4.25 New Music Monday

4.25 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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New Music Monday April 25, 2016 – 6pm et


Today’s Featured Artists:

Etnel – Drunk
This song stems from my deep desire to love while being afraid to open up. It’s a conflict within myself. And I’m sure plenty of lovers or ex lovers can relate to the lyrics. It basically says: ”I’m in pain because I want you, I just don’t know how to express that. So I’ll just watch you be happy with somebody else while I drink the pain away” That is ‘Drunk’. I’m being very open, almost naked as I speak vividly through this character who obviously is a part of me only a lot more expressive and bold. I wouldn’t dare to say half of the things I say in my songs including Drunk. I’m extremely guarded in person, so much that I’ve lost a lot of great people because I wasn’t able to tell them that I love them and finally realised what I lost until they were happy with someone else.   That’s a classic human error.
Etnel will be featured on Behind The Music Coming up soon.

Will Jay – Gentleman
“Gentleman,” written and performed by Will Jay, is a breath of fresh air in today’s pop music scene. The song, in which he proves that chivalry isn’t dead, is paired with a classic, Gene Kelly inspired video, creating a sound that is retro with a new perspective. Like a Gentleman, Will hopes to add a touch of class in all of his musical endeavors.

Elena Maro – Shall We
I’m an Italian singer songwriter, composer, sound design artist, playwright, actress. Former ballet dancer, lead singer for orchestras and bands, tv vocalist, I have been working more recently mainly as a singer songwriter, composer, sound designer, actress and playwright for theater productions. I compose, write lyrics, play, arrange and engineer my songs, music and sound effects myself, chasing my dream of having my tracks featured in major Hollywood films.”Shall we?” is my homage to the great time I had as a studio vocalist and…since I had so much fun writing and recording it, I know you’ll enjoy it! 🙂
Elena will be featured on Behind The Music Coming up soon.

Marwan Maurice – Sister Soul
It hasn’t taken long for Columbus, Ohio based soulful blues-rock artist Marwan Maurice’s swampy roots and funk-inflected sound to cast a spell. ‘Sistah Soul’ is a newly re-recorded alternative version of the track found on his debut EP ‘Worth Waiting For.’ Its stomping, sultry groove embodies the likes of The Black Keys, John Lee Hooker, Bruce Cockburn, Imagine Dragons and The Roots. The single itself is part of a 2016 series from Marwan titled, ‘Black Smoke.’ It’s reoccurring themes span across multiple generations, cultures and political statements. Speaking to the themes, Marwan explains, “This song is about living free and for you.  The term ‘Sistah Soul’ is used in reference to the realization that a person no longer wants to be a ‘slave’ to something meaningless or materialistic. If you are not living in happiness then you are no longer living for yourself.  You could hate your job, face discrimination, become a victim of bullying, or reliving heartache in an abusive relationship; this is not freedom. This is when the spirit of ‘Sistah Soul’ steps in to remind us of what it really means to live free.” Like previous releases, ‘Sistah Soul’ is proudly published as an independent single without the influence of the corporate music industry.

Echo Bloom – Leaving Charleston
Leaving Charleston.  It’s an American song.  From one side, it’s about independence, and striving to find out what’s out there, just over the horizon, towards the promised land.  From another angle, it’s about homelessness, and the choices people make that put them there. It’s the first song on our new record Red, which is a collection of story songs.  Listening back when it was done, each one was about the South – shows you can’t ever really escape your home.

BRITE LITE BRITE – I don’t wanna lose to you
Cobi Mike’s recent decision to leave Gentlemen Hall (Island Records) to release his first solo project arose from his desire to rediscover his voice and share his personal message. In 2008, the singer-songwriter helped form the unique Boston musical collective. Gentlemen Hall quickly catapulted to success, being awarded a MTV Video Music Award in 2009 and performing on the Billboard Music Awards in 2011.  In 2013, they received placements in Target and Samsung commercials as well as the CW’s 90210 and ABC’s Pretty Little Liars. With the help of Grammy Award-winning engineer Tom Weir (Blondie, Willie Nelson) and an all-star cast of musicians including keyboardist Mia Fitz (Hozier) and drummer Matt Laug (Alanis Morisette, Christina Aguilera), Cobi Mike recorded his self-produced EP. Cobi Mike asked live electronica duo Brite Lite Brite to remix one of the tracks, and BLB created a bio-mechanical, electro-acoustic symbiosis of “I Don’t Wanna Lose To You.”

