1.30 New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax

1.30 New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax


Featuring our Top trending independent music artists just released and topping the fan charts with their latest single. This week’s most popular songs across all genres hosted by Jacqueline Jax. Discover new music and experience a wide variety from all genres each week. Today you’ll hear songs featured from the Alternative rock, Acoustic, Country, Indie Pop and Instrumental genres. This is excellent songwriting and songs we believe you will love to discover.

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Featured Today:

Falling into Red –  Haunt Me

Weaving big guitars, hi-tech synth/techno, cinematic orchestration and overall strong melody together in a rock band format, the hard rock band Falling into Red has managed to crack the mold of typical and bring a fresh, new sound to this genre. With founding members and principle songwriters Scott Gainar (vocals, guitar, orchestration, synth programming) and Amy Gainar (vocals, piano/synth, percussion) backed by bassist Ray Gainar and drummer Dave Miklos, they are hard at work in the studio working on their first EP.  Falling into Red released their first single “Haunt Me” in late 2016, with sights on the EP being released sometime in 2017. @fallingintored
Web: www.fallingintored.com
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/fallingintored

Ugly Melon – Dead or Alive
This song is very straight forward in its meaning. I think everyone has had moments in their life where primal instincts take over from rational thought. The protagonist in ‘Dead or Alive’ is having some real revenge fantasies. He is facing the worst kind of betrayal. When this happens to someone, anger can get the worst of you. The song is written in the first person and is pointed directly at one individual. ‘One day karma’s gonna find you’, is probably the defining lyric in the track. There is no escaping karma. All of us will pay, one way or another, for our bad behaviour. There is no running, no cleansing, and no being forgiven for certain choices that some people make in their lives. ‘Dead or Alive’ is a warning to those people. The listener can put him or herself in the shoes of the storyteller and get relief from their stresses. Music is therapy, and this track is an escape. Like watching a Charles Bronson movie. @Uglymelon

10Rogue – Love hate
10Rogue is a truly international band with members from both Belgium and South African. This new breed of alternative metal band grew out of the musical friendship of seasoned songwriters Jon Buckley and Vincent Weynen who were teenagers and mates in South Africa in the late 1980s. Although the pair have been writing and co-writing on and off since then, in mid-2014 they decided to collaborate on a more focused level, and recruited bassist Stan Verfaillie to add to the band’s rhythm section. @10RogueBand

MIRA – Relief
MIRA is an ascending alternative rock band with roots in Chicago and Music City. Amazing vocalist, Abbie Garrett, leads the way for this talented young act with her soulful and powerful vocal stylings. Abbie’s emotional compositions merged with the melodic chord progressions of guitarist Ethan Forrest, renders a collection of original tunes with infectious, edgy melodies. Andy Modaff adds power and heavy hits behind the drums for MIRA that can’t be matched, and Joey Vana brings his ability to add heavy tones and unforgettable parts on the guitar. All together, these four complete the unwielded attitude in the unmistakable sound of MIRA. @miratheofficial

Laini and the Wildfire – Higher
Laini and the Wildfire is a piano fronted pop-rock band with a bluesy feel from New Haven, CT. Their five song self-titled debut EP was released in May 2016, and all the songs on the album share a modern-vintage atmosphere, with catchy pop choruses, and blues-driven melodies. Marked with smart lyrics, the album explores Laini’s own reflections about her desire to take risks and pursue music, rather than go through the black and white motions of a safer, more traditional lifestyle.
Wild Rabbit Salad – Everybody Doesn’t Understand the Blues
Wild Rabbit Salad hails from Houston, Texas. Each member paid dues individually in years of experience in bands and recordings and now they come together in intoxicating cocktail of blues and rock with at taste of red dirt Americana. After 8 years they are ready to pop. Smoking originals you’re gonna love. Toe tapping, booty shaking, dance inspiring rhythms with intricate melodies and insightful lyrics. A sure fire entertainment package. A raucous eclectic blend of rock, blues, country, rock and Americana. Look forward to their NEW EP this Spring!
Lonesome Wonderers – Keep your love alive

Written in 2014, “Keep Your Love Alive” is the first-ever release from Lonesome Wonderers. Set in both Austin and Fort Worth, Texas, “Keep Your Love Alive” tells the story of willfully choosing a life of happiness, love and “positive energy” in a culture steeped in a 24/7 news cycle promoting coercive agendas, disasters, contempt and antagonism. The main moral of the song is to encourage the listener to choose everyday activities, places and relationships that bring some love to their life, over those voices that bring them down. 

Kendall Renee – Know My Name

Kendall Renee is not your average girl next door. Her music transcends all barriers with her folk/pop approach and story telling at it’s best. Honest music from the heart and soul of one of the most prolific singer song writers of our time.  In a world full of the same old thing, it’s actually a gift to be a little different. I’m here to tell you that there’s “Nothin’ wrong with ORIGINAL.”

Ruby Roses – Copenhagen

Ruby Roses is a five-piece, indie rock band with a pop mentality. The northern New Jersey-based group practices and records in a home studio around the corner from the middle school where four of the members met. In addition to drawing faithful crowds in their own Garden State at venues like The Crossroads and Union County’s annual MusicFest, Ruby Roses has also performed at several acclaimed New York City clubs, including The Knitting Factory, The National Underground, and The Parkside Lounge.

Sometimes Julie – In My Bones
Sometimes Julie is an indie rock/Americana band fronted by singer-songwriter duo Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker. The two met in 2012 in a dive bar in San Diego, where Monica was up on stage singing karaoke, lending her powerful vocal style to songs by Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge and Alanis Morissette. Chatting with each other between songs, Rick learned that Monica was a poet looking for a new outlet for her words. Fortunately, Rick had 20+ years’ worth of musical compositions in his head that needed lyrics.  @SometimesJulie https://www.reverbnation.com/sometimesjulie
Rose Cora Perry – Six Feet Under
NEW ALBUM NEWS “Onto the Floor” – The Music Video single for “Away I Go” achieved 7000+ views within its first week, received a cover feature story in Our London, is currently featured on OneAvenue’s iTunes music app, was awarded “Video of the Month” by FemMusicMagazine, was awarded “Best Pop Rock” Music Video by The Akademia Music Awards and was picked up by commercial radio stations in less than 24 hours!   @rosecoraperry

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