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News Stories:
– How streaming will continue to change everything in the music business

– How indie music podcasts are helping indie artists

– Which Platforms Indie Artists should be looking at for their music marketing


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B-Bless – Love
Genre Hip Hop/Pop
2x Emmy award winner B-Bless presents his single ‘Love’ off his EP King of hearts out now! An infusion of Rap, EDM and Pop


Serving up motivation and letting the world know the sky is the limit. Hip hop artist and Philadelphia Native LV SOSA stays true to his roots and foundation with his newest single “No Breaks” One must be relentless to his/ hers approach to their dreams! NO BREAKS NO BRAKES.
SoundCloud :
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Twitter : @lvsosa1

Matia – Standing In The Sky
Singer Songwriter Malibu, California produced by platinum selling musician and producer Ken Mazur. A song about trying to make sense of the world and having a lot of belief that there is something else going on besides what we see.
FB: matiamusicartist


HOMERIK – A Song of the Night: Part I
Symphonic Progressive Death Metal
Celebrating a brand new lead guitarist Cory Boyle: The Night Walker, Symphonic Progressive Death Metal band Homerik is steadily raising their exposure level for ‘A Song of the Night: Part I; a project that brings light to victims of child molestation in the United States as well as all over the world. Set in a Victorian-themed home, we listen to the cries of a young girl who fears the darkness in the corners of her room. Her sister sits next to her on her bed and sings to her a lullaby that their mother used to sing to them when they were infants; a soothing tune to wash away the night terrors from their embrace.


Hella Rebelliön – Drop The Soap
Genre: Alternative metal, punk and metal, rock
Scandinavian punk rock from the dirty Norwegian northwest-core band Hella Rebelliön releases something new that’s high on energy and lays homage to the Norwegian underground scene with a musical firestorm ready to tilt punk metal rock fans on their edge. Hella Rebelliön will release their debut album on Rob Mules Records April 27. This band consists of three members from the now extinct Long Lasting Train; Rune Nordheim, Sindre Brunes and Øystein Westrum. Joining them we have Markus Olausen (Happy Motherfuckers) on vocals and Espen Farstad (Stonewolf) on guitar.


Power Of INTuition – Show You Smile
Genre: Pop rock
New single from solo artist Power Of INTuition, about the situation where you really try to be a better version of yourself but just can’t pull it off. You really want to be a happy person and fight to keep up energy and positivity, but it’s a losing battle.


Nate Williams – I want, I want
Genre: R & B music
Pushing back to the familiar sounds of the classic 80’s, Philadelphia performing artist, Nate Williams has released a series of songs over the years trying to celebrate his enthusiasm for this lost genre. Here’s his latest: “I Want, I want”


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