1.22 New Music Monday and Music Business News

1.22 New Music Monday and Music Business News

Highlighting new music from the indie artist community. 

News Topics:

  • Smart speakers are going to change the game for music.

  • Indie artists need to make some fast moves

  • What roll video will play in 2018

  • How currency collection will change music royalties for artists

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Band Name:Auramancer
Name of song: 7seconds
Genre : Rock / Alternative Rock
Blaede is a Belgian musician, singer and songwriter. With the participation of professional musicians, he starts the solo project Auramancer, with a debut album in 2014. On January 18th 2018, Auramancer releases a new EP, influenced by the grunge and alternative scene of the early ’90s. Clear references to bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle or Queens Of The Stone Age are blended with a modern sound and production.





Band Name: OKEMO
Name of song: Solstice
Genre : Alternative/Indie Rock
OKEMO is a New Hampshire born, Nashville based artist fueled by love of fine arts with the goal of making his listeners feel an array of emotions that are relatable and enjoyable. Kristofer Jedd of OKEMO aims to create a series of albums, each one having it’s own character and genre. The first two albums have a unique sound that combines indie rock with an alternative sound for a blend of smooth, emotional songs or a grittier, brash vibe. He is currently working on two new albums to be released in 2018.

photo credits to Fossilblossom studio

Band Name:The Swinging Chads
Name of song: Blue Sunshine
Genre : Country rock
A Professional musician for over five decades, Randall Mcgowan was born in South California and migrated to San Francisco in 1962. Randall Mcgowan explains The Swinging Chads ‘Blue Sunshine’ is about a Moon Bow visitation in Maui and his celebration of being four years free of throat cancer and the Cubs winning the World Series! https://open.spotify.com/album/377uA4mhXVwVJoxixm7GS5
Website: http://www.theswingingchads.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theswingingchads/

Tiona Campbell – Jesus and Coffee
Genre :Singer – songwriter
Small Town girl,Tiona Campbell, was born and raised in East Texas. She also performed her new song “Jesus and coffee ” this August 2017 on Ealing Broadway street in London, UK. Tiona has performed in front of : -Brad O’Donnell, head of A&R of Capital Christian Music Group -Mike Clink, American record producer -Tobyn Hyman, talent producer for the show The Voice She had a LIVE interview with AVA Live Radio and her single “Irrevocable ” was featured on AVA Live radio as well. Her brand new EP “One of a kind” was just released Aug 1, 2017 on iTunes and Spotify.

Tommy Ocean- Cannot Live
Genre: Singer-songwriter
Tommy Ocean (born June 18, 1977 in Germany, as Philipp Thomas Dominik Sauer) is a singer, and songwriter. His passion for music has shown early. At the age of 6 he made his first recordings with a tape recorder and guitar lessons. As a teenager, he discovered Bands like the Dire Straits, Pearl Jam… and founded his first band. The first live performances followed quickly as a supporting act for local bands. After graduating he devoted himself to a medical degree in Freiburg, Germany. After passing his state examination and a successful career as a practicing physician, he returns in 2018 to the Stage. Tommy Ocean releases his first EP Offshore. Even the first single Cannot Live shows the mature songwriting of the Musician. Pure and direct emotions.  https://open.spotify.com/track/6k0DOXhimgb9JpJBDyafj9?si=fYvPM62ISlKm0wh98DUT_A



Band Name: Craymo
Name of song.. December Rain (Carol Of Love)
Genre: Adult Contemporary, Singer/Songwriter, Britpop
Award winning singer/songwriter of alternative pop. Songs licensed in TV shows and feature films.


Band Name: Wes Romaniuk
Name of song: The Blame
Genre : Country
Wes Romaniuk is a professional country music singer/songwriter as well as being a Solo artist he heads up the Ruff Country Band, The Song The Blame was written during a difficult time in Wes’ Life its proof that good thing sometimes come from bad experiences.

Band Name: ShaQ Muzik
Name of song.. My One & Only Love
Genre: R&B / Trap R&B
ShaQ:Muzik is a singer, songwriter and producer who enjoys the thrill of creating songs and new music from scratch. The song “My One & Only Love” naturally and refreshingly showcases ShaQ:Muzik’s silky smooth vocals, slick production skills and his overall sultry sound. The song is a breath of fresh air as it playfully celebrates a guy’s love for and commitment to his woman, in a world full of ‘playas’ and bereft of commitment. Lush, laid back and ‘lit’…give this a good listen and you’ll see what we mean!
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/shaqmuzik/







Band Name:Clear Is My Favorite Color
Name of song: Addiction
Genre : Rock/Alternative Rock
Addiction- it Never Fades, Smile and scream…All the time you take from me, I burn it away in my memories….Everything you said was wrong, all the days that count are gone. They say life will be so simple, love will be so kind. Hold on to all the moments before they leave you behind. https://open.spotify.com/artist/1CfG9kiscVhNweHY6g3BQJ?si=kJvHnU1b&utm_source=Facebook_SimpleMusicStories&utm_medium=sms




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