1.18 New Music Monday

1.18 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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New Music Monday January 18: 1pm et : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2016/01/18/118-new-music-monday-1

Featured Artists Burning the A.V.A Live Radio Charts today:

Maura Whitman – Nova Scotia, Canada
is about being dedicated and focused when doing something you love, without letting anyone come in the way of your passion. During the process I realized that it also fit into other areas of my life, such as school. Not letting anyone bring you down for things you want to excel and inspire to do.

{Behind The Music} Maura Whitman on Survivors

Dustinn Lowrly – Nashville, TN
Callin’ You Wasted…
and it’s the first single off my debut EP. I think it’s pretty clear that it’s about, well sex, or a booty-call to be more specific. This song was written about the night-life, and while it may be last call, for me I’m usually just getting started. So if you’re a socialite night-owl like myself you’re constantly surrounded by people and always on the go, but you’re not always fulfilled. So that’s when you call up your favorite flavor, girl or guy, or whatever it is you’re into. I think we all have that favorite go-to hookup that keeps it fun and helps kill a little bit of loneliness too. So I wrote this song about a lifestyle, which is a lifestyle that I think we can all relate to. For example, while cutting vocals for this song I was drinking some whiskey and setting up my night through text, making the vocal booth my own personal bar. By the end of the session it smelled like a booze fest, but whiskey always helps my vocals while texting helps set up that late night call.

{Behind The Music} Dustinn Lowry on Callin’ You Wasted

Danger Parker – Baltimore Maryland
lyrically was essentially inspired by me coming out back in May of this past year. In a more general sense its a song about not feeling ashamed of being who you are and making sure you stay true to yourself 100% of the time. Life is too short to worry about what other people think. Always do you and be proud of who you are.

We took this song into the studio about 80% of the way complete. Originally, the song had this long instrumental outro that was kind of broken into two parts: the first part was a little heavier before exploding into this kind of faster paced, intense part. We had a piano arrangement written for both outro parts as well. Once we got to the studio and started working on it, it felt kind of ‘off’. While Nick was laying down drum tracks for other songs on the album, Cody, Eric, and Greg began reworking the outro. With help of our Producer, Eric Taft, we all collaborated to create the current version of the outro – this short, punchy and emotional close out to the song.

The song name ‘Belvedere’ came from our friend, Paul, who helped us in the studio. Originally, the song was just called “that new one”, as it was the most recent song we wrote before hitting the studio. After a pre-production day, Paul just said, out of the blue, “you guys should call this song ‘Belvedere’” – no rhyme or reason to it. And we kinda of just ran with it.

{Behind The Music} Danger Parker on Belvedere

Slim Loris- Stockholm, Sweden
Going home…
It’s about a bloke who is a bit of a player that chats up a girl that he then gets hooked by her. The song is inspired by a friend of mine. My lyrics are usually written from a personal perspective but I wanted to do something different and I have a friend who´s quite the notorious player and its about him finally being hooked by someone.

Our drummers is a massive reggae fan and he has a tendency to try and fit that into our songs for better or worse. “Going home” was written as a singer songwriter folky kind of thing but he decided add a reggae inspired drumbeat to it and that’s what made it really come to life.

{Behind The Music} Slim Loris on Going home

Sandro Inglez – Columbus Ohio
Legendary Love Affair…
came from a recent trip to NYC where for a few days I spent some time soul searching and observing my surroundings in Central park, I was looking for inspiration and I believe I achieved just that. The song tells a story about two people that are very much in love and the people around them can actually feel this incredible connection between them and can’t help but to stop and stare and wish they were there, in that moment, in their moment…

{Behind The Music} Sandro Inglez on Legendary Love Affair

ChristiAna – Missouri
Barefoot Mountain Child…
It’s about being away from home and family but finding a way to keep being who you are and who you were raised to be in spite of circumstances or distance and time away from your family. Barefoot Mountain Child is a product of my mindset during the last few months of my deployment to Iraq. We spent a total of 15 months there and in those last few months it really started to suck. I was starting to struggle more and more with just keeping my head straight and then one day I got a letter from my Momma and it reminded me of where I came from and that who I was, was a lot stronger than anything I could go through in Iraq or anywhere, and I wrote the concept and first lyrics of that song on the back of that letter. In 2014, I had a chance to Co-write the great Rob Crosby as a part of the Operation Rising Star winner’s package and he helped me structure my lyrics a little better and put a melody to the song. The other part of the package was getting to record Barefoot Mountain Child (along with another original) at Riverfront Studios in Nashville, TN.

{Behind The Music} ChristiAna on Barefoot Mountain Child

Decades- Northern NJ
Golden State…
is about how the value of everyone’s truth is different and sometimes choices you make devalue you. Greed and ignorance can blind someone however close to you they may be. It’s also about people turning their back on people they love even if it is a hard decision sometimes people feel it may be necessary. It’s mostly just a plea to open your eyes if you feel there may be a situation in your life where anger is putting a veil over your judgement. Let go of all the nonsense and open up into a golden state where you can think clear and make the right choice for yourself and for others.

We hope that people are gathering from our music is that we are just not trying to write a song. We are striving to write a great song with meaningful lyrics and something people can relate to. We put a lot of time into our music and love when someone can reach out and appreciate these songs with us.

{Behind The Music} Decades on Golden State

AUDREY X – Stockholm, Sweden
” Volcano”
It is about not needing anyone but yourself. It’s about a girl/woman who is her own person and her own queen. Often people believe they have you all figured out but you don’t have me all figured out. It shows that my life is my scene and my show. For me the word of the title “Volcano” stands for power and fierceness.

{Behind The Music} Audrey X on Volcano

K.W.O.E – Chicago
is about what my day-to-day was like. I was driving to a lot of meetings and it was really just about how I was feeling. I started writing it a couple years ago, and I just wanted to bring some light into the city. There’s a lot of violence here in Chicago, and I wanted to bring in all walks of life together, from the West Side, South Side, North Side, East Side, people from all over…to encourage “No More Violence.” It’s a fun song, and it was also to show people that we are truly the same and we can come together, and everything will be all right. Idea is to put some water on that fire of violence and all the killings and shootings that’s happening in Chicago.

{Behind The Music} K.W.O.E. on Alright

The first line, “Tonight, is reason enough to go along with the whispers in my ear”, really says it all. I was just looking for even the smallest reason to pick up and go somewhere different again. And that’s where you run into to a lot of confusion with others. I feel like a lot of people think of travel as some final destination where you can pull over, take your Instagram photo, get a hotel, and mentally check your “Things I’ve Seen” list. It’s so not that. It’s the flat tires, drunk arguments, bad directions, spending a night with a girl you just met, waking up and wishing you had more than one night, euphoria, paranoia, making new friends, getting screwed over, running out of money, finding food, and being utterly exhausted with a smile on your face – because just short of a stick of morphine to the heart, there is the sensation of being somewhere that feels like a Frontier. Whether or not someone has already been there to instantly-gram-it.

{Behind The Music} The Western Sons on Frontiers


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