3.7 New Music Monday

3.7 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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Today’s Featured Artists:

Candice Russell – So Much More

The songs from Candice Russell’s first album So Much More have been played around the world on radio. The title song, So Much More, is written by Candice about the ups and downs in her life and her determination to reach her goals. Candice went to Hollywood to compete on American Idol, Season 11, and she is an award-winning songwriter (The International Songwriting Contest). She is currently recording a new pop album in Nashville, Tennessee, with number one hit songwriter and producer Kenny Lamb and engineer Chris Rowe, who is also working on Taylor Swift’s latest album and has engineered some of her #1 hits.
Catch his Behind The Music episode  March 9.

Joseph Pagano- Time and Colors
The song is about the idea that we are all born into this world with a blank canvas and it is up to each and every one of us as to what we put on that canvas in our daily lives, our values, our kind gestures, how we treat one another, our opportunities to make the world a better place.  Life is an art form, all we all need is time and colors.
Catch his Live Streaming 2016 episode March 29 @ 6pm et.

Marshall – Speak To Me
Country singer, storyteller and entertainer Marshall makes dynamic, homespun music based on his everyday life and observations about the human condition. Marshall channels his fresh, frank views on love, loss, self-discovery and moving on through his gravelly voice seasoned with a drop of sweetness. Marshall’s solo debut, Sinners and Saints features six heartfelt songs that bloom from a place of deep honesty and real-world experience. Produced by two-time Grammy nominee Travis Wyrick (Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels, Shinedown) in Knoxville. The album is brimming with heartbreak and hope and shows his growth as a songwriter as well as his ability to glide through many musical styles, including modern and retro country, rock, folk and everything in between.
Catch his Behind The Music episode this month: http://avaliveradio.com/behind-the-music-marshall-on-tailspin/

BigTime Grain Company- Ain’t my First Rodeo
When you mix 2 brothers and great attitudes with great talent, something magical happens.  Big Time Grain Company has a real life story to tell.  “Ain’t My First Rodeo” was written about the experience the brothers had when their dad asked them if they wanted to take over the farm or were going to pursue this “music thing”.  Big Time Grain Company is one of the fastest rising country bands in the mid-west. This act was chosen to perform at the Royal’s World Series Celebration Rally for a 500,000 plus crowd at Union Station. In addition the group has opened for Big & Rich, Restless Heart, Brother’s Osborne, Gary Allan, Dan and Shay and averages 80-120 dates per year.

Britt Flatmo – Come On Home
Britt Flatmo is an awarding-winning singer, songwriter and actor. After many successful roles on Film and TV, Britt stepped into the booth to record and release her self-titled Freshman album, which was produced by 5 time Grammy winning producer Devine Evans and Grammy nominated writer/producer Jonathan George and Anthony Mazza. Britt penned all five songs on her album. The music video for her first single, Come On Home, co-stars Teen Wolf’s sexy star Cody Saintgnue. He plays Britt’s love interest who has been off at war. Britt wrote the song for her former boyfriend who is serving in the military.
Catch his Behind The Music episode this month.

The Band J4 – Don’t let me know
After winning a national competition on CBS, The Band J4  became serious about a professional career as a band with  years of road trips to Nashville honing their craft and pursuing their passion for music.  The family made the decision to pick up and move to Music City Nashville in a camper to define their sound and work with producer Andy Sheridan. The band is working on releasing their self-written EP.  The Band J4 is ready to share their music with the world, reaching out to the youth of today with a positive message while bridging the generational gap with musical versatility and style.
“Don’t Let Me Know” is an original song written and performed by The Band J4, a sibling band from Nashville, TN.  The group consist of Jessi, Jedidiah, Josiah, Josephine Smith who play an acoustic folk/pop blend, each playing multiple instruments.  The music video of the song “Don’t Let Me Know” can be seen on YouTube and the single is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google+ and Spotify.
Catch her Behind The Music episode this month.

Jskillz  – “Just Vibe”
Here is Jskillz new single “Just Vibe” off his latest EP, Positive Vibes Only. His EP was released on December 28, 2015 and is available through all his social media platforms including SoundCloud, Reverbnation, YouTube and jskillz1.com . The Jskillz sound is a mix of 80’s and 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B with a new school vibe bringing high energy, hard hitting lyrics, fun, positive and inspirational music. Jskillz is from Davenport, IA. After this make sure to check out his brand new music video “Taste Of Victory” through his Facebook Fan Page.
Catch his Behind The Music episode this month.

