10.9 New Music Monday Music Business News

10.9 New Music Monday Music Business News

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Answers to 3 big questions of the music business today.. 

  • Is Mixcloud hot on Soundcloud heals as a major player in streaming?
  • How music streaming is crossing traditional boundaries.
  • Is the Album Dead? What music industry is predicting for the future of the biz

Listen to the news: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2017/10/09/109-new-music-monday-music-business-news-with-jacqueline-jax


City of Sound- Afterglow
Genre : Stadium rock
This ones about picking love over fear. A slogan every member of this LA based band brings with them to every performance.  After the release of their demo ‘The Apartment Diaries’ in early 2017, City of Sound has seen a rise on the LA scene. After most recently selling out The Roxy theatre, City of Sound is now working on finishing their debut album ‘Silent Empire’ due for release later this year. All music is produced, written, and mastered by the band-members themselves.  https://open.spotify.com/album/5AvhogqofYqsNiMcQHts8p


One Day Steady – Shoot & Run
Alternative indie Rock
Labeled “Cincinnati’s Next Big Band,” by Impul City, One Day Steady, an indie-rock band with nostalgic 90’s roots, is on the rise. The group recently played to a crowd of 7,000+ people as they opened for Smash Mouth at The University of Cincinnati’s Red and Black Bash. Other national bands the group has opened for include The Misfits, Local H, The Ataris, and Bunbury 2014 alumni, Brick+Mortar. In addition to a feature as 96 Rock’s “Homegrown Artist,” the band is on rotation on 106.3 The Project, 105.9 WNKU and other local stations featuring the songs “Drifting Away,” “Unhinged,” and “Break Break.” One Day Steady is currently touring and writing material for the groups third album to be released Fall 2015.



Freudz Couch-  Dragonfly
Music Genre:: Rock (Some would say Hard Rock/Metal)
Lyrically it’s probably the most personal song we’ve ever written reflective of some of the band members real life situations but in the end it’s about the daily life of a Dragonfly. Freudz Couch initially formed in 1992 touring and recording 3 albums and multiple indie singles through to 2003 before disbanding. An unlikely reunion took place in 2016 with the intent of seeing if the band still had it in them to write an original song. In the first session, 3 new songs were written in a matter of an afternoon. Several months later, a new 5 song EP titled ‘ego’ was released in 2017 and the band is in the process of writing new material for a full album release in the new year. https://open.spotify.com/track/7Jq1jo2NsdFNnAYvzeoNuf


Shaelyn Rolf – Pluck You
Produced by ShakHouse Music Group, this song is written by Shaelyn and includes a flute solo.  Song was written after being dropped by a sub-major summer 2016.  Pluck You is about letting someone know you are letting them go for good, calling them out about gossip you heard about.  Single off the debut album due out Fall 2017. https://www.reverbnation.com/shaelynrolf/songs


Cherie Rain – The Haunted House
Cherie Rain (Karine Catenacci) is a singer/songwriter, multi-genre composer/arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, residing in Queens, NY. Her latest single, The Haunted House, was released this past winter. Currently, she is working on releasing her upcoming single in late summer, with a full album to drop by the end of year. Stay tuned!



Collins and Streiss – Free
Genre: This song is a mix of folk/Rock/Gospel
Collins and Streiss are a duo from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Having met, played in rival rock bands and occasionally played together in high school, the two lost touch for many years only to be reunited in the summer of 2012. After an afternoon of catching up, some drinks and some jamming, the two would form what is now the duo Collins and Streiss. To date, they have released several singles and a 4 song EP and LP entitled “Cornerstones”.  “Free” is their most recent release and is a song about facing and overcoming challenges, new beginnings and being proud about oneself.


Kristina Hone – Release Me
Genre: Soul/Rnb
Release Me was written and co-produced by Kristina Hone. This is Kristina’s first single to be released. It has an old soul / R&B feel and encapsulates personal experiences that other may relate to about breaking free and wanting to get out of situations in life. Kristina is an independent singer/songwriter/recording artists from Australia. She studied music theory and trained in pop and classical vocal techniques. Kristina is a coloratura soprano with wide and powerful vocal range (five octaves including the whistle register). She looks forward to writing, producing and performing more music for her fans. Kristina is currently working on a remix for her latest single “Free” and promoting her two singles.



Chela is a dance pop singer, songwriter, musician, producer and DJ born in Mexico City. Her fresh and catchy tunes have become dancefloor anthems throughout Mexico and her music has started spreading throughout the United States and South America. Chela has become one of the most recognized singers in the electronic dance music scene in Mexico. With big plans underway, Chela is generating a buzz in the music industry and her growing fan base, so she is shaping up to be the next best thing in dance music. She is currently on tour and working on her next single.



Genre / Sub-genre : POP
SABINA BEYLI is an upcoming unsigned musician, songwriter and singer. Sabina’s new song ‘Never Let Go’ is about LOVE and ATTRACTION. The main target audience for this upbeat pop single is teenagers and youngsters. Despite her young age (she only turned 14), Sabina has 4 more new singles recorded and produced awaiting their release schedule. Sabina is currently producing a new duet in Spanish with famous European singer SEEYA, which will be published sometime end of November.



FFL Sound – Call me
Genre / Sub-genre : Rap/hip-hop
Creating music in an unorthodox way, Louisiana musician, FFL Sound is building a niche for himself in his small town of Verdunville but organizing music programs that bring talented people together. The new song expresses a fairly basic expression between a man and woman. It’s just about reaching out to ask “How you doing?”.

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