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1.16 New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax:


Today’s Artist Lineup:

Alan Heart – The Girl I Know:
With his first world wide pop rock album, Alan Heart marks a major milestone in his music career and life. Braving the lose of his job after discovering a heart problem, the artist poured himself into his long time passion to climb one last mountain, making this album everything that he’s always wished for but never realized. Alan takes us on a journey from a lighter shade of pop to a rock fantasy filled with innovative undertones that walk a punk grunge border. He allows us to walk his journey through a self examination that challenges his own personal boundaries as an artist. I loved how he pushed his own boundaries on each track as the album progresses. The edgier flavors took it somewhere he’s never been and didn’t know he could go. That’s a true artist. A teasing track with lively beat and funny sarcasm on the trials of love and relationships. Alan Heart leaves us really wanting a music video painting the scene already spinning in our imaginations on this one.

Queen of Kings – Killin’ Me
With a vision to become a global leader in music, Queen of Kings is on a mission to set you free! In the fall of 2014, the fearless duo expanded their vision by relocating to Los Angeles, California and released their first EP (The Beginning) that rose to #34 on the iTunes Indie Rock Charts.They are non-apologetic in their ambition to be the #1 duo band in the world, they are locked in to dominate, and don’t shy away from declaring that they are here to WIN! With over 80,000 views on YouTube of their latest release, Killin’ Me (October 2016)

Jennifer B & the Groove – What’s done is done
Jennifer’s band, Jennifer B & the Groove, resides out of Austin, Texas.    At every show you can hear her gritty, soulful voice, rocking it out to many roots-rock classics, Blues of all kinds, and Americana, which is writing styles of Jennifer Lindsey.  They perform as many as 5-6 shows a week all over Texas, playing many of Jennifer’s original tunes.  They always get asked back to play and always deliver a powerful energy at each show.  Jennifer’s idea of each show is that it should be performed like it is the last show that she will ever perform! The song, What’s Done Is Done, is about not looking back.  It could mean ANYTHING to ANYONE but the message is clear, what’s done is done…time to move forward!  For me it was about leaving a relationship and seeing a fresh start in my future.  I knew that I could NOT look back if I wanted to move forward.

Kelly Cheats – Soul Revival

A well traveled group, Kelly Cheats is on the move, packing out venues from Atlanta, GA to Daytona Beach, FL,  Charlotte, NC to Charleston, SC and even Cincinnati, OH, promoting their latest release Keep On Smiling. The band combines rock, pop, blues, reggae, jazz, and sounds of the south with new age funky grooves and feels. They host an array of different sounds outside of the box including a horn section, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica, keys, and kazooooo. Kelly Cheats? Don’t ask. She doesn’t like to talk about it.

Johnny Breen – How Many Times
Singer songwriter from Queensland Australia mixing it up releasing singles and collaborations from Instrumentals to rock, folk and pop. 

The Sidleys – The Love you make

Founded by the singer/songwriter duo Annie and Steve Sidley, The Sidleys (a family band) are a high-energy, melodic, soul-influenced indie rock group from the Washington DC area. The Sidleys are joined onstage by their amazingly talented sons: Sean, Colin and Ian. The Sidleys have performed at some of the most prestigious venues across the nation including The Hamilton Live, The Barns at Wolf Trap, The Fillmore, The Tin Pan and Gypsy Sallies. The Sidleys will be releasing their 2nd album in 2017, which includes the singles; Love You Make, If This is Goodbye and Perfect Kiss.

Page Mackenzie – Stay
Page Mackenzie hails from the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. Her soul and vocal ability flows as deep as her Lowcountry roots. Her comprehensive admiration of country artists from past and present have molded her into the artist she is today. Such influences include the always timeless Dolly and Reba as well as more recent artists, Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves. Page has left her vocal footprints all over the country including South Carolina, Tennessee, California, Michigan and many more. She recently competed in Fox’s hit reality show, The X-Factor, acquiring a “yes” from all four judges, Simon Cowell, Paulina Rubio, Demi Lovato, and Kelly Rowland. She recently released her debut self-titled EP with Hybrid Audio Solutions this summer! The album is available on all digital distribution websites.

Zac Price : He Ain’t Me
Zac Price is a Country Music Singer-songwriter and artist. Everything he writes and performs usually comes from personal  experiences that people can relate to. He Ain’t Me in particular, is a song about love that has been lost because of attraction toward another person and knowing that eventually they will regret it because “He Ain’t Me”. Zac always tells people that if he can bring a tear to your eye or a smile to your face that his job has been done correctly.

Ellen Thweatt – Homesick
“Ellen Thweatt is an Americana singer-songwriter born and raised in San Diego currently writing and singing in Nashville, Tenessee. “Homesick” is one of Ellen’s most personal songs. This sentimental song is written about the reality that it often only takes one person to build a home inside of you and blow it down when you least expect it. It can happen when you’ve already fallen in love, a close friend says goodbye, or family breaks your heart. Life goes on, but “homesickness” from lost connection is a part of life and love.”

Kim Logan – Cadillac
Kim Logan arose from the swamps and beaches of Sarasota, Florida after a decade in the opera industry, to write songs and make records in Nashville.  With her education from the Berklee College of Music, and years of the kind of hands-on learning you can only get in honky-tonks and on highways, Kim flexes her artistic muscles in every medium of art possible. In addition to the release of her debut self-titled album, Kim has penned published poetry and essays, consulted on and served as muse for fashion designers and vintage curators, and collaborated with everyone from filmmakers, to burlesque and hoop dancers, to portrait artists, in interdisciplinary displays of performance art.








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