3.21 New Music Monday

3.21 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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Today’s Featured Artists:

Melody Rose- Lightening Strikes
Melody Rose is a singer/songwriter from New York. Melody has been fortunate to have many prestigious opportunities, such as touring Europe on two occasions and performing at various music conferences and festivals along the east coast. Melody attributes her unique vocal style to her various musical upbringings. She trained classically in opera for nine years, and studied jazz for seven.
Melody will be joining us for a Behind The Music Interview this month!

Kt Mulholland – Wild One
Kt Mulholland is an indie-rock music group that traces it roots to the woods of upstate NY, where KT was born and raised. The band aims to create an eclectic library of tunes that are as focused on strong lyrical content as they are danceable. They released their latest album, “Wild One,” February of 2016 to a packed house at famed Mercury Lounge in NYC. This title track was written to celebrate youth, stirring up nostalgia in our fans and fueling our own sense of the power of music to awaken the senses. With her co-writer and composer Captain Hitz, KT dedicates this song to her parents: the original wild one’s!

The Reckless Youth- Lone Soldier
The Reckless Youth are a 5 Piece Alt Rock band from Leicester, England. Forming in 2015, the band consists of very experienced musicians coming together from various popular bands. With punchy rock melodies and Catchy memorable choruses the band look to go on and secure huge things over the next couple of years, The band feel they are at a level where they can put on a very exciting and huge show for any audiences that they are in front of and look to play supporting bigger bands so they can build a steady fan base and expand their knowledge in the industry.

Alli – Do Me
A Maryland native and multi-genre solo artist, came out with Do Me
in June 2015, four months after releasing her debut single, Let’s Play
Pretend. The Producer, D’Aceman Johnson of Ace Spin Records, originated
the idea for the song which was inspired by Prince’s Controversy album.
D’Aceman had the beat for the song created and approached Alli with it.
Once she heard the beat, she went straight to work, writing the lyrics for
“Do Me”. Alli has the perfect smooth and mesmerizing vocals for this
melody, making “Do Me” a successful collaboration between her and

*Mandi Layne & the Lost Highway – The Last Time You Let me Down
The beat goes on and on and on with this band. A group of energetic musicians currently calling Michigan their home, however, happily obtaining a second residency in their 15 passenger van. You will likely see them pulling a trailer of gear to their next show somewhere near you. This band is no stranger to performing in a tiny hole in the wall bar in the sticks nor are they a stranger to performing at a concert for 100,000 fans! They have opened for Country acts such as: Blake Shelton, Sara Evans, Daryl Worley, Colt Ford, Justin Moore, Sam Hunt and many more!! Their drive brings them to all sorts of venues across the region and there is no stopping them. This band has had the opportunity to record at Sun Studio in Memphis, TN and Dark Horse Studio in Franklin, TN. They released their debut album “Drunk In Love” in 2009 and have had great reviews. The band is excited with the release of their album “Country 2 The Bone”! Both of their albums are full of material that they wrote and also co-wrote with the amazing Greg Stryker. You can find their albums available on all digital formats!

*Stoneface Honey – Shoes to fill
An Indie band based in Portland, Oregon and led by singer/songwriter, Angie Kopshy. We are chick rock – heavy on the keys and female vocals. “Shoes to Fill” was released last November as a teaser for our upcoming album, Long Time Waiting. The album incorporates strong influences from the entire band as Angie embraced a more collaborative approach and stepped out of her songwriting closet. Stoneface Honey is very excited to announce the date and location for Long Time Waiting’s CD Release Party soon.

*Cody Wayne Band – Footprint on my windshield
Cody Wayne is a proud Marine that served in the Iraq War. While in the Marines is when Cody learned to play the guitar and took up with the passion to be a songwriter and a country singer.

*Lola Rhodes- Marina Del Ray
singer songwriter based in Los Angeles. By the end of this year I will have an entire 10 song album released, releasing 1 single a month(with a Christmas song released as a single in December). Marina del Rey is the February release and the first song out this year. I recorded the songs in both Nashville (produced by Bobby Campbell) and LA (produced by Jamie Candiloro). Marina del Rey is a song very close to my heart and is simply about being in love and accepting everything that comes with it. No matter what happens, I will be here and I will love you.

*Luke James Shaffer- Last First kiss
“In 2015 Luke James Shaffer challenged himself to write/record/release a song a week. ‘Last First Kiss’ was one of the songs from that year of songwriting. It’s a short story of the first kiss Luke had with his wife, in the small town of Bowling Green, OH where it first happened. It was a late, rainy night and the streets were empty. One doesn’t really think about a “Last First Kiss” until it happens. Luke’s quite happy to have found it. The year of songwriting really pushed Luke to become a better songwriter and musician.”

