is the guy who’ll be found by the masses in one hundred years time and he’ll be hailed as a genius.

He is respected within the pop music fraternity as one of Brit Pop’s founding fathers and holds court with many of Pop’s gurus from The Smiths to Oasis. Vinny has recently toured alongside Roger McGuinn (The Byrds), Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue), Graham Gouldman (10cc) to name but a few. Vinny’s band members have included former members of the Smiths (Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke & Craig Gannon), the Fall, Aztec Camera and OASIS.

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{Podcast} Choosing Colors To Define Your Brand

Today’s Topic: The Importance of Colors Schemes When Designing Your Music Media Cards & Advertising Material

Associating your brand with a color scheme is one key factor in making an impression. It’s a crucial element in brand identity. Join host Jacqueline Jax for her list of key things you need to consider when choosing your color scheme for your website, promotional material and email marketing. She also runs down a list of the most popular colors used in today’s hottest brands and what those colors signify.

Listen in now:

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** Back by huge request, Jacqueline Jax is back with a live feed of her most popular shows including Hot Topic Tuesday, Branding and Marketing Tips for Success and Fast Track To Music Marketing. Be sure to tune in with her live each week day morning at 10am est to start your day out right. Grab a cup of coffee, listen in from your phone or computer and tweet her questions @JacquelineJax . If you miss the live show, catch the episodes on the replay or grab them on iTunes to listen in later.
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{Podcast} How To Get More Views and Traffic To Your Blog and Web Site

Today’s Topic: How To Get More Views and Traffic To Your Blog and Web Site

Today’s Topic: Join host Jacqueline Jax as she gives you some blog content and marketing strategies to increase your page views and get more traffic to your personal blog, music page or website.  Whether your just getting started with your first blog or you’ve had a website for some time, your main two focuses should be to generate great content and get noticed. Set a goal for achieving 1,000 new visitors to your page a day. If your BIG question is how?? You need to listen to her show… She’ll give you the information that makes sense and is easy to follow in just 15 minutes.

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Listen in Now:
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Balancing Hormones in men and woman

{Balancing Hormones} The effects of Progesterone on the body

Today’s Topic: The effects of Progesterone on the body. Including symptoms of being low progesterone, how to check for it, monitoring your levels, where to find help, best and safest products to use and book recommendations.

Join host Jacqueline Jax with Anti-aging medicine advocate, Galia as they talk about the path to a happier healthier life through cutting edge HRT.
By opening your eyes to a new way of preventative and proven remedies, that most Doctors don’t want to hear about, we are bringing you all the answers to longevity and anti-aging by diving deep into the study of hormones and their effects on the body.
As we age certain hormones diminish in both men and women, creative imbalances that can set off everything from perimenopause to cancer. It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in your body as early as 30 and in some cases even earlier. If you have feelings of dression, anxiousness, fatigue and have sexless sleepless nights, you need to listen to our podcast.

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Tune in Now-


Show notes:

What is progesterone?
Progesterone is a hormone found in men, women and children. Everyone needs a small amount of progesterone for good health and longevity. Women of reproductive age need (and produce) the most. Progesterone plays an essential role in a woman’s reproductive cycle and her ability to have children, and if she does not produce enough and has low progesterone many serious problems can occur.

Men also need progesterone for good health and full sexual function. It should be the first hormone that men (and women) use to treat any problems caused by a deficiency or imbalance of sex hormones.

Symptoms of low progesterone in women

Mood changes, anxiety, nervousness, irrational fears, irritability.
Headaches, migraines.
Hot flushes (also known as hot flashes or night sweats if they occur at night).
Low sex drive / libido.
Menstrual problems such as irregularity or heavy bleeding.
Mood changes, anxiety, nervousness, irrational fears, irritability.
Menopause and peri-menopause problems.
Breast disorders, pain, tenderness.
polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
Postpartum depression.
Weight gain.

Symptoms of estrogen dominance / low progesterone in men

Prostate enlargement – benign prostate hyperplasia / hypertrophy (BPH) and the risk of prostate cancer.
Urination – difficulty, increased frequency. Constricted urethra.
Erectile dysfunction.
Low libido.
Depression and anxiety.
Adiposity (fat build-up) and the redistribution of fat.
Muscle development reduced.
Body hair reduced.
Veins become less prominent.
Breast growth.
Risk of many other cancers.
Risk of heart and artery diseases.
Sweat and body odour changes.
Skin thinning.


