1.25.15 Breaking Video

1.25.15 Breaking Video

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”
― Johnny Depp

Jacqueline Jax logo photoThis deliciously vibrant mix of music offers you everything from rhythmic funk soul hiphop (Stone Mecca) to heartfelt country (Ellysa Rose). Your scenes will stir from the dreamy black and white imagery in Moriah Skye and ear candy of A Sea of Glass taking you on a magic carpet ride into “a day in the life.” And just when you thought your ride was complete I found you a music video that will intoxicate you leaving you with visions of summer dancing through your head.
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“Stone Mecca” by Trú James, features Tre Azure aka Lori Moore (X Factor semifinalist) on lead vocals, Corey Joseph on guitar, Damon “Super Day” Wilson on keys, Darryl “Da Bad Guy” on percussion, and Trú on bass. A heavy bass line and rhythmic beat mixes funk, soul and hip hip into one deliciously woven melody.

Singer Songwriter Ellysa Rose’s second single, Be Free, was recorded in Nashville at Omni Sound Studios. Enjoy this young songstresses beautiful natural melody telling you a heartfelt tale of love and freedom. @ellysarose

No Room Moriah Skye is a 22 year old singer/ songwriter from the big Nyc. Effective use of merging images in black and white that allow the mind to float away into a dream state painted by the vocalist.

Boise, ID based band A Sea of Glass performing “Collisions in the Sky” off their debut EP “The Leaving” at Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID. Video recorded by Jenny Bowler of Noisefan Music News. Amazing ear candy for the soul. Sit back and let A Sea of Glass take you along with them for a magic carpet ride into their world.

“All the Things” is from Beverly’s debut album ‘Careers’. Directed by Stephanie Szerlip & Maia Stern. Isn’t it refreshing to be intoxicated by a summer video in winter. I can’t think of a more perfect time for a sizzler like this to launch.

What was your favorite?

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