4.13 New Music Monday

4.13 New Music Monday

Join host Jacqueline Jax for New Music Monday broadcasting live from our South Florida studio. Featuring new music from our indie artist community members including our top 5 songs from the countdown, music news and more..

Listen in now:

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New Music Monday:
Joel Jorgensen : Sunshine Kisses
Joe Calderone : The Bang Song
Akoustic Odyssey : Jolly Roger
Chloe Moore : Promise Me

Top 5 from our indie Artist Countdown
#5 song “Younger Summer Memories” Barley Station
#4 song “Good Chance” Drew B
#3 song “In Your Eyes” Scarlett Lee
#2 song “Sanctuary Hill” Jeff Bernstein
#1 song “Adorkable” Sophia Daniz

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