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O’SAY-  Flirt
Genre: Pop/R&B
Based out of Minnesota I am keyboard/piano player and have developed into a singer/songwriter/producer. I’m a college graduate with a major in Information systems but my dream is to do what I enjoy most, Music. I have been playing keyboard/piano for over 10 years now, starting out in the c hurch and moving into other genres such as Jazz, Blues R&B, Pop, Hiphop, Rock and others. The name O’SAY is derived from growing up people always remembered how to pronounce my actual name by the beginning of the Star spangled banner, “o’say can you see” this naturally led to me adopting it as the name to represent my music and my brand.


Bandana Boys – Eclipse
Edm pop
We are DJs from Milwaukee. We make EDM and Dance music(coming out with a rap EDM song). stay updated on are music and Concerts, never know if will be in your town making people dance!


Band Name: The Rain of Rap
New Release: Smile
Genre : Hip Hop
East Coast Rap Artist The Rain Synopsis: Born and raised in Queens NY July 8th 1981 Rapper the Rain the son of a Musician influence by LL Cool J, Run DMC, BIG, Tupac, Nas, Rakiem, Puff Daddy and Jay-Z Early Years Born Antonio Washington in Queen NY on July8th 1981 son of a Jazz Musician Isaac Washington he was raised in South Jamaica Housing Project. He wrote his rhymes about his life staying on the positive note coming up in the projects. Inspire his interest in writing he finished HS but didn’t go to college ended up on the mean streets of South Side. Where people knew something different about him. Even though there was so much negative around him. He ventured off into the acting field in Commercials and Movies. Performed on stage at the Grammys ” In 2011 He produced a TV show “Kicking it With Rosie” In 2012 he produced his own show “On The Grind TV show with special guest Ice T & Coco, Shelia, Bugsy and Dr. Bob lee from WBLS-Radio, Rev Al Sharpton, Hurricane, Female Comedian S’more just to name few. In 2013 put out a single “It’s About To Go Down” It was acclaim as one of the Hoods favorite. He performed shows around and out of NYC. He also was host vj for rep time radio , He always knew he had something special with lots of talent. 2016 He decided to come back into JMJ Recording studio with super producer Teardrop. Now he’s previously working on his new LP (Rain) with a Single to be released in 2017 Smile.

Band Name: Jen Hanson- JenU1, AKA Ms. JenU1
New Music: LET’S GO
Genre : Urban Pop/ Electro House/ Alt. Pop Rock
“Let’s Go” is an energetic, fun good-time party song- Radio and club Friendly, clean lyric, amazing vibe, feel good tune! B  e true to yourself always! (Quote by Jenu1) Be jenu1 to your art , considering all things of #peace and #love. ” Let’s Go” is by: completely DIY prolific and passionate Indie singer/songwriter/artist, @a1hanson-twitter, Jen Hanson~JenU1, AKA.. Ms. JenU1, of Bentley Records, Worldwide.

Kaylee Shahira – Seven
Pop music
Picture this.. Sixteen year old sophomore writing corny songs in her geometry class and recording melodies in the voice memo app on her iPhone. Now picture this: a twenty year old indie pop musician writing about the questions we don’t have the answers to, living with mental illness, personal life philosophies, and the intricacies of being a social animal. Kaylee Shahira is a musician hailing from Northwest Indiana whose artistic journey is just beginning. With one EP and her first full length release out, she hopes to inspire and challenge the minds of all who listen, and she hopes to continue growing as a writer, recording artist, and live performer.


Band Name: Fiona Ross
New Release: Mistress
Genre: Singer-songwriter
My new album, ‘Black, White and a Little Bit of Grey’, explores the story of a husband, a wife, and a mistress: a web of emotions, of desires, of regrets, of ecstasy. Situations are not always as clear-cut as they may appear – not everything is black and white. Sometimes – when the victim becomes hazy, when pain and passion become intertwined — there’s ‘a Little Bit of Grey. The song ‘Mistress’ was a live vocal take in a stairwell at the studio and explores the heartache of falling in love with the wrong person.

Belinda M – Always Never… (You Know What I Mean)
Genre :  Pop / Singer-Songwriter
Named after Belinda Carlisle, solo artist and lead singer for The Go-Gos, creating and connecting to music has always been an essential creative outlet and place of solace for Belinda. After her parents discovered she loved to sing and play piano by ear at age 4, lessons promptly began.  She later started writing poetry and playing guitar, which eventually lead to her becoming a singer/songwriter. Her latest single, “Always Never… (You Know What I Mean)” is a light-hearted and live performance inspired song about the funny side of miscommunication. Her lyrics have been recognized by “American Songwriter Magazine” and her music is featured on award-winning “Women Of Substance Radio and Podcast” as well as radio across the globe.


Sam “Shake” Anderson – Never be fooled again
Started recording and touring at age nine. A multi instrumentalist/ singer/ songwriter/ producer. Shake has worked with artists as varied as Ruben Studdard, Ann Nesby, Bruce Hornsby, Static Major, (Steve Cropper, Felix Cavalieri, B B King, Eryka Bahdu, Aretha Franklin, The Indigo Girls, The Spice Girls, Days Of The New, Curtis Mayfield, Aliyah, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. He spent six years as musical director for soul music legends “The Impressions”.

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