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KED Shares Life Lessons Through His New Single “Grinding”

Rapper and talented songwriter, KED inspires others by telling a tough story. From sleeping on floors to living with grandparents and sleeping two to a bed, he had friends who turned on him, lost others to death and family to the system. But one day, God gave this young man a sign. Pulling himself to his feet, he left the streets and found his opportunity in a part time job and fresh start at life.

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Rock Musician Peter Graigs Launches His First Album featuring Single The Beginning of the end

The technology available to a musician today is amazing. I built up my own studio at home and since I am the whole band, I just needed enough room and new gear  to make it happen. I spend many hours in the studio practicing learning and creating and collaborating. Usually I’m an early bird and I work mainly at night which has afforded me time to create my first album. It’s a really exciting moment for me as a musician. 

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Indie Rock Band MY WORLD DOWN on Until I Break

This song hits me somewhat more personal than the other songs, because I can relate to the song as a whole. I’ve been in a relationship that had unspoken emotional barriers that ended up building up to the point of drama. A situation that could have been handled completely different, and that didn’t have to end up there.

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Country Songwriter Shawn “Cookie” Moore on Yellow Footprints

Our music is created through a multi-step process at this point. Our songs are finalized and we record demo’s in a home studio. At that point, we collaborate with trusted session musicians for any necessary instrumental work.  I don’t know if we would necessarily pigeonhole us into a certain “direction”, but I think Yellow Footprints is just the tip of the iceberg for us. This was our first professional recording and we are very pleased with the way it turned out.