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– Tom Corson Warner Bros. Records in the US signs California rapper Saweetie.

– Snapchat rolls out an analytics tool to win back the influencers it has lost to Instagram

-A new Jazz music scene in the UK emerges melting the old with the new

-The HIP HOP culture get’s a fresh perspective with experimental styles


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Genre: Rock – Electronica
This debut release is a postmodern-rock gem. Lo-fi guitars hovering above slaughterhouse beats are kept buoyant by electro flourishes creating a track awash with arena pop sensibility. The confessional lyric, which front man Glenn Patrick sets alight while wearing his Britpop tendencies on his sleeve, explores addiction in just the way it should be communicated—brash but with a pensive sweetness.


MonoChromea – Down to the zero
Genre: Pop Rock music
Ukrainian Indie-Rock group created in 2015 by T.O.M. project and singer-songwriter Nanè. Accompanied with ones of the best jazz and rock musicians tends to bring to life new Ukrainian rock style, based on progressive rock traditions fused with best Ukrainian rock legacy.

Rick See – Darkness
Genre: Pop Music
Rickysee is a electronic future pop vocal house producer from Detroit Mi. rickysee writes and mixes as well as sings and plays all the music on his tracks. The quality of the production blended with his vocals and melodies and sound design make for some great ear candy

The Fisherman & The Sea – Stuck With A Rhyme
Genre: Indie rock / Singer-Songwriter
Their debut EP ’Beggar Princess’ earned the band a nomination for ”Best International Band/Artist” at the 2017 Los Angeles Music Critic Awards and ”Best Alternative/AAA Song” at the International Acoustic Music Awards. Now The Fisherman & The Sea from Helsinki, Finland are back with their second EP called ’Stuck With A Rhyme’ and are already feeling the love from the American indie scene. Art Scotch of is ”stuck, stuck, stuck with this song in my head”, while Bob Leggett of LA Music Critic fame wants to ”make sure you get this one – it will be a treasure for years to come.” It’s the second out of four EPs leading up to the release of their debut album ‘The Hurt & The Humour’ in late 2018.

Kim Martin – Old Southern Soul
Genre: Country, Southern Rock
Kim Martin is a Country artist from Los Angeles, California blending her laid-back style with the grit of Southern Rock on her 2017 EP, Old Southern Soul (Produced/Mixed by Hank Linderman (Eagles, Chicago). Old Southern Soul is the culmination of genuine heart with a fresh outlook on the country scene. The title track is a nostalgic song about memories of the South from another time, and Whiskey is link between now and then. A Berklee College of Music graduate, full time musician, Kim has an intense work ethic and is driven by her love for sharing her music. Kim is a singer/songwriter, bassist/lead vocalist, with an extensive range of influences; from Linda Ronstadt, Eagles, Janis Joplin, etc.


Band Name: Fiona Ross
New Release: Mistress
Genre: Singer-songwriter
My new album, ‘Black, White and a Little Bit of Grey’, explores the story of a husband, a wife, and a mistress: a web of emotions, of desires, of regrets, of ecstasy. Situations are not always as clear-cut as they may appear – not everything is black and white. Sometimes – when the victim becomes hazy, when pain and passion become intertwined — there’s ‘a Little Bit of Grey. The song ‘Mistress’ was a live vocal take in a stairwell at the studio and explores the heartache of falling in love with the wrong person.
{Behind The Music} Fiona Ross on 27 Reasons

Emmaline – The hound
Since I am a very driven person, sometimes I find it hard to take a break from the music. But sometimes, it’s best to take breaks from practicing, rehearsing, performing and writing in order to curate more creativity. Without taking breaks sometimes your creativity can become stagnant.

Mick J. Clark – There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do
Genre : Pop
I tried to make it when I was young, did the usual holiday camp season bit, but failed 🙁 but tried again five years ago and ‘much better this time. I have written over 50 songs now, of which 33 are being played in shops via Emerge and on many radio stations. I have also had 25,000 streams on my 3 Christmas songs. This song was written for my teenage daughter who was broken hearted because she had broken up with her boyfriend, it’s a positive song, you can and will love again.


Kyle Johnson – Seek Your Truth
Genre: Singer Songwriter, Indie Folk
Kyle Johnson is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Seattle Washington. His compositions vary from acoustic, strings and piano to electric guitar. His musical genres range from folk to hard rock.


Squirk da H.O.G – What We Do (hiphop)
Genre: rap, hip-hop
Return of the Rap! Aggressive! This cut is turned up on multiple levels. It gives off all types of energy with unique drum fills and sound effects. The lyrical delivery takes the excitement to the next level. The drop in pitch on the voice during the second verse loosely reminds me of “Soldiers Story” by 2Pac. Hoods from coast to coast will love this joint. Houston we have a problem !!!

A’dem – I would like to be your soldier
Genre : Singer-songwriter, Alternative, World
A’dem is a singer-songwriter in New York City. From theater and small stories to song writing his passion for arts at a very early age finally drove him to focus on music. After a long way of self belief, A’dem is pushing one more step closer to his third album through a new release: “I would like to be your soldier” is a declaration of love.It’s that time when you decide to let someone know that from your balcony, you know their schedule and their crossing time long ago.

Agentmdg007 – # 
Genre: Hip hop , club, party vibes , great mood , rap , pop culture
22- Nashville , I make music to remain sane #VCode
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