3.5 New Music Monday & Music Business News

3.5 New Music Monday & Music Business News

Join host Jacqueline Jax for a run down on brand new music and catch up with the latest in music industry news.


News Stories today include:

Why Music Streaming Sites aren’t likely to last for much longer.

How Spotify is trying to change to stop from going bankrupt.

What the future of the music business looks like for creators.

Realistic facts about music streaming for indie artists.

What you need to know to stay on top as an artist in todays music industry.


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Old Town Tonic – Vision
Genre  : Pop/Rock
Our music is classified as Pop/Rock with a Country soul. With five members in the band, we are diverse. Each band member has a different musical preference. From Celtic Rock to Blues and Country to Pop, we bring each flavor to the table and meld together to create something unique. You’ll hear it in the music. The song “Vision” takes Marlo Lynn’s experiences and hopefully provides some encouragement to anyone struggling to find their way.


The Penthouse Band – Clouds
Music Genre: Indie/Rock/Pop
a reflection of whatever is happening in life at the moment. We try to take all of these emotions and translate them into an exact sound so that listeners can feel that. Our music is also honest. I think this release portrays a new direction we’re heading in when it comes to production. Production is contantly changing and advancing. It’s also just super neat so why not keep up with it? We also seem to be writing on the more emotional/ mellow side of things. That’s just where life is at the moment.

La Obra De Marte – EXorcismo
defined as Pop Punk/ Power Pop/ Indie rock. In our first album called “Punto De Partida”
The song title EXorcismo (or in English EXorcism) it’s a play of words making reference to an EX couple. The person that you loved with all your energy, time, and body, but at the end of the day it didn’t went how you felt it was going and and you had the worst heartbreak you could possibly had because of that person. So now you need some sort of EXorcismo to take this person out of your mind, soul, body, you are trying to live without him/or her and you are basically forgetting this person (even though is being a really hard thing to do).

Tay Scott- Brandy on the Roxxx
 Music Genre:: Hip-Hop
 The beauty & complexity of a woman. Her grace, ambition, mindset, pain & her past. We all know women are beautiful creatures and with the strength, support, patience, love and guidance of her significant other there is no limit to what the two can accomplish. The possibilities are endless.

Tyler Gomez – Without You
Music Genre: Pop
To me ‘Without You’  is about not wanting to live without that special someone in your life. I feel like everyone wants a relationship at times in there life and that is almost something that can be looked passed. But actually finding it is something that needs to be celebrated and shown to the world. Fun and new, its a place where I want people to go when they are feeling happy or sad. I want to be able to make people smile and feel/share what I’m feeling or going through.
Facebook Page-  
Snapchat- TylerGomezMusic

 Craymo – December Rain (Carol Of Love)
Genre  :Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Pop
December Rain (Carol Of Love) is a song about unrequited love and is dedicated to anyone who has ever loved someone that didn’t love them back. The song is released in loving memory of Craymo’s Mom, Carol Love , who recently passed away as she was always there for him through all his heartbreaks in life

Mick J Clark – Blow Those Candles Out
Genre :pop
I tried to make it when I was young, did the usual holiday camp season bit, but failed 🙁 but tried again five years ago and ‘much better this time. I have written over 50 songs now, of which 36 are being played in shops via Emerge and on many radio stations. I have also had 25,000 streams on my 3 Christmas songs. As I now have the songs I will be touring very soon. This biography is rubbish but I prefer to talk about the future. Would have loved a Glastonbury in there but hey ho, live in hope.


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