{Podcast} Fashion Friday Starting and Marketing an Online Fashion Design Brand

 Fashion Friday Starting and Marketing an Online Fashion Design Brand

Today’s Topic:
Good morning AvA live radio fans, this is Jacqueline Jax your host here on this beautiful south Florida morning. Its Fashion Friday so I’m going to send you into a fabulous weekend with some fashion food for thought. This is the very first episode of a series I’m doing here on A.V.A Live Radio designated to educate you and offer you insights into the many facates of the Fashion industry. Each Friday I’ll be focusing on hot topics such as Fashion Design, industry news, fashion blogging, merchandising, photography, marketing and advertising.

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{Podcast} How Instagram is Changing The Role of Fashion Bloggers at NYFW


Instagram changes #nyfw
Instagram changes our view of fashion @ #NYFW

How Instagram is Changing The Role of Fashion Bloggers at NYFW

Today’s Topic:
Join radio host and journalist Jacqueline Jax as she breaks down the role of the fashion blogger in today’s high pace industry and how instagram has threatened their existence. Learn how they are struggling to improve their content and adapting to the new fashion internet landscape. The question is… Will instagram crush the fashion blogs of tomorrow?

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{Podcast} Knowing Where To Focus Most of Your Social Media Efforts

Next Topic: Knowing Where To Focus Most of Your Social Media Efforts

Listen in now:

Today’s Show:
With so many demands on your time to run your business and so little time, it’s very important that you make the best use of those hours you could be loosing on social media. Social media is fun but if your using it to market a product and drive traffic to your blog or web site then the big question is- Which one do I use and how much time should I be giving it before I see results?

Spend 15 minutes of your morning with me to think about how your spending your social media time and discover where you could be getting better results. I’ll also be including information on how to use stats to see where your traffic is coming from, which social media profiles I get the most traffic from and why, and what types of posts work best for social media platforms like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google and Instagram.

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{Podcast}10 Pro Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

Listen in live at 10 a.m est http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2014/09/02/branding-and-marketing-10-pro-tips-to-get-more-followers-on-instag

Today’s Show:
{Podcast}10 Pro Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram
Every week my assistant and I sit down with some of our favorite Instagrammers to chat about the art and marvel in their mobile photography efforts. We take a look at their editing process, their favorite apps, and overall how Instagram has altered our approach to photography in general.

In my review, I couldn’t help but compose a list of tips from these true Instagram masters who have collectively amassed over 2 million followers.

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{Podcast} 10 Exciting New Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook

Listen to the Show Now:

Today’s Topic:
{Podcast} 10 Exciting New Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook

Even the best facebook content managers run out of post-spiration, occasionally. With new posts firing off every minute of the day, keeping people engaged on your page can be a challenge. I’ve posted all kinds of posts from images to video to news links and personal comments but in my experience there are specific posts that produce much higher engagement results.

Here are the 10 types of posts that in my experience consistently produce higher levels of engagement.

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Balancing Your Hormones Riding the Anti-aging Estrogen Wave for Men and Woman

Listen in now:

Show Topic: Every Sunday Join host Jacqueline Jax with Anti-aging medicine advocate, Galia as they talk about the path to a happier healthier life through cutting edge HRT. By opening your eyes to a new way of preventative and proven remedies, that most Doctors don’t want to hear about, we are bringing you all the answers to longevity and anti-aging by diving deep into the study of hormones and their effects on the body.

As we age certain hormones diminish in both men and women, creative imbalances that can set off everything from perimenopause to cancer. It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in your body as early as 30 and in some cases even earlier. If you have feelings of depression, anxiousness, fatigue and have sexless sleepless nights, you need to listen to our podcast.

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Today’s Books:
You can follow along with us by downloading the books that Galia recommends.

- Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness (Get it now)
– Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones (Get it now)
– Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging (Get it now)
– The Sexy Years: Discover the Hormone Connection: The Secret to Fabulous Sex, Great Health, and Vitality, for Women and Men (Get it now)
– Grow Young with HGH: The Amazing Medically Proven Plan to Reverse Aging (Get it now)
– The Life Extension Revolution: The New Science of Growing Older Without Aging (Get it now)
-Textbook of Bio-identical Hormones (Get it now)

Coming up next:
– Balancing Your Progesterone
“It’s not enough to add years to ones life, one must also add life to those years.” JFK

We would love to hear from you. Tell us how you feel about the show.

Jax Report DSLR Camera and Video Tech Review Technology Podcasts


Listen Now: Jax Report DSLR Camera and Video Tech Review 08/30 by AVA LIVE RADIO | Technology Podcasts.

Show Topic: Join host Jacqueline Jax for this weeks live podcast, The Jax Report reviewing her favorite DSLR Cameras and Video Tech. She tells you which products she loves to work with and why.

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