Ibby – 11:11
Ibby is a 17 year old singer/songwriter who independently writes all of her songs on an acoustic guitar and then later produces them in the studio. 11:11 is a brief lovesong that was written on a drive to Nashville. This song, as well as many others on her upcoming album
Ibby will be featured on Behind The Music Coming up soon.

Prin – Dim the lights
is an NYC-based songwriter who creates piano-based music and produces her songs with other instruments to explore different genres. “Dim the Lights” is the title track single off of Prin’s upcoming album. The tune fuses alternative rock sounds with guitar and bass along with upbeat piano and vocal melodies. The song features music and lyrics by Prin with Prin on piano and vocals, Doug Yowell on drums, Thad DeBrock on guitar and Mark Plati on bass. “Dim the Lights” is a metaphorical lyric about seeing love’s potential beyond what the eyes can see.
Prin will be featured on Behind The Music Coming up soon.


Heather Van Gaalen – Chain Me to to the stars
I don’t write songs; they write me. In fact, that’s how I still write music…it just comes to me. The music industry is overwhelming, but I care much less now what others think about my music than I used to. “Chain Me to the Stars” is a song that I knew instantly was special. I am so glad people are responding positively to my songs. Reverbnation now has over 11K fans, Twitter about 10K, that tells me I am good enough. That’s what really matters, the fans. Now I understand what being a songwriter really is…it’s connecting with people, without even realizing it.

Megan Leonardo- Every Second
The song “Every Second” is about falling so hard and so fast for someone that you know is terrible for you so much so that you feel like you’re not in control anymore. It’s about the give and take between being logical about a situation or letting your emotions take over. This song is part of the EP “Like Me” because it’s something that others can hopefully relate to which is the whole purpose behind “Like Me” ; to see if people can find similarities between their lives and the songs.
Megan will be featured on Behind The Music Coming up soon.

Savanna Leigh Bassett – Disposable
With song placements on four Nashville albums, this talented songwriter is crafting with industry professionals and entertaining crowds with her original country-pop sensibility and passionate performances. Her voice conveys beauty and her lyrics, wit, while her musical creativity pours from one of the many stringed instruments she accompanies herself with. Savanna Leigh Bassett also believes strongly in the work she does with Body and Soul, a non-profit organization using music and arts in hospitals to bring healing to patients with ailments including cancer, heart disease, and mental illness. Driven by integrity, musical ambition, and a deep sense of community, her empowering message of love and self-worth is inspirational, and her energetic personality will pull you in and leave you wanting more.

Jamison Road – Call it home @JamisonRoad
Jamison Road, an indie country music trio based in Greater Cincinnati, is comprised of powerhouse vocalist Jennifer DePalma, her husband and lead guitarist Brent Duersch, and backing vocalist and guitarist Laurie Heltsley.  Since inception, Jamison Road has recorded two studio albums in Nashville, entertained thousands of fans across the country, signed a deal with Sojourn Records in New York, and joined the ranks of the Breedlove Guitars Artist Program.

Damian Sage – The Hardest Goodbye
I wrote this about a relationship I was in. I was so blinded by my love for her I didn’t see at the time how bad she was for me. It was confusing because one moment she’d be madly in love as I was and the next she’d do something awful. As if she were two different people. Despite that when it finally ended I was devastated and it inspired me to write this song. It did not take long to write at all. It just flowed out very easily. Not always the case when I write songs. Every word is from my heart and true. I know now that relationship ending was the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned a lot and got this song out of it. I feel a lot of people may relate to it.
Damian will be featured on Behind The Music Coming up soon.

Megan Knight – Fall For Two
Megan Knight is an American Alternative-Country-Rock singer/songwriter/musician and Muscle Shoals, AL recording artist. I wrote the song “Fall for Two’ based off of this reoccurring idea I had about writing a song from the perspective of a cheater.  I wanted to capture the emotions felt when someone is caught in a situation where they need to choose between their current relationship and a new one.  I believe the song expresses the overwhelming and confusing manner in which the subject shows the vulnerability and fragile state of the female character. Should she stay loyal to the man she is with or should she chase her heart and try something new?

Victoria Leigh Music – Southern Prince Charming
a fierce nineteen year old from Mesquite, TX who was literally born to entertain. She began creating stages for herself as a toddler and still never misses an opportunity to be on a stage! Her love for music was born with her, and she hasn’t stopped singing, dancing, and performing! The sassy, daredevil-ish, creative teen expresses her personality and attitude through her art. She fell in love with country music as a young teen and enjoys performing a wide range of country music styles.
A.V.A wishing your family a safe and blessed Spring.


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