2.12 New Music Monday and Music Business News

2.12 New Music Monday and Music Business News

 Join how Jacqueline Jax for a run down on brand new music and catch up with the latest in music industry news.


Topics of the show:

  • Twitter is turning things around? 
  • Kendrick Lamar joins stars trying to keep concerts special
  • Changes to Instagram Stories that may give us helpful insights into our viewers

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Jessica Meuse –  Love Her Better
Music Genre:: Country
I created “Love Her Better” because I dated a guy for about 4 months, which was long enough to see his true colors come out…he thought it was ok to cheat on me with a married lady! I don’t understand some people. Anyway, I got locked out a studio that day, so I had to go wait in my car. I decided to write a song and I started thinking about everything that guy had done to me. He made me so mad that the lyrics, “I hope you love her better, better than you love me,” just came to me, along with, “She deserves you and you deserve nothing at all,” which is one of the strongest lines in the song. I mean every word that I’m singing and I’m very proud of this song!

Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice followed, where she made it to the blind auditions, along with being part of Vans Warped Tour. In 2014, Jessica was selected by American Idol’s judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr., for Season 13 of the TV series where she ended up a Top 4 National Finalist. Jessica became the first person in the history of Idol to perform her own original song, “Blue-Eyed Lie,” during the finals and joined Idols LIVE Tour, performing in 40+ cities across the USA and Canada.


Ryan Boyce – Heavy Set
Genre : Stripper Pole Rock n Roll / Alt Country
The Heavy Set, for me, is that thing you can’t explain. Every woman has it. Every many craves it. I wrote this song, tongue in cheek, as a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife. Of course, she wants flowers and diamonds. Look, bottom line is, in a long haul relationship, sometimes you gotta fight like hell to rediscover the adolescent, fun, sexy and spicy attraction that pulled you in to begin with. The Heavy Set is for everyone who’s still crazy enough in love to fight for it. Cheers!
Available exclusively at – www.soundwithasoul.com
Spotify – http://spoti.fi/2EqLJpL
YouTube – http://bit.ly/2Et1GM8

The Random Hubiak – These Are Trying Times
Genre : Rock or Pop / Singer-Songwrtier
A retro sound that harkens to 70s Paul McCartney and Carole King.
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4cCYcfJeFQvY3J4GVWze0q?si=4BIUzU21TSOMnamwo5QDDw
Twitter: @therandomhubiak
Facebook: www.facebook.com/therandomhubiak
Reverb Nation: www.reverbnation.com/therandomhubiak


Mick J. Clark – Why Oh Why
Genre : pop
When we meet someone we really like, we sometimes show off and put on an act, but that is’nt the real you. This song is off my, ‘Brand New Love Songs Album’. I have written over 50 songs of which 32 of them are playing in shops via Emerge Music. I have done 3 Albums and 3 EPs and I have called them Notes One right through to Notes Six. I write Rock, Ballads, R&B and Country. I had 20,000 streams on my 3 Christmas songs. I got my first guitar by saving up the money my mum gave me for School dinners for three months.


K.Cirrus – Do It
Genre : HipHop
This is the latest heat from one of Virginia’s new and upcoming artists. My style and I embody what it means not only lace catchy phrases and metaphors, but all while making a “good song”.K.Cirrus (pronounced “K Sear-Us”)- Southside Virginia.
Being raised by his grandparents, he was molded into a God fearing individual, and was always pushed to challenge himself and the limits that the world or society may set for him. While always possessing the “gift of gab”, he excelled in academics, but that didn’t prevent him from being exposed to as much deviance as his small area could offer. Taking this knowledge with him to bigger cities around the state as he grew older, he would continue to advance his knowledge and experience in all things, including those not so friendly areas. K.Cirrus is a wordsmith with a brash yet smooth delivery of catchy and lyrical bars, laced with raspy vocals. His style embodies what it means to not only be a wizard of word play, but also to make a good song. He can be located on most major outlets including Apple Music and Itunes, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, and most others. Cirrus Serious! @iamkcirrus
LINKS: : IG- iamkcirrus


Clear Is My Favorite Colour – Pretend
Genre: Alternative Acoustic Rock/singer-songwriter
You cant make up past time, but you sure can pass the time away….just move on -Aaron McMahon

LINKS: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjApUgd_MAo

VOVKULAKA- Whispered Lies
Genre : Metal
Artists Bio: Based in Odessa, Ukraine, Vovkulaka [meaning Werewolf in Ukrainian] is a true ‘International Metal Band’. Also,they are Ghost Hunters! The band uses their Paranormal Investigations in their Metal. Vovkulka’s members come from Ukraine, Bulgaria,and the United States…Naya G and JuleZ dance, play percussion, and Drumset. Ivan plays Guitar [live]. The Band is committed to creating “Dark… Angry… Evil… Metal”. Volk explains what Vovkulaka is all about. He say’s, ”…Pain never sounded so good…”. Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0o2OSt53XwNrEDlhRzQclJ
Twitter Link: Twitter.com/VovkulakaMusic
Facebook. Link: Facebook.com/VovkulakaFanPage


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