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Featuring trending independent music just released and topping the Reverbnation fan charts. This week’s most popular songs across all genres hosted by Jacqueline Jax. Discover new music and experience a wide variety from all genres each week.

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Today’s Artist Lineup:

Vama – Memories
VAMA is an independent top Romanian rock alternative band. It was founded in 2006 by award winning actor and musician Tudor Chirila and guitarist Eugen Caminschi who split up from VAMA VECHE, a highly appreciated band founded in 1996. Continuing the tradition of the former band, VAMA became one of the most beloved local groups. Through its shows and music, rebels and dreamers alike have found their escape. The band’s music is highly associated with the sea. Sometimes furious, other times calm, yet always completely free – this is the spirit that VAMA embodies. And this made it popular for more than a decade. The band performs for people who speak their minds and then sing aloud about it.

Haikaa – Other side of the world
I live my life seeking to strike a balance between these three principles. #HonorYourself is about making music for me. It’s about my ability to listen to this voice within and expressing it creatively. #HonorOthers is my desire to live in a world where respect is the very least we can give each other. It is my belief that the appreciation of diversity is so much more stimulating than the attempt to homogenize thinking and behavior. #HonorThePlanet is to extend this sense of respect to the bigger home we all share, our planet.

LWin – Fall in love
Hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Elwin “LWin” Coleman is a veteran song writer, producer, and rapper. His musical influences include industry icons such as Nas, Zaytoven, DJ Paul,  Common, and Rakim. Interested in music from a young age, Elwin experimented with playing trombone and the drums before shifting his focus to Hip-Hop. LWin’s artistic philosophy is simple; to make music from the soul for people to jam to. His affinity for musical expression stemmed from his mother’s untimely death that occurred when he was just 13 years old. While dealing with this tragedy, LWin became focused on connecting with and inspiring other youth who are dealing with difficulties in their lives. He hopes to one day establish a nonprofit dedicated to educating and inspiring Chicago youth to live to their fullest potential.

The Strands- That’s ok Mama
The Strands, formed in late 2011, have been gaining critical acclaim with their genre-defying sound that they like to call Artisanal. With an emphasis on thoughtful and provocative lyrics The Strands groove as lead singer, Amanda Campbell, delivers their original material with passion and style. Alongside West Coast Blues Hall of Inductee, Richard Green on lead guitar playing elegant and restrained rhythms and solos, is pianist, composer, songwriter, teacher and poet, Susan Ferrari on keys and background vocals. Joining The Strands is outstanding drummer, Lance Tamanaha, and Strands’ founder Paul on bass.

Elena Fariselli – I don’t need a man
Elena Fariselli, known under the artist name of ‘Elena’, is an Italian singer/songwriter born in Bologna on the 17th of July 1992. Her songs combine an english rock sound with a fresh pop attitude, and she defines her to genres to be pop and pop/rock.

Panther Style -Seeing just not believing
We’re a rock band from Chicago. Something combing My Bloody Valentine and early U2. The Song, The Instrumental, is the name of a person that has been gifted unlimited power (the song has vocals). She’s also had a crap life and is torn between caring about the universe or not.

I-Octane – Up fi the ride
An unmatched combination of innate talent, conscious lyrics, high-energy performances and pure charisma is the hallmark of reggae singer, I-Octane, whose music has made a resounding impact across the continents. Possessing a clean image and keeping his standards consistently high, I-Octane has endeared himself to fans the world over, while simultaneously breaking the proverbial glass ceiling and making steady inroads into the corporate arena.

Cat Beach – Does this groove make my butt look big
I have a strong desire to help people find the best version of themselves. I’m blessed to have found an amazing platform with my business colleague Cat Medley to merge music and body transformation together called Music N’ Motion. Together Cat Medley and I have found a way to bring musicians and body transformation specialist together to share stories of change from real life musicians and share realistic ways of achieving your goals from professionals in your individual cities.

Sonia Eden – It’s a beautiful day
Music has always been a refuge for me…a pleasure filled escape.It has seen me through many highs and lows in my life. This was my goal and aim. To create music which gives the listener a musical refuge in the form of a soothing,soulful and joyous listening experience.”Beautiful Day” is a reminder to stay strong in the face of adversity, a reminder to not give in..but to stay the course…face the storm…a decision to come out on the other side of whatever challenge you’re facing.

Kendra Erika – The Truth Never Lies
I am a 23-year old South Florida basic singer songwriter. My music is inspired by iconic films, such as James Bond, mixed with sensual deep house, Lana Del Rey-like vibes. I love transporting people into a cinematic experience. My music is always very visual, and enables my listeners to use their imaginations and escape. I am also inspired by my jazz roots playing in many lounges over the years. The song “The Truth Never Lies” was written by me and Lazaro Rodriguez, and it paints a picture of a Bond-like persona and his girl whisking each other away to enjoy a sense of euphoric old Hollywood romanticism and lust.







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