11.13 New Music Monday Rock : Alternative : Punk Playlist and Business News

11.13 New Music Monday Rock : Alternative : Punk Playlist and Business News

Discover new music and catch up with the Music business and social media news.

Rock/ Alternative Rock/ Punk Rock Music Releases


Matt Blais – Give a little more
Powerful vocals, electrifying harmonica and emotive performa nces are the characteristics that have made Matt Blais an artist of high regard. With the ability to enthral audiences as a solo performer or thrill them with his band, the charismatic Blais expands the Canadiana genre by sharpening the edge of rock, blues, and folk. He is at home on stage, with many tours, festivals and performances in Canada and countries around the world. Sharing the stage with some of Canada’s biggest acts like Blue Rodeo, The Trews, and The Strumbellas, (to name a few), has helped shape Blais into a consummate showman. Matt’s independently released recordings have garnered critical acclaim, sold thousands of copies, led to a collaboration with Sam Roberts, and earned him awards such as “The Great American Song Contest” in 2016. His proudest accomplishment however is the lasting relationship he has with his fans. Having almost frozen to death when the tour van broke down in northern Canada to dragging his guitar through the Australian outback, Matt Blais is a dedicated troubadour in search of authentic experiences. He is living proof that hard work and honest artistry are present in today’s world and still desired by music lovers.


El West – Olivine
Rock/Alternative Rock
Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, El West is a power group that was founded with a goal to never compromise, to make music that moves and inspires you. This platform has developed into dynamic composition, truthful lyrics and a distinctive energetic performance. “Olivine” is the first single off of the band’s self-titled debut release, and is sure to give you a taste of what this band is all about.
ReverbNation Link: https://www.reverbnation.com/elwestmusic/song/28226384-olivine
Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/4L8yJbcPIULzD7yonp4zm8
Twitter address: @elwestmusic
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/ElWestMusic/
Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/elwestmusic/

Underskin – Use Me
Genre: Alternative rock music
The Swiss pop star turned strong rock female lead vocalist is back on stage with her band after their trip to The Voice of Germany. With “Use me”, Underskin present what they believe to be the most authentic song they have ever written.


The Violet Tides – Afraid of being saved
Alternative rock
With a hint of punk, a punch of pop, and a whole lot of nerve, The Violet Tides is one of Northern Colorado’s premier pop-alternative bands. Kenzie Culver’s startling vocal power, range, and attitude convey the conviction of a new generation on the rise. She and drummer Mason Culver, guitarist Dillon deBord, and bassist Kaelan Ramirez create a sound that is youthful yet edgy, emotional yet aggressive.
The band’s 2017 release, Afraid of Being Saved, styles their alt-rock sound with infectious hooks, electronic effects, and provocative lyrics. Denver’s 303magazine describes the title track as “a rollercoaster of emotions from resistance to change to hope.” The same song earned the band semifinalist status in the 2017 Unsigned Only Music Competition.
Spotify song link:https://open.spotify.com/album/76NiYHJQVeTfsYzSNXDvF5
Reverbnation song link:https://www.reverbnation.com/TheVioletTides/song/28001482-violet-tides-afraid-being-saved


Nimway – Everything I wanted

Alternative rock
Nimway is the full-band experience of singer-songwriter Anne Moniz. Dreamy and powerful, Nimway’s sound draws together elements of rock, folk, and ambient dark wave to make for an exciting, danceable experience for listeners.
Nimway is currently producing audio and visual material that celebrates the DIY mysticism of the gothic and grunge cultures of the 1980’s and 90’s. Look out for their debut self-titled EP on most popular listening platforms, such as iTunes and Spotify!

White Label Analog – Echoes
Rock:  Indie Alt Rock / Pop
A theme of carpe diem envelops much of White Label Analog’s debut album “In Case You Just Tuned In.”  The leadoff single “Echoes” celebrates the legacy of the human spirit.  Reminding us in our busy lives, to live in the moment and enjoy the good times.  It is the realization that those experiences become the reverberated memories we leave behind when we’re gone.   WLA’s music pulls as from pop rock traditions like The Killers as they do from indie bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Modest Mouse. In an era of convergence between indie rock and pop music, White Label Analog is the daring alliance between the two. Call it indie rock for the poptimist generation.

ZEN JUDDHISM-  “Better Not Wait” feat. Naomi Terry
Genre / Sub-genre : Rock / Pop rock
ZEN JUDDHISM is the collaborative rock project from Jude One Eight, a guitarist and songwriter in Southampton, UK. The song “Better Not Wait” kicks off the critically acclaimed second album, “ZEN JUDDHISM 2”. Featuring Naomi Terry on vocals, who also co-wrote the song, it’s a high-impact memorable slice of power pop reminiscent of Blondie. Be warned though, there is no such thing as a typical ZEN JUDDHISM track as the music is as diverse as rock music can get. https://open.spotify.com/track/2MwHzoIGyLQGii5DxhQMVl

Sean Houston – My Beautiful Drug
Genre / Sub-genre : rock, pop
Releasing December 1.
Sean Houston From Melbourne Australia. Well known for free styling lyrics when it comes to creating a new album…. As solo artists i am always looking to collaborate with other talented artists in the world music community. for the last few years i have seen my music grow and develop and change, it has all been a self taught endeavour. I was born with music in my blood and i know its the only thing i wanted to do in life. There was a time when i was about to give it all away because i couldn’t get my voice back. A friend begged me not to give it up so i pushed through it and have kept going till this day. There hasn’t been a time that I’ve ever looked back! Music for me is life. Without it i could not exist. As an artist I’m always looking for new challenges and new ideas to improve and better myself in my career. I have been a solo artist for the most part. Managing myself for most part and marketing myself through social media avenues and creating album artwork myself. I am seeking representation from a record label and I am looking to take my music to the next level.


Hasty Page – Hivemind
Genre: Alternative: Rock
Hasty Page is a group of talented musicians from New York that came together to create an exciting, inspirational alternative rock experience for their fans.  Their original music paints a theatrical image through the use of creative lyrics and intricate musicianship.

Color Blind is the second track off their alum Distance that was released in December, 2016.  The song provides a story of someone who lives their life in black and white and struggles to find the meaning of color on both an emotional and literal level. Being one of Hasty’s heavier songs, the message is delivered with no holds barred and leaves you wondering what will happen next. https://www.reverbnation.com/hastypage/song/27413123-hivemind

Silver Spoons – House Ghost

Alternative rock
This three piece indie pop-rock band hails from Louisville, Kentucky. Silver Spoons is comprised of Gabe Riggs on guitar, keys, and vocals, Luke Lyons on bass, and Jordan Smith on drums. Their first five song EP Ready, Set, Stay was released in the fall of 2014 contained the single Great Unknown that enjoyed some regular airplay on Louisville’s public radio station WFPK along with other regional stations. In the fall of 2015 Silver Spoons released the high-energy single Falling In Love which shows a more mature and modern sound from the band. They are currently recording a follow up EP.

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