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Victor Pedro – TakeOver
Music Genre: Afrobeat
It’s about me being denied my right position in the industry also am saying the lady’s love my style and knows me as a good musician. My music is unique and it’s got alot of new flex into my craft. This recent current release has been able to represent my current direction because its moving with the Afro sound flow/trend.


Carmen Toth – Signs Of Life
Music Genre:: Alternative Pop
This song is about not giving up on what you always wanted. Listening to what your soul wants instead of slowly letting your soul be sucked away, year after year, in the wrong life. The song is basically me saying: “I’m taking a real shot at this because someone believed in me.” Alternative pop music that reaches your soul. And the Safety Net EP is my heart and soul in the form of 6 songs.


Rhianna Radick – Love-sick Wonder
Music Genre:: Pop/Country
The struggles in the dating world and finding a decent guy. There’ve been so many instances where I’ve been on a date and he’s been on his phone too much, referencing his ex frequently, or just not what his profile marketed. A lot of guys who I’ve had crushes on didn’t know I liked them, because I was afraid of rejection, or had girlfriends already. I can only imagine the stories other girls can add to this by their experiences. Either way- the struggle in the dating world is real and just finding someone who gets you is one of the biggest challenges as a young adult.
My music is a blend of country and pop. I try to reach people on deeper level with circumstances most people share: dating, leaving home, finding & building yourself, unreciprocated love, etc. I want listeners to feel connection and like they’ve gained a friend. I know for myself, no matter what the subject, if someone else can relate to what I’m experiencing I feel more comfortable to push through.
Insta: @rhi_rhi_radick
FB: Rhianna Radick Music
Twitter: @rhiannaradick
Snapchat: rhianna7918


Matt Tucker – Buzz Bait
Genre: Country music
One of my favorite things growing up… fishing. Then the older I got… another one of my favorite things, women. Then the older I got another one of my favorite things…. chugging or taking a sip.  Fun, versatile, emotional, lyrical, rocking. Music for me in general is how I cope with life and gives the feeling that I have some control with the outcome of something. Over the years my writing has matured a lot, I’m currently working on more subjects very close to my heart and things I really feel like I can totally express to the listener. Not just singing a cool hook with a great melody and beat.

Lee Clark Allen – I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie
Genre: Indie R&B/Soul
The song is about being vulnerable, honest, and authentic with a person you are pursuing, whether they be of the same/opposite race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. “I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie” is that “I’m ready for love” jam! One of my favorite lines from the song is “I see you, and I just wanna be yours.” When I see the whole person for who they are and make the choice to be accepting of that to declare “I just wanna be yours,” love love love is in the air; and that’s what we all desire and need! Agape!


Band Name: Mick J Clark
Name of song: Blow Those Candles Out
Genre: pop
I tried to make it when I was young, did the usual holiday camp season bit, but failed 🙁 but tried again five years ago and ‘much better this time. I have written over 50 songs now,   of which 36 are being played in shops via Emerge and  on many radio stations. I have also had 25,000 streams on my 3 Christmas songs. As I now have the songs I will be touring very soon. This biography is rubbish but I prefer to talk about the future. Would have loved a Glastonbury in there but hey ho, live in hope.
Twitter: @MickjclarkJ


Band Name: Living Waters
Song: Do What He Tells You to DO
Genre : Christian Rock/Blues
Winners of the September 2015 Akademia Award for Best EP, Contemporary Christian. One song, “Peter the Rock”, was presented to John Paul II by Ambassador Raymond Flynn. On the very first Top Ten Countdown for Catholic Music on Adoration Radio; achieved #1 on that Countdown. The Platinum Auddy Songwriting Award from was given to “Love’s in a Name”. Living Waters was Nominated as “Best Rock Artist” for the 2014 Artists in Music Awards for “Booze Blues Cruise”. Recently, we won the 2017 Radio Music Award for Contemporary Christian Song, for “Do What He Tells You to Do”.

My music is living Waters has been around since 1976, but they are still recording. Their recent EP “Alive Again”, specifically “Do What He Tells You to Do” has won several awards. One person listened to it 15 times in a row! Their music is rooted in the 70’s & 80’s, but also has a certain ‘timeless’ quality to it. Most describe it as ‘inspirational’ or ‘uplifting’, a cry of joy. This song is full in this tradition. The band has performed it live to a great reaction.



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