I’m nothing like most of the imitators in the industry today, and I refused to sell myself short because a label wants me to change my style or swag to suit their needs, so I will not and I Put that on Erthang. – @20Dinero

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW 20 MONEY
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Sherrod Baldwin

I originally started out as a producer making beats
and later put all of it together during freestyle sessions and just decided to maintain and perfect both. I always been a fan of music and had the passion since I started to play several instruments in my childhood years.

Put that on Erthang…
My engineer told me that this was gone be a great song for Hip Hop but I didn’t realize it until after I released my 1st single when we started looking for a 2nd single to the debut album “Baldwin Avenue” and this was the track from album that generated a lot of feedback. It’s simply stating I’m nothing like most of the imitators in the industry today, and I refused to sell myself short because a label wants me to change my style or swag to suit their needs, so I will not and I Put that on Erthang.

No back story about track,
I just think I recorded it b/c we need the true southern hip hop flavor back in the south, so like the hook says, “Where the real, where the real Hip Hop go” it’s too many rappers sounding alike and just putting out garbage music. There’s no passion behind their wordplay.

Expect a story behind my music, flashy word play,
country grammar, southern Hip Hop sound. Baldwin Avenue goes back to the roots of my last name, and the album describes me as an ambitious individual, it focuses on achieving goals and reaching your dreams. The special part about the album is that I’m being myself and not trying to be nobody else, no biting off no other artist style because I feel it’s only one 20Money. Baldwin Avenue is meant to be heard as a story for music listeners, so I wish to accomplish a better hip hop fan base rather than a trend fan base with this album.

I live outside of ATL,
about 70 miles South of ATL in region known as Middle Georgia. The music scene is nowhere near how ATL is and it’s basically you leave this area and go to ATL, Columbus, or Savannah to grind your music and get it in the hands of industry heads. One fun thing I like to do outside of making beats or recording is shooting pool and I’m also a barber. Sometimes I get that all I ever do is workout, shoot pool, cut hair, and be in the studio.

I think the music business is a fashion
and one hit wonder industry at the moment and that’s just my opinion. There’s not very many people making real music anymore it’s all about what you got, what you wearing, like one of my tracks Titled” Cruising” on album talks about living for the moment, not to let a situation be your downfall, letting my fam know that after I’m gone they set for life. That’s real music, that’s reality. The music business is a money hustler, even Prince said it himself that the music industry rapes the pockets of our musicians, so now you weighing your options of remaining independent or going major.

Music from Pros and Cons standpoint involves money
when it boils down to the industry as a whole. The pros about it is that you can really live your dream and make money enjoying what you good at, and the cons is that it can be the downfall of your career if you choose the wrong direction or listen to the wrong people. I overcome it all by staying true to myself and reading each day up on the music industry as a whole. The industry is a business so you have to treat it just like that, you can’t be just an artist or producer you have to know the ins and outs in order to fully succeed.

I think both are good for the fans and for music in general.
It’s basically how you release what and when you release it. I believe in the quarter system in terms of dropping a hot single versus dropping a full album. In the summertime if you got a hot single I think you should drop and push that single until the sole wears off versus dropping an album. College is out, school is out, and so most listeners will be willing to buy a single instead of purchasing a full album being it’s so much music out there. But it also all depends on artist/label, b/c if you got a HOT pool party song best believe that will drop before a hood/drama song.

Social Media is the new promoting tool of the world basically,
without it you really in the dark. I remember when we use to hit the streets with cds in hand and in trunk of cars, but now social media has so much more to offer at the touch of a button. I benefit from it a lot especially Twitter b/c of all the new contacts you come into just by a simple tweet on somebody else page, and same goes with Facebook, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, etc. social media is the new marketing structure at the moment.

Killer Mike, I think he’s one of the great southern artists
that is so underrated and doesn’t get the credit he deserves most of the time. He’s certainly a southern pioneer in my book but he also voices his opinion in a reality positive aspect way. So in other words he talks like he got some damn sense instead of talking to be seen. Very gifted artist and great music, and I admire his talents very much.

Way too much emphasis on being a flashy trendy artist.
The Hip Hop culture has become a fashion district to some. I find that record labels will accept a trendy artist over a skilled lyrical artist just to sell it to the public due to the current trend of today.

One of my favorite quotes:
Remember one thing, Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit

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