4.18 New Music Monday

4.18 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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New Music Monday April 18 at 6pm


Today’s Featured Artists:

Dalton Gray- I’d do anything
The song “I’d Do Anything” marks a milestone in the career of Dalton Gray. After co-producing his first original Album “Guitars and Good Times” at 21-22 years old, Dalton hit the road full time between Texas and Tennessee. Between rubbing up against renown songwriters, industry professionals, and the experience in the 100s of live shows, Dalton recognized the need to continue striving for a distinct “sound” every time lyrics were pinned and guitars were rang. This was expressed to his friends and co writers that have helped shape the direction of the message and writing and an entire catalogue of unique, fresh, and sensational songs was birthed. But that’s not the whole story. Dalton has entertained the idea of working with several renown producers and has been approached many times because of his writing and delivery. The knowledge gained from Scott Moody on the first record and the experience of being a band leader gave Dalton the confidence to produce the record on his own.

Bryce Hitchcock – Clear
a Singer/Songwriter/Actress from Nashville. Her sound is a blending of Folk, Blues, Jazz and Pop with a hint of Country. Chris Top of the WOBA radio network said “she is one to watch. She does it all.” In May 2015, she was selected to perform at the NAMM She Rocks Showcase in Nashville. You can also hear Bryce as the voice of Deuce in the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD video game. At the age of eight, I was discovered performing in downtown Franklin, TN. I was asked to come in and sing on a project for Sony records. I have since worked with many labels on various projects. I consider myself primarily a lyricist, however, I play several different instruments.

Cody Purvis – Girls can be that way
Raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, Cody’s early influences were Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Jr., and Toby Keith. Nashville, Tennessee is where Cody hangs his hat now, pursuing his dream of a music career. Cody’s passion for music, energetic style, and his natural appreciation for his fans attracts crowds of all ages. If you are coming to one of Cody’s shows be ready to stay on your feet for a high energy, enthusiastic performance. And, you may just find yourself crying along during those slow, sappy, tear-jerkers.

Nicole Nelson – Hostage
Hailing from Nashville, TN, Nicole Nelson incorporates influences from generations past and present to create an explosion of soulful rock that falls fresh on the ears of pop culture. After an overwhelming response to her first single, “Hostage,” her debut EP, “Howling At The Moon,” followed suit, garnering rave reviews. Recorded in Nashville, TN, and released on March 10th, 2015, “Howling At The Moon” masterfully combines the infectious energy of Nelson’s live show, while inviting listeners to take part in an emotionally raw and intimate story. The entire release was written solely by Nelson, who joined forces with producer, Grady Saxman, to create a cocktail of bluesy soul, heart-pounding rock, and iconic pop music. Nelson is currently continuing her national tour that began in Fall 2015.

Kim Ray- When You Smile
Writing, composing and singing is what Kim Ray knows best. This half serious half bohemian singer exposes his mind with outstanding melodies and lyrics. His voice, a subtle blend of James Blunt and Bob Seger. With an intense and charismatic presence Kim Ray is a self-taught. He follows his heart and instinct. In 2015, he went to Nashville to be guided by the true American country. Influenced by many music styles and artists, Kim Ray now focuses on an intriguing version of soft-rock spiced with a country tinge. He’s second album « When you smile » was released on February 8, 2016. An new Canadian country artist to watch closely.

Julia McDonald – Gravity
a high energy artist and songwriter, based out of Orlando, FL. Her debut singles, ‘Something to Talk About’, ‘Pretty Committee’ and ‘Games’, exposed her soul and style to the world while managing to preserve the 18- year old’s incredible depth and honesty with each song. In the past year, her songs have been performed for audiences throughout Central Florida, are showcasing at the 2016 Florida Music Festival, and used to open for Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Andrew Duhon. Looking to May, 2016, when she will release her debut EP, “Gravity”, Julia will be back in the studio with Multi-Platinum producer Kevin De Clue who stated, “The minute I heard Julia’s voice, I knew it was a must that I work with her. I have listened to thousands of artists in my 20 plus years as a producer, and I can confidently say that Julia is one of the best”.

Lori Lynne – It’s You – The moonshine
Lori Lynne started this Journey in March of 2014. It’s been on her bucket list since she was 11. Even though she went to the studio with the intention of just recording cover songs, a year later she has written and rewritten, rehearsed and recorded, helped with music choices and ended up recording SEVEN amazing songs for her very first album, SongBird, released August 13th, 2015. Since then, Lori Lynne has created quite a name for herself. Holding steady at the #1 spot on ReverbNation

Morgan Wilson- On The Brink
is an 18-year-old Indie Pop singer-songwriter from the Houston area.  She recently finished her second EP at Red Tree Recording Studio with producer, Jeffery Armstreet/ Mixed by Exit The Earth, which has received both regional and national attention, as well as steady internet radio AirPlay both nationally and internationally. She is set to tour the Texas area this summer and is currently working on a new single to be released in June. Her song, On the Brink, is a heavily layered pop ballad, that takes you on a journey into the heart of a broken relationship. Listeners of Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Bea Miller and Taylor Swift (1989) might also enjoy Morgan’s music.