Ian & The Dream – That’s Love
Touches on themes of love, honesty, and living in the moment. One listen reveals the freshness this music has in this time and place. Melodies with flairs of oldies, combined with modern sonic textures, form a sound you haven’t quite heard before. To boldly go into new territory, that is The Dream.
Catch his Behind The Music episode this month.

Cecilia Grace- The Best Thing
Baltimore pop duo, Cecilia Grace, began imprinting its mark 3 years ago at open mics, leaving audiences stunned by their breathtaking harmonies. The singer/songwriter sisters are best known for their chemistry and the interplay of their vocals that complement each other in harmony, rhythm and tone to seemingly create one melody. Cecilia is an award-winning songwriter who began turning her ideas into songs at 12 years old.

Amy Guess – Moonlight
Since uploading her first video on YouTube, Amy Guess has had over a MILLION plays! There is a haunting passion and clarity her voice evokes in everything she sings. “Amy Guess delivers atmospheric, compelling pop that relies on her artistic ability to exploit her own vulnerability. The result is a catchy, melodic single that delivers strong vocals and a killer dance beat.”
Catch his Behind The Music episode this month.

Erin Carere – Too Much
Classically trained, hooked on pop, schooled in soul. Erin Carere is a singer-songwriter whose songs range from big love ballads to classical pop crossover to sultry torch songs. Compared to Adele meets Josh Groban.
Catch her Behind The Music episode March 10 @ 6pm et

Miu Haiti – They Say
Born and raised in Haiti, Miu dreams of being able to share her passion for music all over the world. She begins singing through a contest, and used the song she had composed for it, to launch her career. Being forced to evolve in a difficult environment, she had to dig deep into her artistic senses. She had to improvise herself as Stylist & makeup artist before she could be able to work with local professionals. She also experienced a bit of Poetry, Dramatic Art and Fashion.

Stone & Jezreel – Even If
‘Even If’ is half Nigerian and half Irish, by this I mean the song was created while Jezreel (lead singer) was in Lagos, Nigeria and Stone (the rapper) was in Dublin, Ireland. Jezreel meet Fresh (a much sought Nigerian producers that has worked with the likes of Rick Ross) and he sent her the beat. She fell in love with the beat and proposed it as a new single to Stone. The duo started writing the lyrics making magic happen ‘EVEN IF’. The main message of the song is ‘Trust me everything will be OK! Stay happy, focused; even if it feels like everything and everyone around you is trying to pull you down you will be ok!
Catch his Behind The Music episode March 16 @ 6pm et

Ka$h Route – This could be us
I am 27yr Italian/American Recording & Performing Artist/ Producer/ Composer from Virginia. I have been doing music professionally for 14 years. I don’t do it for money, but for the love the art.
Just recently in the last few years have I started shooting videos and spreading my music on a new level using the internet, really I’m just trying give my perspective & message to the world.

The Banner Days – Song in my Head
When artists Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis began writing together, they had no idea their casual co-writing experiment would blossom into the award winning, critically acclaimed album The Banner Days. Their dramatic crescendos, and minimalist intensity, through intricate harmonies have elicited comparisons to The Civil Wars, the Swell Season, and Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’ Raising Sand.

Solice – In The Dark
“In The Dark” is a special song about the struggles with anxiety and depression, the doubts and fears that go on inside your head, and the constant fear of abandonment. Its about feeling trapped in the dark and needing support from friends and family to help you get out of that dark place, not Dr.s and medicine. Our music in general has the sensation of the word “solace” meaning comfort in sorrow, which is where we got our name. We are very proud of the message of this song and the symbolism in our official music video.

Dead Day Revolution – Bury My Soul
Dead Day Revolution is currently comprised of myself (Mike Sandoz) and Skeeter Joplin. Our goal is to deliver a raw, thought evoking song in the true spirit of Rock and Roll. We are both inspired by the outsiders who wrote and performed on the edge of their abilities, disregarding the status quo or trends of their time. When I write, I try to focus on personal experiences and express the emotions that otherwise are difficult for me to articulate in a conversation. “Bury My Soul” was written as a reflection of myself in a dark place resulting from unresolved relationship problems. We recorded this one towards the end of the album recording sessions as were adding new songs as they were written. This was the first song that really emphasized our swampy, dark rock sound that we have been cultivating together on our journey of self discovery and musical expression.

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