2.13 New Music Monday Trending Indie Artist Playlist

2.13 New Music Monday Trending Indie Artist Playlist

 Featuring our Top trending independent music artists just released and topping the fan charts with their latest single. This week’s most popular songs across all genres hosted by Jacqueline Jax. Discover new music and experience a wide variety from all genres each week. Today you’ll hear songs featured from the Alternative rock, Acoustic, Country, Indie Pop and Instrumental genres. This is excellent songwriting and songs we believe you will love to discover.

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Featured Today:

Moment of Clarity- Not My Hero
Alternaive Rock @TheMOC_Official
A power alternative rock group of five young and talented musicians taking the New England area by storm. Through a unique blend of high power, intricate and sometimes quirky patterns coupled with a bold, fresh and unpredictable vocal style, the band stands out among others in the area. The song, Not My Hero, is the band’s first release and shows their independent style and attitude. Moment of Clarity is moving quickly in the right direction.

Ricky Dean – Drinking Her Beautiful
Country Music
A Firefighter for his local Volunteer Fire Dept, serving as Lieutenant for two years & is currently serving as Captain, this country artist has a huge heart but sings about every day humorous themes from his home town of Greenbay Wisconsin.

Alena – Always Let Go
Country Music @AlenaNashville
Alena Nicholson Nashville Recording Artist. She has been touring and playing various Clubs and Casinos for several yrs … She is currently in the Recording studio finishing her album … Her music thus far is that of which Hits are made of . Her voice is captivating , inspiring , and connects with the heart of the listener .. once you have listened to her songs you are sure to become a Fan…

EriAm Sisters – Remember
R&B Pop Soul @eriamsisters
Most noted from the popular NBC show Americas Got Talent. The EriAm Sisters come from a musically and culturally diverse family. Their parents were born in an East Africa. As for the group, Lianda and Salina were born in Amsterdam while younger sister Haben was born in Seattle.

Electric Airways- Don’t Sleep
Alternative @ElectricAirBand
Based out of Oklahoma City, Electric Airways is breathing new life into the world of Alt/Pop. Soaring choruses and melodies are backed by driving beats that serve as the vehicle to carry the lyrical expressions of life, both the good and bad. Formed back in 2014, this 3-piece band has drawn on influences such as Coldplay and U2. They’ve managed to find their own unique sound while keeping a similar anthemic energy as their aforementioned influences. After spending the past year writing and recording, the guys are currently booking shows across Oklahoma and Texas. 2016 is shaping up to be a breakout Year for Electric Airways.

Jim Richter – Endless War
Singer Songwriter  @JimRichter52
Jim is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who lives in the North Georgia Mountains. “Endless War” is one of his recent singles. It deals with the seemingly endless cycle of war that has existed for much of history. Not all of his music deals with such serious subjects. While Jim believes that music should have a serious side, it is also a means by which artists can bring happiness to people. Because of his background in classical music and rock, Jim writes songs in various different styles and genres. He is currently working on a full-length CD of instrumental music. https://www.reverbnation.com/artist/jimrichter8

Alex B – Back to You
Pop music @AlexBOfficial
Alex is a 17-year-old up and coming singer/dancer from Philadelphia. He has 112k subscribers and nearing 22 million views on YouTube. This popularity gave Alex the opportunity to perform at Vidcon in June 2016.  Recently, Alex was asked to appear on the first season of the kids’ show Wonderama. Airing nationally in November 2016 and reaching 40 million homes.

Adam Stern – Honey
Pop Music @adamstern
LA based charismatic pop funk rocker and songwriter Adam Stern, aka The Dreamer Child, is on a mission to move your soul. Birthed from a legion of troubadours in Berkeley, California, he dropped his acoustic guitar, picked up his telecaster and cranked up the bass. Both conscious and carnal, Stern’s songs will open up your heart and make you shake your ass. On stage his energy is boundless as he delivers with the force of an exploding star. Simply put, he’s wild, and will stop at nothing to take his audience along for the ride.

Showpay – Andante
Rock Funk Pop @showpayband
For Bernie and Albert (Brothers & composers), since childhood, music was always the main reason and excuse to have fun. His interest in composing grew over the years and their perception while maturing let their creativity fly to many places but just one destination: SHOWPAY.

SOmong – Heart of a Warrior
Pop R&B @SomongMusic
We all light a path that was once dark. For those that follow, keep shining.


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