2.6 New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax

Featuring our Top trending independent music artists just released and topping the fan charts with their latest single. This week’s most popular songs across all genres hosted by Jacqueline Jax. Discover new music and experience a wide variety from all genres each week. Today you’ll hear songs featured from the Alternative rock, Acoustic, Country, Indie Pop and Instrumental genres. This is excellent songwriting and songs we believe you will love to discover.

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Featured Today:

Jac Dalton – For Your Love
Relationships have always been a numbers game – share enough kisses and you’re bound to eventually find someone that makes you tingle.  LOVE, however can’t be fooled – for the heart knows what it wants regardless of the bruises, the sabotage or how hard we want it to work.  And regardless of how much we acknowledge and accept the amazing spirit beneath the scars – if we don’t love ourselves, then all the intimacy, effort, patience, arguments and reassurance in the world won’t convince or save us from ourselves. ICARUS is the current release from Jac Dalton. The Renegade Southern Gentleman from Downunder has distilled a blend of melodic and classic rock that pays homage to his adopted homeland while forging an international identity. The 7 piece Jac Dalton band comprising some amazing Aussie talent that have just raised the bar for contemporary Oz rock is now touring.
Discover the artist: http://lsh.re/1BWSJ
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/jacdalton/song/16117924-for-your-love-remastered-full-track

Acid & Pearls – Want Her, Need Her
A straight-up Rock Love Jam, with an admixture of “home-style, earnest” guitar work along with an intimate vocal performance, supported with the heaviness of A&P’s bass and drums. It’s all wrapped in the honesty of the best, most simple approach to laying good solid tracks for a good and earnest subject: Love. Las Vegas band taking to the internet to spread their amazing talents to a wider audience. You won’t want to miss Jeau James on live streams jamming on his guitar. https://Facebook.com/acidnpearls
Link: https://acidandpearls.bandcamp.com
Meet the artist: http://lsh.re/1C0VB

Across The Board-Indifference 8
Across The Board (ATB) is Canadian rock band and Youtube sensation with a new album, “Jane On Fire” available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. ATB offers a fresh take on the 70s rock vibe with the harmonic power vocals and a soulful pop rock vibe. The band is made up of lead singer / guitarist Jackie Auguste; lead electric guitarist Parry Nitchos; drummer extraordinaire Paul Nanuwa; and bass player Andy R.  ATB’s new album, “Jane On Fire” is a collection of 9 original songs, powered by the fresh contemporary rock beats of Nanuwa and driven by classic electric guitar riffs of Nitchos.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ATBmusicCanada

Ugly Melon – 60 days
Lu (Cachie) gave me the music several months before I finished it. My father-in law passed away on November 18th, 2016. The night before he passed, I stayed with him in the hospital. During his last night, I thought about writing a song, and remembered the track Lu had sent me months before. I nearly completed the whole song in about 10 minutes. 60 days is the length of time between finding out about my father-in-law’s cancer and the day he died (Sept 18th – Nov 18th). The song is about him, and me and our family saying goodbye to him. The song is hard to listen to sometimes, especially for my wife, and I couldn’t sing it for a few weeks after his passing. It’s been over a year, and we lost my dad as well in May of 2016. Neither my father-in-law or my dad ever heard ’60 Days.’ I like to think they would have enjoyed it.”
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uglymelon/posts/593377170866804
Meet the band: http://lsh.re/1BY48

Hail the Hatter – Bone Grin
Pantera, meets Judas Priest, meets Ozzy Osbourne. Hail the Hatter is a headbanging, beer drinking, good time! We are a group of guys dedicated to bringing the fun back to Rock and Roll. Whgen writting our music, we focus on creating the most enjoyable experience for our audience. We want when people leave our shows, that they have had an amazing time. Hard riffs, and good grooves. Thats what we do!
Music: http://www.gsdproductionstt.com/release/hail-the-hatter-demo
Meet the band: http://lsh.re/1BZR6


Billy Palk – Final Recall
Billy Palk is a music producer from Toronto, Canada. In 2014, Palk took a new direction by blending his Electronic Dance style with various sampled instruments and up-beat vocals. In early 2015 Palk worked with various artist from around the world to produce his first album Light the Night. Palk hopes to positively impact his audience to connect, inspire, and escape through his music.
The Western Sons – Nothing New
We started The Western Sons when Garrett, Tyler and I started playing together at the University of South Florida. It was bed-room musicianship. Songwriting. Growing – and finding a sound that represented all of us. Kyle started playing drums with us because we wanted to bring our songs to life and play live – been our drummer ever since. In many ways, “Frontiers” represents a question. It represents the, “Maybe if I can get to some far off place, it’ll be better?”. Whether or not some far off place can fix all our problems, our first record always seemed similarly unreachable. We were lucky enough to meet a producer that believed in the music we wanted to make. We were hungry enough to put it all together. Hopeful that it would actually represent us…
FLEMT rock band – In My Dreams
An Italian band that competed, in 2011, with several hundred other bands and won the contest to open for Bob Jovi. Since then,  FLEMT has cut an album which in 2016 took on a new life and has become popular in the U. S.  In the fall a new album will be released.  FLEMT rock band will be touring in the U. S. during the month of August. FLEMT’s music has been compared to Styx and Journey.
Meet the band: http://lsh.re/1BWS5
Website:  http://www.flemt.it
Steven Sciarra – Keep on
Is a song about loss and perseverance to go on. “Keep On” Is far from my first song but the thing that makes this song special is the sound and dynamics. For the last two years I have been working out of my own studio and have made some amazing discoveries about mixing mastering and recording. Without getting too deep the difference between this song and others are the volume differences and controlled distortion acting a lot like analog.  The song does have one setback the guitar and bass were recorded on a not so great interface and had to do some work to clean them so we can say its only up from here. I would also like to add that I am not a performer I am a songwriter/producer looking to help talented performers sound better than ever. With that said I would like to add that although the song was created by myself the man playing guitar and bass on “KeepOn” is my friend Shane Manzi who I believe is just as good if not better than Stevie Ray.
Song link: https://itun.es/us/VdYVgb?i=1186931209
Meet The Artist: http://lsh.re/1BQA1
Dustin Prinz – Gravy Train
Dustin Prinz is an extremely prolific songwriter with a powerful vocal and a unique guitar style that has jaws dropping and feet tapping around the globe.  Dustin was born in West Point Nebraska on January 1st, 1983. Growing up in such a rural environment made him a rather curious fellow with a yearning to experience life to the fullest.
Dustin’s guitar playing incorporates his unique percussive technique with intricate flat picking and his signature style blending hybrid picking with a Paradiddle percussive style developed during his days as a drummer, Dustin calls this style – Para-Pickin’.  At a time when music industry folks and music lovers seem to be wrestling with issues from how best to utilize the internet to discovering that next big thing, Dustin Prinz is slipping in under the fence with a unique style that is connecting with millions of loyal fans around the world.
Kory Brown – Take Tomorrow 
Kory Brown strives to bring back the passionate rock of the 80’s with the modern feel of today’s music. “A lot of great music today is missing a component that connects with the fans,” says Brown. “When it comes right down to it, music is all about the people that choose to listen to your message as it’s conveyed in each song. Lyrics have to connect with your audience, have meaning and most importantly they have to be believable.”

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