2.6.15 Breaking Video

2.6.15 Breaking Video

“Where words leave off, music begins.” ― Heinrich Heine

Karen O – Day Go By (A Short Film by wiissa)  https://twitter.com/kareno :: Wiissa is an amalgamation of creative partners Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe, a film and photography duo from Miami, Florida. The couple met as young teens, and developed their love of film and photography together over the years. Their aesthetic embraces the lush saturation of film, and can make you nostalgic for a time you may have never lived, or a place you’ve never visited. Their work has been featured in Nylon Magazine, VICE, Urban Outfitters and Oyster Mag, among others. Wiissa is represented by Nouvelle Vague LA.

Ryan Hemsworth – Too Long Here (ft. Alex G)  :: http://whereishemsworth.com/

Vague – Vain City Siluh Records 2015 www.siluh.com

I Can Show You the Light Ft. Rudy Lopez
Ok…. So, this one is about drug addiction. I took an different approach on this song because I felt it was wise to acknowledge the fact that having this problem is in fact a relationship. It does run your life to some extent if not your life itself. I was raised by an addict, my best friends were addicts to herion and meth, everyone that was around me and this point and time was either ppl i using with or ppl I was coping from. This is a subject I do feel strongly about because drugs have played if not a major part of my life…..

Mountains & Valleys – Three Drinks Merritt Harris

Three Drinks by Mountains & Valleys. Video by Loud and Clear. Buy the new record at merrittharris.bandcamp.com

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