2.15 New Music Monday

2.15 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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Artist featured:

Marshall – Tailspin
Country singer, storyteller and entertainer Marshall makes dynamic, homespun music based on his everyday life and observations about the human condition. Marshall channels his fresh, frank views on love, loss, self-discovery and moving on through his gravelly voice seasoned with a drop of sweetness.Marshall’s solo debut, Sinners and Saints features six heartfelt songs that bloom from a place of deep honesty and real-world experience. Produced by two-time Grammy nominee Travis Wyrick (Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels, Shinedown) in Knoxville. The album is brimming with heartbreak and hope and shows his growth as a songwriter as well as his ability to glide through many musical styles, including modern and retro country, rock, folk and everything in between.

Lantana- New Girl
Dallas-based duo, LANTANA, was named for the native Texas flowering shrub of the same name: beautiful, strong and drought tolerant. “I feel like our career has seasons, just like the plant,” says Biz, the group’s founder, I feel like we are right there again, ready to share all we can do but now with even more polish from our years of singing and performing together.” Ever-evolving and endlessly entertaining, Biz Davis and Dalene Richelle are the newest incarnation of LANTANA, originally formed as a trio.

Olivia Thai- Why I Stayed
OLIVIA THAI, a powerhouse name in the Asian American new media scene for comedy and music proves to be more than just a funny singer. In her first two months of becoming a songwriter in late 2014, she had written over 100 original songs – most of them with the intent of having other artists sing them. She quickly learned that it would be wise to present several of these works to her own loyal following of over 150,000 fans who have named themselves her #oliviathaiarmy. With truth and creativity being her priorities in every piece she has written, it is no surprise that her original, “Why I Stayed” leads her to be ranked #1 on ReverbNation’s R&B charts. “Why I Stayed” continues to be a testament to her songwriting abilities as she proceeds to accept the Independent Music Award at the 2015 Hollywood Music in Media Awards as well as the Akademia Award for Best R&B Ballad in 2015. Who knew that OLIVIA THAI – the girl who had amassed over 21,000,000 views on YouTube and won ETTV’s Taiwanese Idol singing covers – would become a 2x award-winning musician with a #1 original song in her first year as a songwriter? The next goal in her music career is to write for major label artists in order to share her introspective yet brokenhearted truth to as many listeners as possible.

Luke Potter – Should I Stay
Luke is an artist / songwriter from the UK. At the age of 17, Luke picked up an acoustic guitar for the first time and started writing songs not only about love but also about growing up… Luke has been writing extensively in London and Sweden during the latter part of 2015. And at the end of 2014 Luke played a set at The House of Blues in Orlando. This was very special as it was on the same stage that Luke had seen so many of his heroes perform (Goo Goo Dolls, Ed Sheeran etc) and he received a great response. He’s since played at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool where he received a great reaction to his music! There are more Luke songs coming your way soon…!

Joseph Pagano – Candles Hope and Faith
Joseph is a singer-songwriter from NJ whose second EP Time and Colors hit the shelves worldwide in August 2015. The album is a follow up to his first EP Graveyard of Dreams, released in February 2015 that charted in the top 5 radio play on WGLS-FM NJ and top 20 in 2 other markets.
The EP Time and Colors has a progressive American Roots foundation with creative hooks and backbeats suited for radio that span flavors of Alternative Country and Indie Alternative Rock. The Time and Colors record is a collection of original songs that Pagano wrote, arranged, recorded, produced and mastered himself in his studio in NJ.

Raven Cliff – Voodoo Whiskey
The authentic style of Raven Cliff, named after a fishing hole in southern Virginia, has proven to be too unique to label, combining elements of southern rock, traditional country, bluegrass and pure love of all other genres. The boys have been selling out nearly every venue in Nashville ever since, and the band can also say they were personally signed to the star-studded roster of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) by CAA President John Huie himself as one of the only bands on the roster without label support. The foursome has been travelling the country nonstop to share their music and wow audiences with a dynamic live show and friendly energy that captures their brotherhood mentality and makes listeners feel right at home. Having opportunities to share the stage with artists such as the Bellamy Brothers, Craig Morgan, Tracy Lawrence, and Joe Nichols, no stage is too big or too small for Raven Cliff to work their magic. Justin Waylon Spears – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Zach Boblitt –Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals / Justin “Mac” McFarland – Bass, Vocals / Cameron Vaught – Drums, Cajon, Percussion, Mandolin, Vocals

Jett Prescott – Put Me Down In Wine
Jett Prescott is a self-taught singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a vibe fans and media publications have described as “Elton John meets John Lennon” thanks to his unique vocal tone and heavy piano-rock influence. His latest self-titled EP sees worldwide rotation on Pandora. Since relocating to Los Angeles, Jett has immersed himself in the local music scene by performing venues from Hollywood to Long Beach, including some of the hottest live original music clubs such as “The Piano Bar” and the famous “Lighthouse Cafe”. Jett’s aim is to remain independent as he searches for the right producer to record his first full-length album with.

Kamber Cain – I Don’t Think of You
Kamber Cain grew up in El Dorado Springs, a small rural town in Missouri, but that has not kept her from having big city dreams about singing Country Music. Kamber’s plans for the future include writing and recording more songs while pursuing her lifelong dream of a Country Music Career. By age 4, Kamber started her singing career and hasn’t looked back. She is known for her strong vocals and stage performance.

Ethan Cramer – Fairytale Dream
“Finding Me” is the latest album by Ethan Cramer. Recorded at the Soundmine in Marshalls Creek, PA. Produced by Dan Malsch. The final result is an album of songs dealing with real life experiences that could have you saying “I can relate to that song”. For Ethan these songs are a personal glimpse into his life. Starting his musical career at a young age Ethan first took to the drums. It wasn’t till his early 20’s that he picked up the guitar. As far as songwriting goes “I feel the best songs are songs I can relate to and that usually means writing about my own personal experiences, the people around me or the things I see going on in the world. It’s a great feeling when someone tells you they like one of your songs. Whether or not someone understands the meaning behind the song is not what matters. The listeners want to be able to relate to the song in their own way and usually it’s the lyrics and emotion of a song that does that.

Seawolph – Wait

When you’re rapidly coming up in an industry filled with hopeful people, something has to be different. Seawolph spares nobody from charming, pretentious, oddly lovable lyrics, backed by Gainesville’s #1 producer, Thomas Swanson. On August 26th, 2015 he released “Spaceships at the Gas Pump”, the song that would immediately inspire a 48 song streak in only 90 DAYS. He spends his time sleeping in the studio and getting the next big thing completed and packaged. Never sparing quality for quantity, he has managed to stay one of the most consistent artists of all time. He is now geared up to take the #1 spot in the next 5 years.

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