2.27 New Music Monday

2.27 New Music Monday

Featuring our Top trending independent music artists just released and topping the fan charts with their latest single. This week’s most popular songs across all genres hosted by Jacqueline Jax. Discover new music and experience a wide variety from all genres each week. Today you’ll hear songs featured from the Alternative rock, Acoustic, Country, Indie Pop and Instrumental genres. This is excellent songwriting and songs we believe you will love to discover.

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Featured Today:

Meredith Jones and the Dreammakers – Cat’s Milk
Meredith Jones & The Dreammakers are a soul/blues band hailing from Wilmington, NC. The music can be described as a cross between sweet blues and gritty blue eyed soul, with vocal driven melodies that describes the wild ride of living between love and loss. Members include Meredith Jones on Vocals, Stephen Bellm on Keys, John Crowley on Trumpet, and Donovan Gall on Drums.
Twitter: @meredithtunes

Wise youngblood – Pyromaniac
Rock Music
Toronto Canada Band. Pyro is a twisted love story of sorts. Through the body of the song there is clearly a protagonist that is desperately trying to impress someone. As the song progresses if you listen to the lyrics this woman that he is trying to impress is egging him on to give into being a pyromaniac and at the end of the song, he has. This is truly shown in the chorus with the line “well I’m a pyro, and you’re a maniac” or in line “I’ll burn it down for you”. We wanted to create something theatrical that would cause the listener to have an image in their head, almost as if they were watching something.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wiseyoungblood1
Website: http://www.wiseyoungblood.com

DERV – Lock n Load
Hailing from the North Downs village of Tatsfield just on the outskirts of London England, where four youngsters growing up in the heady days of punk’s yesteryear yearned for the bright lights and excitement not provided by their own rural incarceration. Fast forward forty years and said four heroes, Loz, Jamie, Menace and Luke joined by ex Never The Bride and one time Marianne Faithfull drummer Joolz McLaren formed DERV and are joyfully creating traditional punk with a fresh edge and tongue in cheek humour which you will find released on their debut album Songs from the Bus Shelter later in 2017. Watch this space!

No Good Sons – Do You Remember
Southern style rock from the U.K.
(Think ZZ Top with a whiskey chaser on the side.)
On the Amazon Rock chart their debut album “Revelations of a Whiskey Soaked Past” outsold Metallica, Adele, and Queen in the same day. Although only a four piece, Simon, Mike, Martin and Ken sound far greater then the sum of their parts. “Simple good time tunes and riffs – it sounds like you’re in safe hands with these guys but there’s still an edge of danger about them” . Booked for the Summer Festival season in the U.K – there are going to be many happy crowds. One Way Ticket’ by No Good Sons.
Twitter: @No_Good_Sons

Leonidas – We Gonna Rise
Hip Hop
Toronto, Ontario Canadian artist. I’ve had a message and a story the world needs to hear. This album is dedicated to the Hip Hop of the 90’s which built the foundation for the industry today and inspired me. This album is also dedicated to my family, friends and all the fans who never gave up and always believed in me and my passion. Lastly this album goes out to those I have lost and are not hear today, we all live on through music. Music makes me happy along with many others, what more can you ask for. Some people may not like or understand the message but that may be because the message is not meant for them. This album is a start to a new beginning with another album fallowing really soon.
Website: http://leonidas87.com/
Twitter Page: (@JasonLeonidas): https://twitter.com/JasonLeonidas?s=09

Lloyd M Clarke- Threading the eye of the needle
(country) @Llwyd59
Australian balladeer raised on easy listening, country and popular folk music which birthed a lifelong love and passion for singing, song writing and storytelling through music. In his early years, Lloyd was strongly influenced by artists such as John Denver and Neil Diamond, finding his own voice and style among the country/folk genre. Lloyd sang before he played the guitar, but after receiving his Grandfather’s acoustic Spanish guitar and a few lessons, he soon discovered a love for crafting melody and words together.

Dan Olsen – Heart into Trouble
(songwriter) @DanOlsenMusic
International award winning singer-songwriter Dan Olsen whose genre can best be described as “acoustic pop” is from the Faroe Islands and based in London, United Kingdom. Recently back from touring China, New York, South Africa and Russia. His songs have been picked for various film soundtracks (Knights of the Damned and Carnivore) and consequently Dan has started writing with various Grammy and Brit award winning songwriters incl. Rob Davis (Kylie Minogue), Tim Fraser (Tina Turner), Martin Sutton (Celine Dion). 2017 is looking very promising as Dan has just signed with CAA (booking agency), Notting Hill Publishing, a record deal in China as well as signing with IMG Models Worldwide. Look forward to more releases!

Quarter Horse- Bring back my love
(country) @quarterhorse25
Members from two Long Island bands, comprised of brothers and long-time friends, came together to form Quarter Horse in 2013. Described as Americana, the group’s sound is further defined by a wide range of influences including folk, rock, alternative, and jazz. Signatures of this sound are large three-part vocal harmonies, tandem lead guitar, and sections of improv that showcase a unique instrumentation. The band quickly adopted a model for songwriting, which employs the collaboration and creative input from each member. This is evident in the diversity of tracks found on the River Flow EP, their first release in October of 2014. In December of 2016 Quarter Horse released their first full length album. It was mostly recorded live in the studio and it represents their sound very well. The self-titled debut was produced by Andy Falco of the Infamous Stringdusters.

Damien Rattler – Downtown Hustle
(blues ) @DamienRattler
Damien Rattler & the Electric Soul Circus is a rhythm and blues band formed in Toronto, Ontario that echo the sounds of Rock, Funk and Folk. The band came together around charismatic Singer/Songwriter Damien Rattler in 2012, adding a new range of styles and instruments to his soul-inspired sound. Characterized by their powerful live performance energy, the Toronto-based quintet (vocalist Damien Rattler, guitarist Christopher Bove, bassist Mike Policicchio, drummer David Bove and keyboardist Patrick Albernaz) have wowed audiences since their conception.

Bosom Band – Slave
(blues) @bosomband
Bosom Band is an Electric American Rock, Rhythm, and Blues Band. Bosom Band performs a unique modern original take on funk, rock, soul & punk infused Rhythm & Blues!

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