10 Tips For Building a Fab Facebook Page


1) Adjust your settings- If you want new people to find your page, be sure to allow friends of friends to see and comment on your page. If you don’t like a comment, you can always erase it and even block a harassing person but if you want to get found by new fans you will need to open up those privacy settings.

2) Know Your Audience- If your not getting regular comments or responses on your posts stop to consider your audience. This is a key factor in building any brand, music or business fan page. For instance: If the theme of your page is rock music, then you won’t be engaging your audience with this weeks latest cupcake recipe.

3) Post Often- The internet moves quickly so if you want to create an engaging Facebook page that will attract lots of new subscribers, post new content often. When you post new content daily, you will attract new visitors to your page and encourage subscribers to comment.

4) Widgets- Use facebook widgets and badges to encourage sharing and subscribing to your page from your main web site. Check out www.facebook.com/badges

5) Don’t Spam- contacting fans with repetitive information is no fun and will cause people to unsubscribe. Be sure to mix up your content and find different ways to introduce your products or music to your fans. Be creative by using different photos, quotes, client testimonials, etc.

6) Group page- consider adding group pages from your fan page for fun topics that have to do with your products or business. It’s a fun way to gather people with similar interests and views.

7) Event Page- create an event page to share important events and share it with your friends list. Also be sure to encourage your friends to invite their friends to your events.

8) @ Tags- use @ tags when addressing a followers user name to notify them of your post so they can respond easily.

9) Humanize- It is so important to remember to humanize your posts and comments. It’s tempting to use your Facebook page to broadcast your brand adds constantly, but you need to realize that when someone likes your page they are inviting you into their private stream. With that in mind, it just doesn’t make sense to be all about business 24-7. Instead reach out and find out more about the lifestyle, likes and dislikes of your audience. People are more likely to become a client if they feel that you care about their needs. Facebook is all about making new friends and sharing things that we like, it’s a two way conversation.

10) Getting Likes- Getting tons of likes won’t help build your brand. In building any brand, it’s quality and loyalty that should interest you most, not quantity. Take it from me, I’m in touch with all the top Facebook figures and one of the best pieces of advise I can give you is to work towards gaining a “Like” from a friend who believes in your product or brand.


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