4.16 New Music Monday

4.16 New Music Monday

Today’s New Music Monday selections is celebrating our most popular artists launched this year. Enjoy the playlist.


Old Eastern – Leroy

Genre: Rock music
Old Eastern Was formed… early in 2012 in a basement out in Baltimore County. It was there that four drastically different minds came together to create a sound like no other. With a blend of divergent styles it all finally solidified under a banner of what some might call “Blues-Rock”.

July Fighter – Man on the Moon
Indie/Alt/Rock Music currently based out of North East Minneapolis. July Fighter is a constantly evolving original all boy band currently based out of Minneapolis, MN.

DOM MAR KZ – I’m Sorry

Rock, Singer Songwriter
A guy how takes his girlfriend for granted and cheats on her with another girl and gets caught. He then feels really bad about what he has done. A journey through life, love, faith, dreams, and Rock and Roll. A story about my life and the lives around me…

Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/3UWLmpbXGU8tTb7Zl6UKKN )
Twitter: @DomMarkz

Jessica Meuse –  Love Her Better

Music Genre:: Country
I created “Love Her Better” because I dated a guy for about 4 months, which was long enough to see his true colors come out…he thought it was ok to cheat on me with a married lady! I don’t understand some people. Anyway, I got locked out a studio that day, so I had to go wait in my car. I decided to write a song and I started thinking about everything that guy had done to me. He made me so mad that the lyrics, “I hope you love her better, better than you love me,” just came to me, along with, “She deserves you and you deserve nothing at all,” which is one of the strongest lines in the song. I mean every word that I’m singing and I’m very proud of this song!
Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice followed, where she made it to the blind auditions, along with being part of Vans Warped Tour. In 2014, Jessica was selected by American Idol’s judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr., for Season 13 of the TV series where she ended up a Top 4 National Finalist. Jessica became the first person in the history of Idol to perform her own original song, “Blue-Eyed Lie,” during the finals and joined Idols LIVE Tour, performing in 40+ cities across the USA and Canada.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessmeuse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idoljessicameuse
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JessMeuse
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/musikchik
Website: https://jessicameuse.com

Caroline Roman – Heat of the Summer
I am a passionate singer,songwriter living in south Georgia. I have worked with producers in both Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. My style started out as classic pop music, but has since evolved into more edgy pop with a R&B flair. My first EP is expected out October 1 and will contain the award winning songs “Unravel” and “Dark Room.” I have played at several venues in the Atlanta area and love to play in front of live audiences. I am working on my next EP currently which has a little more “edge” than the first.

The DRead Pirate Roberts ft. S – New England
Genre : Pop/Dance
The DRead Pirate Roberts ft. S come from America and Europe and have a burning passion to reach the top. The band has been together for 4 years and perform all over Europe. New England is our current single. It’s pop to the max. New England is the story of lost love and the pain and regret most of us have gone through at some stage in our life. New England was recorded in London, UK. Once the recording of New England was completed, everybody felt we had a potential hit on our hands. We have belief and passion in all that we do as a band and reaching the very top is our goal.



King Klio – Old Me
Genre: R&B Soul, pop
Bringing the New York hustle to LA, King Klio is a powerhouse vocalist whose merging of genres is both dynamic and inspiring. With influences ranging from classic rock and jazz to Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, Klio has learned to translate her musical upbringings into a sound all her own. By experimenting with different styles, she’s proud to have developed a vocal delivery that is at once enticing and powerful.
Growing up singing everything from opera to jazz, King Klio has been a musician for as long as she can remember. Having always felt that music was more than simply therapeutic, she needs to sing in order to function. Talking about times in her life where that creativity has been stifled, she jokes: “I’m hell to be around.” By embracing the DIY aesthetic of today’s music scene, she has learned to take charge of her own music and to forge a path where she is in control.

Titus Styles/ West Evelyn – Pop Another Bottle

Genre : Hip Hop, Rock, Country. 
Versatile, traditional, and talented are just a few words to describe Titus Styles. This Detroit native is a master of puns, punch-lines and wordplay. With such an arsenal of skills, Titus has made a name for himself as a talented comedian, rapper and live stage performer. As a rapper, Titus is passionate about the preservation of rap not only as a genre of music but also as an artform. Titus is a stickler for lyrical content, meaning and impact on his listeners. He delivers lyrics and styles that appeal to both young and old listeners.

Growing tired of the same predictable ideas and subjects, Titus sought out inspiration. Nothing was more inspiring than the 2016 election. Hearing the rhetoric of Donald Trump claiming to “Make America Great Again”. Knowing that America was already great, Titus turned his attention to music.
In the summer of 2016, Titus began working on his latest masterpiece “Make Hip-Hop Great Again”. The album gives a taste of all things current and from the past. The ladies will enjoy the classic yet unique take on the slow jam “Let’s Chill”, while songs like “High on You” and “Get em’ Hotter” gets everybody bobbing their heads.


MY WORLD DOWN- Until I Break
Genre: Rock :  Hard Rock
MY WORLD DOWN is an American Rock Band from Los Angeles, CA who goes with the flow. They create music that blurs the line between genres and create something truly different from song to song.  MY WORLD DOWN consists of American/German Singer/Songwriter/producer Alex Walker, and Peruvian/American Guitarist/Producer Jhon Vento. MY WORLD DOWN’s sound is best described as Hard Rock meets Alternative. Not being afraid to do whats best for each individual song.
They are influenced and appreciate a wide variety of Bands such as Three Days Grace  Incubus, Seether, Foo Fighters, Breaking Benjamin, and many others bands/artists.
Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/album/0bi9X5VKrhOdYjrUDIcRM1
Reverb : https://www.reverbnation.com/myworlddownmusic/song/28754171-until-i-break
Website: MyWorldDown.net

Tiona Campbell – Jesus and Coffee
Genre :Singer – songwriter
Small Town girl,Tiona Campbell, was born and raised in East Texas. She also performed her new song “Jesus and coffee ” this August 2017 on Ealing Broadway street in London, UK. Tiona has performed in front of : -Brad O’Donnell, head of A&R of Capital Christian Music Group -Mike Clink, American record producer -Tobyn Hyman, talent producer for the show The Voice She had a LIVE interview with AVA Live Radio and her single “Irrevocable ” was featured on AVA Live radio as well. Her brand new EP “One of a kind” on iTunes and Spotify.

Old Town Tonic – Vision

Genre  : Pop/Rock
Our music is classified as Pop/Rock with a Country soul. With five members in the band, we are diverse. Each band member has a different musical preference. From Celtic Rock to Blues and Country to Pop, we bring each flavor to the table and meld together to create something unique. You’ll hear it in the music. The song “Vision” takes Marlo Lynn’s experiences and hopefully provides some encouragement to anyone struggling to find their way.



La Obra De Marte – EXorcismo

defined as Pop Punk/ Power Pop/ Indie rock. In our first album called “Punto De Partida”
The song title EXorcismo (or in English EXorcism) it’s a play of words making reference to an EX couple. The person that you loved with all your energy, time, and body, but at the end of the day it didn’t went how you felt it was going and and you had the worst heartbreak you could possibly had because of that person. So now you need some sort of EXorcismo to take this person out of your mind, soul, body, you are trying to live without him/or her and you are basically forgetting this person (even though is being a really hard thing to do).