12.26 New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax

12.26 New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax


Featuring our Top trending independent music artists just released and topping the fan charts with their latest single. This week’s most popular songs across all genres hosted by Jacqueline Jax. Discover new music and experience a wide variety from all genres each week. Today you’ll hear songs featured from the Alternative rock, Acoustic Folk, Country, Hiphop, Indie Pop and Instrumental genres. This is excellent songwriting and songs we believe you will love to discover.

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Today’s Artist Lineup:

Inward of Eden – Slow Burn
Rock- Knoxville, TN
Inward of Eden completed their debut album, Moments to Memories, in 2014 with Mike Dearing and Grammy nominated producer Travis Wyrick (10 years, POD, Pillar). Since then they have shared the bill with many big names including Trapt, 10 Years, Sevendust, Hot Action Cop, and The Veer Union. “Slow burn” prepares to dominate not only the Reverberation local charts ranking them at #2, it positions the band to take a top spot in the indie Rock community. Keep an eye on them.

Kristine Mirelle – Help Me Out
Pop Rock – Los Angeles, CA
Kristine Mirelle is an American singer/songwriter and pianist from Roswell NM. Her genre of music can be described as pop/soul/rock and actively performs 5 nights a week in Hollywood and surrounding cities. Kristine Mirelle currently lives in Hollywood CA.

Ivory Road – Sunset Boulevard
Alternative Rock – Blaine MN
Ryan and Derek are brothers, and they met Nick in middle school jazz band after discovering a mutual love of Green Day. They formed a band called “Lymphelium Lester.” The trio added David to their lineup a few weeks before their first show. They performed at many events at their high school, Spring Lake Park Senior High. In 2016, the band decided to rename the group “Ivory Road.” Under this name, they are working on a 10-song, original album with Andy Lowe Engineering, set to be released in early 2017.  On September 4th, 2016, the lead single of the album, “Sunset Boulevard” was released via SoundCloud. The four members of Ivory Road are currently full-time college students across the Midwest.

The Christopher Brothers – Let me out
Although young in age, these three brothers possess musical talents well beyond their years. Cameron, the drummer (20), Charles, the guitarist (18), and Ethan, the bassist (15), all write, play and produce their own music, as well as play an impressive collection of over 100 retro classics and current hits that appeal to audiences of all ages. Having achieved over 400,000 Facebook fans, the band has a steadily growing and dedicated fan base of all ages from countries all over the world. Their performance resume includes performances from the world famous Whisky a Go Go, The Roxy, LEGOLAND California, Six Flags Parks, shopping malls, and schools throughout the U.S. as well as opening for music legends Al Jarreau, Spyro Gyra and WAR at the Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival.

Izzy Malik – Neverland
Returning to our Top 10 from “Beautiful Mistake”, 21 yr old Izzy Malik is fresh off the High School Nation Tour with Drake Bell and Palaye Royale where she performed to crowds of thousands of screaming fans.  An artist as inspiring and uplifting as Izzy Malik doesn’t come around very often. Her new EP, Fire, has a much more mature sound, a far cry from the bubblegum pop tunes of the debut EP. It blends cinematic alternative-pop, pop-rock, and very catchy beats.

Flying Points – If You Leave
New York City-based Flying Points are set to take the stage with its unique sound that fuses the perfect mix of rock, pop, indie, and dance. After gaining local notoriety with such well-received hits as “The Process” and “Being Nice”, the quartet has decided to expand its brand and broaden its fan base. Armed with both new music and a captivating live show, the band is looking forward to taking it to the next level.

DL Moreno – Savage
Bakersfield, CA. hiphop/R&B artist with a bold sound and creative determination for keep an audience energized. DL Moreno is an upcoming featured artist on our Behind The Music series Episode #405.

J-Hamz & Jaculator – I’d Do Anything
Electronic music artists from Edmonton, Canada. J-Hamz is a classically trained pianist with a Bachelor of Music degree, his in depth understanding of music theory and years of playing lend greater complexity and emotional depth than you’ll find in a lot of electronic music, with lush, complex chords, advanced chord progressions, and unusual intervals that still sound harmonious. We work as medical doctors by day, so music has been an extremely effective way for us to stay balanced and connected in areas outside of our medical spheres. https://soundcloud.com/jhamzandjaculator

Half Deezy – Tonight
According to the Urban Dictionary, when something is both dope and easy it’s “deezy”. Rap artist Half Deezy has been in the game long enough to know that in today’s world there’s really nothing in life that’s easy all the time; therefore his stage name is Half Deezy. His journey has been a strange trip. While music was his first priority he decided to serve in the US Army in order to provide for his baby daughter at only 19.

David Starr- Call it love
David Starr is an Americana singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist living in Cedaredge, Colorado. His music has roots in Arkansas blues, country rock and classic rock. His 2016 UK tour was a success and more UK dates are scheduled for may of 2017





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