10.24 New Music Monday

10.24 New Music Monday

cvdqe04vmaafpvxFeaturing trending independent music just released and topping the Reverbnation fan charts. This week’s most popular songs across all genres hosted by Jacqueline Jax. Discover new music and experience a wide variety from all genres each week.

10.24 New Music Monday: October 24 , 2016 – 6pm et: http://tobtr.com/9561515



Today’s Artist Lineup:

The Lockets – Getaway
The Lockets are a sister duo made up of 20-year-old Jennifer and 19-year-old Ashley Cooke from Nashville, Tennessee.

Luke Potter – All the same
Bristol, UK 17 year old songwriter, Luke picked up an acoustic guitar for the first time and started writing songs not only about love but also about growing up…

Joseph Pagano – Time & Colors
Alternative Country Rock

“Time and Colors”, the title track of the EP is a beautifully written song that compares life to the freedom of an artist. Painting a blank canvas is like having the freedom to create anything that you have ever dreamed of. With agile guitar overlay, the song evolves into a perspective that is both inspiring and enchanting to it’s listeners. In the current time we live in, it’s nice to be reminded that we all have the ability to construct a life we envision. Time and Colors is the second ep released from Joseph Pagano following the successful debut of the “Graveyard of Dreams” which received critical acclaim by both music fans and industry. Purchase and preview all the EP’s here: http://goo.gl/WxJnPl


J Fallon – Unbreak
Country/ Songwriter

Brisbane, Queensland Australia. I am an Australian indigenous artist and I write and perform my own music. I am currently working on my new EP and UNBREAK is the second release from the EP.

NICKOLAS BENSON – Rodeo and the Radio

Singer songwriter from California.

The Dixie Devils – Green Pastures

The Dixie Devils were formed in 2014 by a group of young, accomplished musicians in the mountains of western North Carolina. After only two years as a band, they have managed to secure the respect of some of some of the most admired musicians in Nashville. By blending their classic-rock roots and a laid back style that is pure country, coupled with a lyrical style that ranges from edgy and intimate, to classic country story telling, The Dixie Devils are poised to become one of the defining bands of modern country music.

Stacey Bannon – Outta my head

Growing up outside of the GTA, in the tiny town of Orono, ON hasn’t kept Stacey Bannon from dreaming big. A songwriting trip to Nashville brought Stacey face-to-face with some of the best in the industry, including Willie Mack, Kim Tribble, Patricia Conroy and Danick Dupelle. Back in Canada, several demos were recorded with a number of the country’s ‘A’ list musicians and the new songs took shape.

Deidre Thornell – Somewhere Wild and free

A country singer with a soul flare. Deidre Thornell has something to deliver for everyone. From her heart-wrenching ballads to her high-energy southern rocking songs, she manages to captivate every audience member, leaving them hanging and wanting more. Her EP may have just released, but her live shows are something to really take notice of.


Rime Salmi – Made it
R&B Soul Pop

Rime is a singer-songwriter who vibrates to the sounds of R&B and POP music. Exposed to multiculturalism everywhere she’s been, Rime’s influences are wide and varied. Rime can write and perform in French, English, Spanish and Arabic!


CEEKAY JONES – Life line
Southern rock

Singer/Songwriter Ceekay Jones describes his sound as “Southern Urban Soul” and it definitely invokes touches in such genres; his vocals and melodic flow show the connection to southern blues and early 90’s Hip-Hop stylings, while his lyrics reveal his vast ability to pull from both his own life story as well as the world around him

Mind`s Eye – I’m going under
Alternative Rock

Jackson (aka Mind`s Eye) is a multi-talented young artist that strives to have his presence felt. Mind`s Eye mixes a potent alchemy of haunting melodies with a dark potion of heart pounding grooves that leads Jackson and his followers to a new dimension of yearning and hunger.

FIREFALLDOWN – Commissioned
Pop Punk Rock

Powerhouse four-piece FIREFALLDOWN was spawned in London in the Summer of 2007 as a trio that hit the road relentlessly, touring throughout the UK, Philippines, and the U.S. Lead vocalist and songwriter, Jon Blaylock, then relocated to the Philippines in 2014 and revamped the band’s lineup as a four-piece, adding a synth to the mix. Dexterously forging enticing melodies and hearty riffage with clever off-kilter phrasing, they’re set for another release in the latter part of 2016, once again intending to showcase their adept ability to serve up colossal hooks alongside potent lyrics.

MaximisE – Dig dug
Alternative rock

Modern Alternative Rock band out of Huntington Beach California. Dig Dug has an up beat tempo and exuberant energy. The song clearly reflects the bands attitude towards life and fun loving view of the world.

Dissension Rising – Left Behind
Dissension Rising” are an Exciting forward thinking International Touring Hard Rock Band who hail from Ireland. Originally formed by Vocalist Danni Carroll and Lead Guitarist Keith Garrett, now comprises of 5 musicians coming from varied musical background’s and experiences.  Their music is completely raw Hard Rock with a sleazy edge that at times has a soulful bluesy undertone, On the flip side DR can produce the most alluring Intimate Acoustic sets.

The Fifth Fire – Take me home
The Fifth Fire’s origins, are somewhat rooted in simplicity. It was July 6, 2010, in a small south central Kansas town, that four musicians assembled in a basement, who would go on to become known as The Fifth Fire. Their sound, is a collision of influences, overlapping into something that is almost blatantly designed to be antithetical to any and all traditional ethos. A punk spirit, crossed with a humanitarian philosophy, underlined by an allegiance to simplicity in composition, but a complexity of emotion, The Fifth Fire is nonetheless, nothing short of audacious, in their unwavering pursuit of glory.

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