10.5 – New Music Monday

10.5 – New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Join host Jacqueline Jax for New Music Monday broadcasting live from our South Florida studio. Featuring new music from our indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. She will be reviewing their music and offering you music marketing social media tips based on real examples.

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Listen in live Monday October 5 @ 11:30pm ET : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2015/10/05/105-new-music-monday



Twelve24 : Nobody But You
Nobody But You is Twelve24’s infectious, high-energy, catchy new single. It is the 3rd single from their forthcoming album “From The Ground Up” which will be released on iTunes on October 24th. Twelve24 filmed the music video, which is now available on VEVO, in Capetown whilst on tour in South Africa.


Dreamkiller – Love vs. Dreams

DREAMKILLER is a nationally touring melodic hard rock band that presents elements of soulful melodies, jazzy harmonies, catchy rock hooks and prides themselves on colorful lyrics that include positive themes of strength, perseverance, conquering your fears head-on, as well as pushing with no limits to accomplish your goals.

The band was founded in 2004 by triple threat, Christy Johnson, [2010 Los Angeles Music Awards NATIONAL FEMALE VOCAL PERFORMER OF THE YEAR; 2013 International Music & Entertainment Awards ROCK FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR].
Music from Dreamkiller has received placement in 12 different films so far, many of which have been released worldwide.  Along with receiving numerous accolades, they have played the main stage of Rockapalooza, Megaton, KOHL Fest, performed at the Vans Warped Tour, showcased at numerous music conferences and tour nationally in support of their full-length concept album “Sleepless Dreams”.

Website: www.DREAMKILL.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DreamkillerMusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Dreamkiller
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/Dreamkiller
Youtube: www.youtube.com/DreamkillerMusic

connie hunt
Connie Hunt is an American musician, singer, songwriter, music producer, composer, and poet. Her music incorporates rock, pop, jazz, and country. Darkness Comes Before the Dawn, Connie’s second album, incorporates themes of ‘light versus dark’ in life, the world, and humanity. The ninth track, Welcome to the Dark Side of Light, is a poetic response to making difficult, life-changing decisions. “Early in my adulthood, I made many decisions because I believed others – family, friends, and society at large – wanted me to make them. Today, as I reflect on the outcome of those choices, I realize that growing up means being true to oneself even if it is difficult or painful,” says Connie. Authenticity is clearly at the heart of this diverse and well-respected artist. Currently developing new music due out in 2016, Connie Hunt is an artist who creates and performs from the heart.

Akoustic Odyssey – ‘Eye of The Storm”
“If we create music from the heart and it feels right then it will hopefully find people who it will touch and inspire.”

This band is from Adelaide South Australia.
The Start…My guitar playing began at age 7 when I started guitar lessons. From this early age I remember trying to create little riffs on the guitar. In my teens I joined my first heavy rock band who performed at the Festival Theatre in Adelaide. This was a collaboration with a youth circus troupe called Cirkidz. After this came another, more serious band in my early twenties. With this band I recorded my first full length CD. Unfortunately this didn’t work out due to several reasons. The next year was spent contemplating what I would do next. I have always known that writing and playing music is all I want to do and I dread the thought of not being able to do it. I eventually decided to apply and audition for a Bachelor of Music majoring in classical guitar. I was accepted to my surprise. This is where I learnt the most about my craft and honed my ability to compose and perform music. I have also played in a couple Greek bands. My Grandfather would have been so proud. Unfortunately he passed away just before I started playing Greek music. In 2005 I founded Akoustic Odyssey along our percussionist, Anne Harrington who I met in one of the Greek bands I was playing with at the time. Akoustic Odyssey is a real fusion of my past musical experiences being rock, classical and Greek music. Our other main composer, Stephan Richter brings very different styles, such as Jazz and Latin grooves to the mix. So it is really a journey of sound which is what our name Akoustic Odyssey means to us.

Git Groove indie artist

Git GrooveLook At You”
Artist Bio : My music is mostly about guitar and bluesy vocals.  But I dig visual and audio together and love producing music videos that create a larger experience. I have been with other bands over the years playing both cover music and originals. But Git Groove music is purely from my own soul and I play all the instruments. Some of the instruments are electronic like the drums, but everything else is raw and real. All of my music is online and YouTube is my primary venue.  I have done several collaborations including “Emma – by P’like” and “Let Go Of My Hand – by Ivana Raymonda” which I wrote and performed the music and she sang.  Both these can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

Song Bio – Look At You :
The song “Look At You” is from my upcoming CD – Need Your Love.  It is a bit of a departure from my last album “Killing Me” that is darker.  Look At You is more positive and is inspired by the love life and how she helps me stay optimistic and focused on the future.

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