A.V.A Live Radio Interviews Iridesense Featuring Tara Eberle

A.V.A Live Radio Interviews Iridesense Featuring Tara Eberle


Listen to the interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2012/09/09/ava-live-radio-interviews-iridesense-tara-rick-eberle

Once in a while a truly original and inspired act breaks through the mold and creates change through music. Join host Jacqueline Jax as she discovers the inspiration and energy behind the band Iridesense with Tara Eberle.

Iridesense held the #2 and #4 spots on A.V.A Live Radio’s New Music Countdown.(www.reverbnation.com/AVALIVERADIO) At its true core, Iridesense is a celebration of sounds. From Rock and pop, to psychedelic, folk and post-punk/new wave their music is unparalleled and unique. Siblings, Tara and Rick Eberle’s uplifting and thoughtful lyrics can inspire the listener. Their voices blend, as they sing with harmonic intricacies and counterpoints. The lead guitar riffs of Rob Viccari and rhythm guitar of Rick Eberle soar and create a bed of melody. With Tara Eberle on Bass guitar and Rich Drouin on drums they weave the sound together in a steady flow.

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