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London Songwriter Fiona Ross Produces New Album The Black, White and a Little Bit of Grey

I’m a classically trained musician, but also trained in dance and drama and have worked in all sorts of areas as a session musician, choreographer, director, composer etc. I first started performing when I was very small and initially worked in the theatre, with my first lead role in the West End when I was 8.

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Canadian Singer Songwriter Shimmer Johnson on Getaway

Canadian singer songwriter Shimmer Johnson is an indie artist who has made balancing Motherhood and music look easy. I create music that connects to people. Typically I’ll talk about real life events, singing with feelings we all go through at some point in our life time thus its music that connects with everyone and never grows old. My music is meant to be listen to every day. Sure it is kinda like my personal diary I am sharing with the world but I hope everyone is enjoying my songs and finding meaning in it.

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Behind The Music Episode #537 with Jacqueline Jax

In depth discussion about creating more impactful music and how you should be marketing on social media to increase your return on investment. It’s not enough to do the work if your strategy isn’t on point. Tune in to the segment today to make sure that your efforts are aligning correctly for gaining maximum reach and engagement.