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Mike Contoni – Bottom of the Bottle Blues @MikeContoni1
Deserving to be played as loud as possible is the straight-up blues sound of “Bottom of the Bottle Blues”. His new album ‘Here Comes the Weekend’ truly has that ‘home-grown’ feel.  Mike’s brand of Americana/Country/Folk/Southern Rock tunes approaches music with a gentle tenderness to the melodies. By far the highlight of the album is Mike Contoni’s deft knack for storytelling. His vocals convey great wisdom and compassion for others. Arrangements are pitch perfect as they unfold ever so gracefully, merging elements of country and pop into a satisfying musical meal. Make sure to check out his music & what he’s up to at these links below!


Scott Roddan – Rains Coming Down
The song Rain’s Coming Down is about the ups-downs and trials of romantic love. What I have discovered for myself though, is that the highest “form” of love is compassion, not needs and wants that are usually our real motives of what many love songs are written about. Compassion is true unconditional love, and has no conditions or opinions attached to it.


Sandra Macat Band – California
I feel like this song is speaking about the saying, “Wherever you go, there you are”. So you can travel from Muncie, Tallahassee, New Orleans, end up in California and go back again… And your wounds and heartache will follow you.
(Behind The Music) Sandra Macat Band on California


Chantelle Barry – One Step Closer
A native of Western Australia, Chantelle first caught the public’s eye at a very young age when she won POPSTARS Australia, in 2000. Currently residing in LA, Chantelle has returned to her singer/songwriter roots & released 2 self written solo album ‘Simple Things’ and ‘Songbird’, both of which featured performances on The Morning Show Australia.

London Lawhon – Locked Up
London is an amazing singer/songwriter from Houston, who has been performing professionally as a solo pop rock artist for several years. Some of the venues she has played recently include House of Blues Dallas, The Houston Rodeo, The Woodlands Waterway Nights, Lucky Strike LA Live in Los Angeles, Spring Board South Music Festival in Houston, The Woodlands Art Festival, Hollywood Launch Industry Showcase in Hollywood California, Grapevine Main Street Festival and many other venues and events. London completed her debut multi song EP with multi platinum producer Warren Huart of Spitfire Studio. Warren has produced mega superstar artists like Aerosmith and The Fray.


Priz Em – Together
Priz Em virtual Diva was created to captivate all who witness her. Her sultry blend of husky tones and catchy tracks will move both your spirit and your feet.


A.L – Sky
Brisbane, Australian EDM music creator. I’m used to mostly writing songs on guitar, my ‘flow’ and lyrical structures and things come from that type of background, even though I listen to a variety of hip-hop as well. This is also why I love making hip-hop, because I come at it from a totally different perspective – even though I listen to hip-hop, it is pretty clear I spend a lot of time listening to other genres. And that’s also why there is a ripping guitar solo for the outro to the song. My younger brother actually played that solo. I enjoy fusing those styles together. The drums are programmed, and so is the bass and the synth, and then this killer guitar solo comes in. I’ve done it for a few tracks and will definitely continue to do it because I love how it sounds, and is another thing that really sets, even just the music, apart from most other stuff within the genre.
(Behind The Music) A.L. on SKY


G&G – Un Ratito
Music creators in Rome. “Un Ratito” represent the entirety of emotions achieved in an instant. In the song, the guitar speaks along with the other instruments. There is a fusion between body, soul and feelings. During the song suddenly it comes a special moment.  Giovanni Caruso.


Rapper Big Will – Tell Me Twice
Rapper Big Will AKA W.O.W. Willie Of Wilshire is an upcoming MC hailing from Downtown Los Angeles California. He has been rhyming and writing music since a young age and is currently working on his upcoming Album deep withing the Space Camp laboratories of Area 51.


Teikali – Years & Days
I wrote ‘Years and Days’, because I was feeling like I’ve been waiting a long time for this music career to startup hence years and days. Also, the hook on this song is one of my favorite hooks I’ve ever done. I recorded it in my room at my aunt’s home with an AKG mic, iO2 interface, and Audacity.








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