10 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros

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Join host Jacqueline Jax as she gives you the top 10 most current social media marketing tips from the pros. Part 1 of a 3 part series airing December 17,18, & 19.

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Today’s Show Notes:

#1- Research Popular Content From Your Competitors
by Ian clear fromRazor Social: If a type of content is popular with the audience of your competitors and colleagues, it stands to reason that a similar post will be popular with your audience. This isn’t about copying content, it’s about crafting content around a similar topic, but with a different slant.

For example, Jeff Bullas wrote a blog post on 7 Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore, which was very popular. He used his post as inspiration to write a post titled 7 Social Media Tool Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore … this article was also very popular.

There are a few tools that help with his research:
Social Crawlytics does an analysis of your competitor’s content and shows you how often each post is shared across each of the social networks.

SEMRush shows you what keywords bring your competitor the most traffic so you can target the same keywords in your own content.

My favorite thing to do is drive inspiration from facebook pages and instagram a that I follow and admire. If your a singer, then follow the top 5 in your genre for ideas of how you could better reach your audience with your content. Looks at their photos, statements, tags, links, time of day and how often they post.
This is a great way to get inspired when your feeling thirsty for new content ideas. You’ll get a to Of great ideas. And always follow the best and the ones who apply to what your doing.

#2- Increase Views on YouTube Using These Thumbnail Creation Tips
Gideon Shalwick : It’s no secret that getting more views on YouTube can greatly help grow your business online. But with the vast majority of videos on YouTube getting mediocre results, everyone wants to know how to get more legitimate views! One of the easiest ways to get more views is to create compelling, attention-grabbing thumbnails for your videos.

The Secret to Creating Powerful YouTube Thumbnails is at your finger tips. You need to get three things right for creating powerful YouTube thumbnails.

Check Your Graphics: Start with a good headshot or closeup of your face to create a personal touch with your thumbnail, then add a colorful background—like a starburst—to grab viewers’ attention. Use attention-grabbing backgrounds.

Text: Use compelling text inside your thumbnail design to tell your viewers instantly what your video is about and why they should watch it—maybe use your video title. Make sure your text is easy to read, even at the smallest display size of your thumbnail on YouTube, and that the image is on the left and text is on the right.

X-Factor: Think about how you can inject emotion into your thumbnails. For example, the expression on the face of the person you’re using can be that of shock, amazement, disgust, enjoyment… choose an emotion that will create intrigue and get people to click on the image.
Great tips from Gideon.

#3: Limit Your Social Media Platforms
John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneuronfire.com
His social media marketing tip for businesses today is to find three or four social media platforms where you can build the strongest presence that will be most beneficial for your business. With countless social media platforms available today, it’s impossible to grow a strong presence on every one. Having a mediocre presence on six or seven social media platforms is far inferior to a strong presence on three or four when it comes to your social media marketing goals. Do your research and build a strong presence on three or four platforms. His point is, Why spend time on social media platforms where your audience might be hanging out when you could be spending that time on social media platforms where you know your audience will be hanging out?

To find out if your target audience spends most of their time on one platform over another, join online groups within those platforms that focus on your industry or niche. If you find that the members are really active and engage on the topics you’re focused on in your business, there’s a good chance that a presence on that platform will benefit your business.

I personally like to use different platforms for different things. For instance my wordpress blogs are for my articles and news, then my facebook allows me to build more meaningful relationships with my followers. I use twitter to drive traffic and discover new things. Research information, etc, linkedin for business connections, Instagram @JacquelineJax to share and create images and Pinterest to share products with links for purchasing, everything is cross promoted into each other from time to time and tumblr and twitter gets it all. That’s a quick picture of my social media world for @jacquelinejax and my clothing company @blondibeachwear

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