*Iossa – Here I Am
The Italian songwriter IOSSA provides an intimate view of a romantic love story. The acoustic feel of the track is filled with a sexy downtempo beat, which emphasizes his powerful lyrics as the story evolves. Here I Am is out now on the main digital stores.

*Connell Cruise – I Am Your Man
Connell Cruise knows how to connect with an audience. The South African singer-songwriter has a smile to brighten any room and an attitude to match. Charismatic and modest, Connell has a boyish sense of curiosity and a love for life that has seeped into his music. He writes energetic, catchy songs that exude positivity and maturity and says that, “just to be able to make music – that’s the most incredible dream.”

Kobra and the Lotus – Hold On
Featured song “Hold On” was written about forbidden love; an affair of the heart and of the imagination, one that can never be played out in real life; a love where desire is hidden from view and is allowed to exist only in ones internal secret yearning. PASSION. It can move mountains and change lives; ignite the imagination and turn dreams into reality. Kobra Paige has it and for her, all things are possible ….

Nicholas Wells – Empty Coffee Cup
A singer-songwriter whose music reflects the ups and downs of life and love. Nicholas accompanies himself mainly on the piano, but his songs also feature lush string arrangements, dramatic full band productions, and colorful background vocal harmonies. Some identifying characteristics of Nicholas’ music are his memorable melodies and powerful lyrics. “Empty Coffee Cups” is a song from Nicholas Wells’ newest full-length release, “Stumbling Forward”. It’s the story of two people meeting at the end of a relationship over coffee, attempting to stay in each others’ lives as friends. It’s from the perspective of one who just can’t let the other go.

The Companies – Birthday Wish
The Companies where formed in early 2009 by Chayo in Chino Hills Ca. With members from every corner of the Inland Empire.. Albert, Pierre and Virgil where the members that made the cut to create THE COMPANIES sound. Each member brings with them a collection of influences from their diverse cultural backgrounds to the amalgam that is the Southern California lifestyle. In September of 2009 the guys stepped into the Studio with Paul McKenna & Fernie Ayon to record what is now their Debut EP “Keep me in Mind”, released January 2010 it has sold well on all the Downloadable sites especially on iTunes where they have received great reviews on their first release.
Focus on who you are and what Happy Birthday is about. You may even want to note where it fits in your current music journey. The song is about “birthdays” and how people treat you on that specific day. The question is why don’t people treat you with resect and love all year around? Why so much attention on this one day? Hence if it your birthday your lover/friend/relative would forgive you for the dumb things you may have done because everything is simpler with a birthday wish.

Tara Flanagan – Tough Luck
A 19 year old Singer-Songwriter from Poole, UK. Tough Luck is about not letting knock backs keep you down and learning to have the perseverance to get back up. I wrote it during a time where I was struggling on my music path as I was constantly experiencing knock backs and rejection. Ultimately it’s about overcoming that and realising that rejection is a part of the journey and is what moulds you to be the strong and appreciative person you become. I experience knock backs regularly on my music journey, but I like to think I have the drive to carry on pursuing my passion in this extremely tough industry. ‘Tough Luck’ features on my debut EP ‘THE GAME’ which I independently released last September. It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and I also have physical copies available to purchase via my website: www.taraflanagan.com


Shawn S.W.I.M. Pereira – Love Is
LOVE IS by Shawn SWIM Pereira is an edm remix of an acoustic song I wrote . I am a model/writer/creative thinker with the desire to make G free music ( Genre free ) I write everything on acoustic guitar and the songs grow and evolve as I collaborate and create with other writers singers etc . LOVE IS has been on Latin America’s largest radio RCN top ten charts for 32 weeks and hit #1 six times.

Socionic – System’s Son

A conduit of multi-medium expressive exploration culminated by sonic delivery in the style of progressive heavy rock.  Flowing from brutal to beautiful, the music delivers diversity and depth, stoking the senses and expanding the mind. Our song, “System’s Son”, is a reflection upon the fact that we are all products of the system into which we are born and raised.  In order to transcend that position, we must free ourselves from negative influence, become aware of who we truly are, know where we currently stand, and find out where it is that we ultimately want to go.

Soulmedic – Crown me
Soulmedic forwards potent reggae and dancehall music delivering vocal versatility and songs of inspiration rooted firm in truth and rights. Known for energetic stage shows, with dynamic presence, Soulmedic continues to progress musical limits with original style while retaining a classic dancehall reggae sound, inspiring positive living and social change.   “Crown Me” is a song of remberance and celebration of ones infinite strength and royalty through connection with the most high.

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