A.V.A Live Radio Features Singer Songwriter Shauna Sweeney

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Live Music Spin with Shauna Sweeney
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Join host Jacqueline Jax and co-host Steve Minotti for a Live Music Spin with singer songwriter Shauna Sweeney. You will love meeting this young artist who brings life to every performance with her vibrant spirit and charm. With a sunflower-laden acoustic guitar and her African Djembe drum in tow, Shauna Sweeney is a musician, songwriter, and charismatic entertainer with a gift for capturing hearts and ears everywhere she goes. Her original songs take listeners on a ride through precocious humor, disarming self-deprecation, and the vulnerability of love.

“People ask where I get the ideas for my songs, and to me it’s sort of like dreaming; sometimes it’s straightforward and other times, very abstract. Sometimes different elements come to mind that make you think, ‘whoa, where did THAT come from?!’ And one of the great parts is seeing how the different pieces swirl around together until they become the cohesive whole.” Shauna Sweeney wrote her first song at age 5, in purple crayon-a six-line ditty about a boy that she knew, “a long time ago”. Her lyrics may still touch on similar subjects, but her poignant phrases woven into resounding melodies reflect how much “living” she has accomplished in almost two decades since.

Show Topics: Using social media to develop a fan base, the differences between Reverbnation & CD Baby, and different ways to reach out to music industry professionals.


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