Damond Blue -Give it to you
Like me, “Give It To You” started different than it ended up. As a youth I didn’t make the best decisions and I got into trouble until I started focusing on music. I wrote the song a bit differently than the finished product. I changed the verses and I knew it could be a hit. The song is for the ladies and I wanted to let them know they are cherished. I was raised by a single mother and I remember her struggles. But in general it’s a feel good song I think resonates with a lot of different groups.

TOZ Antonio Piretti- Please Stay 
Antonio writes music to encourage people to live a better life and care about one another. in this spirit, he has founded in ‘14 “Art Takes Action for Charity” to organize art events to support charitable projects in 2015, a milestone Canadian music tour “Roommates of the Same Planet”: A coast to coast from Sep 1st to Oct 25th ’15 performing a new show format: “Audio Visual” a live performance in which music and screened videos melt together to amplify the messages of the songs and to create a unique intense atmosphere. Nowadays working on new songs and on an upcoming European Tour in 2016..

Christine Irizarry- Vital
is a Philadelphia area indie pop artist. She has been writing music to give a voice to the many meaningful moments of life for as long as she can remember. She strives to tell a story with her lyrics and melodies that will inspire and move listeners. Vital is a song for anyone who has ever felt stuck, taken for granted, or overlooked. It’s about finding your inner fire and realizing your capability and worth.

Brent Giddens  – Maybe Today
This song was written about a past relationship.  The feeling of depression and being depressed is a feeling most of us can identify with.  This song is about that moment when we realize that life will go on, and that maybe we should stop being depressed and move on with our lives, even though it will be difficult.  Brent Giddens has always had a passion for music: instrumentally and vocally. From the age of six, Brent was singing John Denver, Kenny Rogers, to Glen Campbell. In addition to vocals, Brent has played a wide range of instruments including the guitar and harmonica. With the diversity of instrument experience, this gives Brent a wide range of styles and patterns to pull from while writing, performing, and composing songs.

Donna Jo –  Train Station
Donna Jo is a Country Blues singer/songwriter based out of Augusta, GA. Born and raised in the Blue ridge mountains of Virginia. She has roots in Country as well as Bluegrass and has always had a soft place in her heart for Blues music. Combining these different genres she hopes that her sound brings something unique and new to the table that people enjoy and relate to. She is currently playing in the Augusta area with plans for shows in other cities in the southeast. Train Station is a love song I wrote about 6 years ago for 2 people to be able to be together if only for a moment in time. We can’t always help how we feel in this life. Imagination and memories can be all we’re left with.


James McKay – Only Human
A new original track from Scottish singer/songwriter James McKay. It’s guitar/piano pop influenced sound will be sure to have you foot tapping your way through the summer. Whilst the music remains upbeat, the subject matter focuses on the fact that no one is invincible, we all have our mis-givings, and being human, we are all bound to break at some point in our lives. James is currently working on his new, yet untitled E.P which will be released at the start of the summer 2016

Angelo – Mia Samia
Angelo is an up and coming Canadian rap artist with a unique style of music and a captivating style of performing. He has been an opening act for big names such as T-Pain, J.Cole, Elephant Man, Tyga and more and was a guest on the California based radio show, The Blaze Indie Show L.a…

REDD – Rising Star
REDD uses his words to paint vivid pictures of positive inspiration and overcoming hardship. As the lyricist he inspires listeners to pay attention. REDD’s 2014 release of “Rising Star” maneuvered through obscurity and rose to the forefront as one of Detroit’s most celebrated up-coming hip-hop artists. REDD never relies on cheap frills to capture listeners. 2014 was an incredible year for REDD, as his freshman release pushed him to the top of his class. Making waves as a true unsigned hip-hop artist. REDD who, just recently was honored with the award for Ultimate musician on Beat100 among other accolades including being featured on Music Connects top 10 rappers to break out in 2014. REDD also toured in 2014 being featured at both Indie Xplosions A3C fest and playing Indie week in Toronto Canada. At years end in 2015 REDD is headed back into the studio with high caliber producers/artists to gear up for a late winter early spring 2016 album release as the offers come in for this young Detroit elite rapper.

Andrea Vasquez- Lesson Learned
a country singer and songwriter from Leesburg, Virginia. This past year has been a busy one for Andrea. From playing shows and touring the east coast to recording her debut EP, “Guns Up” which is set to release this May of 2016,  Andrea is also part of this year’s Country Jam Colorado lineup. Andrea will be joining the star studded lineup with country super stars Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Lee Brice and the Zac Brown Band to name a few. Stay tuned for whats next for Andrea.

Juana Camilleri- Rearranging Strange
Born January 10, 1963, in Spain, Juana Maria Camilleri is the daughter of Charles Thomas Camilleri, a Brooklyn born trumpet player, and Stephanie Hughes, a writer and illustrator. Her childhood was filled with art and music and at eight years old, she received her first guitar. After learning a few folk songs, she started writing her own. It wasn’t until her early thirties that she began to perform and then record, her first CD, titled Now, in LA, and her second, Palisades, in Seattle. She is currently recording her third, which is scheduled to be released in September, 2016.

Jael Johnson – 1950
A 19 year old Singer/Songwriter who has been writing and performing for over five years. Jael spent most of her growing up years in the state of Montana, but her music prevails in the state of Washington and down through the west coastal states. She continues to work hard.


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