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Hiphop / Pop Music Releases / Electronic




Caroline Roman – Heat of the Summer
I am a passionate singer,songwriter living in south Georgia. I have worked with producers in both Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. My style started out as classic pop music, but has since evolved into more edgy pop with a R&B flair. My first EP is expected out October 1 and will contain the award winning songs “Unravel” and “Dark Room.” I have played at several venues in the Atlanta area and love to play in front of live audiences. I am working on my next EP currently which has a little more “edge” than the first. https://open.spotify.com/track/2x3Lzz9SoU3zdyF8BpvbDU?si=1G8XGSsNSc201LNN3cnwpw


Cadmium – Melody
New Hampshire – Dance Pop
Melody is a song about being in love with someone you can never have. I worked in the United States Air Force for six years and have been relocated to four countries, TDY to two and deployed to one. I have lost many relationships this way including the one I never got to have. If you feel like someone is impossible for you to be with, try asking them if they will be your favorite song.. or even your little Melody. https://open.spotify.com/track/42fJWRGXv3Ski12V294Yhy?si=OPgkw-JmSHG0Sk6yrryWng


King Klio – Old Me
Genre: R&B Soul, pop
Bringing the New York hustle to LA, King Klio is a powerhouse vocalist whose merging of genres is both dynamic and inspiring. With influences ranging from classic rock and jazz to Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, Klio has learned to translate her musical upbringings into a sound all her own. By experimenting with different styles, she’s proud to have developed a vocal delivery that is at once enticing and powerful.
Growing up singing everything from opera to jazz, King Klio has been a musician for as long as she can remember. Having always felt that music was more than simply therapeutic, she needs to sing in order to function. Talking about times in her life where that creativity has been stifled, she jokes: “I’m hell to be around.” By embracing the DIY aesthetic of today’s music scene, she has learned to take charge of her own music and to forge a path where she is in control. https://open.spotify.com/track/01et8z3nJGhI7CPcmLXCWz?si=zBn54H56RKeeTqcHSH7AGw



Jeyhan – Own It
Genre: Pop/R&B Pop
Jeyhan is a 17-year-old Pop/R&B/Soul singer/songwriter. Jeyhan’s strong and versatile voice has drawn comparisons to those of John Legend, Sam Smith, and Zayn Malik. After gaining more confidence from consistent performing at various venues, Jeyhan eventually wrote and recorded his first single, “Own It,” in 2015 and his second single, “Whatever It Takes,” in 2016. Jeyhan is currently working on an EP scheduled for a January 2018 release date. https://open.spotify.com/track/4u22kBqvOZBp0pgok0eyNE?si=VR8FudbqQM2cLY8qyx7qNQ
@_jeyhan_ https://www.instagram.com/_jeyhan_/
@JeyhanTurker https://twitter.com/jeyhanturker?lang=en


R.I.C.O. FlyForeva – Love is a Bitch
Genre  : Hip Hop and R&B
R.I.C.O. nicknamed by his peers due to his smooth skills on the Mic and suaveness with the ladies, stands for Respect, Intelligence, Cynical, and Outstanding; all outlining the traits that can be heard in his music. R.I.C.O. has released his new project entitled “BROOKLYN BOUND VIRGO (BBV)”. Writing his own lyrics, rapping, singing and arranging the music to create a sound that you automatically gravitate to. Hating to sound unoriginal, his unique rapping style pulls you into his lyrical stories of his life experiences and takes you inside of his mind. BBVwill have you undoubtedly rapping along with him.
​Instagram: @iamflyforeva www.instagram.com/iamflyforeva/
Facebook: @RICO FLYFOREVA www.facebook.com/RICOFlyForeva/
YouTube: FlyForevaHD https://www.youtube.com/FlyForevaHD
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/r-i-c-o-flyforeva
Bandcamp: https://ricoflyforeva.bandcamp.com/album/brooklyn-bound-virgo
Purple Throne Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/purplethrone/id1190778495

Jus Mo – Where Dreams Last Forever (featuring Dollasign P)
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Soul infused conscious Hip-Hop artist/producer, out of Memphis(TN). Currently working on the second edition to my International Mixtape series, “The Wanker” with DJ Ames(UK). “The Wanker Two Essentials” include the main single “Where Dreams Last Forever”(featuring Dollasign P), followed by “Model”. Other singles include “Benny Hill” (featuring Tune-C & The Influence). https://open.spotify.com/track/6FWfIC9R9zJWgddFMgD69i?si=a9-OTmZITuelG8VLQIOfLw

The DRead Pirate Roberts ft. S – New England
Genre : Pop/Dance
The DRead Pirate Roberts ft. S come from America and Europe and have a burning passion to reach the top. The band has been together for 4 years and perform all over Europe. New England is our current single. It’s pop to the max. New England is the story of lost love and the pain and regret most of us have gone through at some stage in our life. New England was recorded in London, UK. Once the recording of New England was completed, everybody felt we had a potential hit on our hands. We have belief and passion in all that we do as a band and reaching the very top is our goal.


J.White– LOVE Don’t Pay My Bills
Genre : DANCE, Pop, Hip Hop Club
I’m from the central valley. Singer/ Song writer. I been around music all my life I love, and breath music. I write the story I write about what I’m going through . I write about life, or what other people been through .I like to write the story so people can hear or feel through my music.
Music profile

DOCTOR G & FUNKFUSION – Now way to talk to a lady
Genre: Funk/HipHop Alternative
HIPHOP ALTERNATIVE Doctor “G” (James S. Great-House) has International credits as a Songwriter for Better Nights Music / A.S.C.A.P. / Casablanca / Polygram Records where he was contracted as a Security Officer / BodyGuard assigned to Donna Somer and others on the label and was discovered by Larry Blackmon of Cameo and signed as a writer. He wrote “Doin It To The Bone” that was charted on Billboard Magazine. Recorded by Mantra and produced by Larry Blackmon of Cameo. He performed as, “James Greathouse And His Natural Rhythm Band” on Merphy Records in the 80s as a recording artist/songwriter/producer.


Romy – Wild heart
Genre: R&B Soul
Brisbane/LA based songwriter. From writing songs for industry heavyweights to working alongside the likes of T-Pain, Bad Boy Records and Savage, ROMY has been busy carving a name out for herself as a dynamic artist both here and abroad. https://open.spotify.com/track/1J1LV7mnlk2WDDrTOk2fpN?si=ZJv16pgHQMmGRAgJK-9-Mg


Young & Livin aka YL Ques – Paper Chaser
Genre: Trap Soul/Hip Hop/R&B/POP
This song is about determination, ambition and the obstacles I had to overcome to create the window for success financially and personal. https://open.spotify.com/track/16oMnDOz46fvxcvLkCFrOz?si=YoGddodH

Gia Yee – NO EMOJI
Genre : Pop-Reggae / Reggae Fusion
Gia Yee is a passionate creative and US based singer/songwriter and entrepreneur. Her original reggae-rooted music has a unique pop-reggae/reggae fusion mix, with a smooth and soulful vibe that crosses over into many music genres. Gia Yee grew up in an interracial household as she was born to a father who is Jamaican Chinese, and a mother of African descent. Music was a significant part of her formative years, and her culturally diverse background seemed to influence her eclectic music tastes. Gia Yee’s hope is that her music may be widely received, and that it may resonate with its listeners in a meaningful, thought provoking and empowering way.



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