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Jonnie Morgan Band -Walk around the Sun
Genre: Rock – Alternative Rock – Southern Country Summer party
After years of writing songs throughout college, Jonnie Morgan, (rhythm guitar, lead vocals) decided to put together a band in late 2009 seeking musicians from all backgrounds and influences in an effort to form a band with a unique, yet unforgettable sound.  Over the years, they have developed into a jam band with a singer songwriter twist.  They are often seen bringing different instruments and players on stage to give each show a unique experience for the fans.  JMB is currently in the studio working on their 4th album.

Peter Donegan – “Superman”
Genre: Country Sub Genre: Country Pop: Romantic
Superman is the title track from the new album available for download from June 21st with a hint of Thomas Rhett and Eric Church to create a unique style. Peter Donegan has been performing since the age of five, given that the ‘Godfather of British Rock n Roll’, ‘King Of Skiffle’, the late Lonnie Donegan, is his father. Lonnie inspired every British Invasion band from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin. Even The White Stripes’ Jack White cites Lonnie as one of his major influences. All this runs through Peter’s veins and is clearly evident in his live performances, as well as in the studio. Amongst Peters own admirers are Nora Guthrie (daughter of seminal folk musician, Woody Guthrie) & Crystal Gayle.

Wyatt Rivers – Blinded Love
Genre – Pop
SubGenre – Singer/Songwriter
Born in LaBelle, FL, Wyatt discovered a love for music at an early age. With time, what began as a passion for singing developed into an emotional release with ever-growing importance in his life. At age 17 Wyatt left South Florida for Durham, NC where he discovered his songwriting abilities and love of performance as the frontman of the alternative rock quartet, Mobius. After three years of playing and recording with his college band, Wyatt spent his senior year at Duke University exploring the blues, country, pop, rock, and folk to discover his own musical niche that echoes his life’s experiences with the sounds of his hometown blended with those of his new-found home in Durham.
@_wyattrivers (
@wyattrivers (
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Greg Harrison Band – One Day @GregHarrisonBnd
Genre: Rock Country
The stories of each member of this band could go on and on, but there is no reason to bore you all with that, so we’ll just tell you all how the Greg Harrison Band got started. After a near death experience(, Greg Harrison decided music was the best medicine for his soul. So after many months of mental and physical struggles he decided to make it his life. He started playing many shows but eventually got tired of playing alone.


Barley Station – Take Me To The Shade
Genre: Folk Rock/Alternative Folk/Rock
To me there’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful sunset. This song is designed to take you there. “Why don’t we watch the skyline fade awhile – Sounds good to me” Put away the stresses of the day and just sit in the shade with someone you hold dear and watch the sun go down. This new song is track two from the newest Barley Station album Back There Somewhere, released in September, 2017. Always looking for a new approach to songwriting, this one was built around the bass line which was written first. “Why don’t we watch the skyline fade awhile – Sounds good to me”


Justin Gambino – If I seek & Find
Folk Singersongwriter
Gambino was born in Brazoria County, Texas, in the city of Lake Jackson. Residing there for ten years before moving to Angleton, TX. When faced with the decision to re-enlist or to leave the Navy, Gambino was very passionate about his music and believed that he would go somewhere with it. Tate Music Group out of Oklahoma helped him make his decision when they called him with a record deal to sign several months after submitting the original, “Your Love Runs Deep” from the album “Shadows” (released Feb 4th, 2014). Gambino then left the Navy to pursue his career in music ​,​ January of 2013.​  The rest his history.–find


Randy Harris – Offers
Genre: pop, rock jazz
Randy Harris blends pop, rock jazz and several other genres to create refreshingly new, different music. With catchy melodies and provocative lyrics, it’s a sure bet that the name Randy Harris will be known by music lovers everywhere.


Tramp Iron Railroad –I Will Never Let You Down
Genre  –  Country – Singer/Songwriter
Reflected Emotion: Friendship. Uplifting, Hopeful, Spiritual
Don Haddock has been writing songs since his early teens.  From Rock, to Bluegrass and finally coming home to the Country music he heard as a child, he strove to make his mark as a songwriter.  In 2012 he created the band “Tramp Iron Railroad” as an All Original Band playing his songs exclusively.  As of 2017 he has created and released 2 Full length CD’s and is currently working on 3rd to be released in late Summer of 2018.  His latest song “I Will Never Let You Down” was written Co-written with his friend Steve Owen last year as he recovered from an injury and thought of how God and friends “Never Let Him Down”.  He plans to release it on an upcoming EP later this year called “The California Sessions” 

Roses & Cigarettes – Gypsy Woman
Genre: Roots Rock/Americana
Roses & Cigarettes is a Los Angeles based band comprised of Angela Petrilli (guitar/vocals) and Jenny Pagliaro (lead vocals.) They are an eclectic blend of Roots Rock and Americana music. Gypsy Woman is a track from their debut album which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other online music outlets. They are currently in studio working on their second album and playing shows up and down the West Coast.
Website: @
Facebook: @rosesandcigarettesband
Instagram: @rosesandcigarettesband
Twitter: @rosescigarette


Richard Schroder – Drivin’
Genre / Sub:  Country / Pop
One-time rocker Richard Schroder looks to Nashville for inspiration and comes up with Drive, a new record that straddles country pop and rock somewhere between Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks and Keith Urban. Like the best country music, Schroder’s work is impeccably constructed and beautifully realized. “Drivin’,” the first single, brings it with a sweet hook and big singalong chorus. For Schroder, whose hard work and perseverance have him poised for success, the only thing that matters is having great songs. And he has just that—eleven of them—on Drive.


The Blue Pickups Band – Redneck Whiskey
Genre/Sub-genre: Country Rock, Southern Rock
The Blue Pickups Band is a Nashville recording Country rock band from Columbia, SC currently promoting their newly released, & Grammy Produced CD “Play On”.  This EP was poured out from the heart and soul of the life experiences of each band member.  Born and bred in the Carolina’s, their music represents blue collar, hardworking American families. Their energy is igniting and their love for music is evident in all of their well attended performances.  Redneck Whiskey represents just a sample of the music & background from the family of musicians and their heritage of old timey whiskey runners with their 1952 Chevy side step pick up truck, Ole Blue.
ReverbNation link:
Twitter: @thebluepickups
FaceBook: @bluepickups
Instagram: @bluepickups

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