4.4 New Music Monday

4.4 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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Today’s Featured Artists:

Kassidy Lynne  – Carolina Water
Carolina Water was actually the 2nd song that I wrote and it wasn’t even planned on being my #1 song on the EP. We went into recording thinking “Bloom” would be the one – In the recording studio, we were all like “this is the one!” Carolina Water is a song that just gets stuck in your head. For it to be that amazing, I am excited to see what my future holds for me in country music as a singer/songwriter.  Carolina Water is a sweet love story about a girl reminiscing about the past summer that she had with an amazing guy who tells her he loves her. They spend every night down by the water just hanging out and dreaming of the future. The girl wishes she could go back and do it all over again and never let it end.  It is probably every girl’s dream summer.
Kassidy will be joining us for Behind The Music.

Cherelle Joy – Gravity
Gravity is a song I wrote one evening in my room as I sat at my keyboard. I had the lights out which helped set the mood for the writing of this song. It eventually became a very ambient song with the metaphorical idea of ‘Gravity’ representing that moment someone suddenly stops loving you, or when you finally come to the realisation that the person you love no longer feels the same about you anymore. A lot of my songs are written almost as if I am watching or scripting a movie. Since I have never really been in a relationship, I tend to try to imagine what it would be like to experience a specific kind of situation and in turn I try to recreate that specific emotion through my lyrics.
Cherelle will be joining us for Behind The Music.

Anjeza – Standing O
You can find Anjeza lighting up stages world-wide, be it singing, songwriting, choreographing, directing, modeling, or acting, her talent is truly flourishing. She’s a triple threat that intertwines music, dance and acting in her performances. Her music, is an eclectic range of Flamenco and Pop with influences from Latin, Middle-Eastern and Asian sounds like never done before and capturing an international audience. Her music includes African drums- Latin congas, classical fusion sitar, European dance beats representing a united world with a great message

Shawn Bilton – This Dirt Road
Based out of South Carolina, Shawn Bilton is known for his gritty, acoustic country rock blend with a unique edge and undeniable passion in every song, every word. This Dirt Road is about a someone going through something in their lives…if you’re from the country, you know that most of your thoughts and your problems are figured out on a dirt road, and that’s how it was with me…maybe that’s how it was with you? Looking to share some of my story in a way that relates to everyone who might be listening to the song or reading this.
Shawn will be interviewing on Behind The Music in April.

James King – Whiskey Kisses
From a small town in Florida, James King decided to leave his career in Law Enforcement in 2013 after 13 years and move to Nashville with my bandmates, Robbie Vanosdol, former lead guitarist for “Son of a Bad Man” (Universal Republic Records) and Ryan Depaolo, guitarist for “Matchbook Romance” (Epitaph Records). While in Nashville, Depaolo came to him one night and said he had an idea for a song called “Whiskey Kisses.” They immediately wrote the song, recorded it a few days later at Destiny Nashville. The song is about a guy in a bar just waiting for the right time to catch the eye of this girl he’s been watching all night… just waiting on the right song to ask for that dance and get those whiskey kisses! 

Chase Thomas – Without a Fight
Country Singer & Songwriter, Chase Thomas is continuing to sweep across the Southeast with his raw natural talent and jaw-dropping performances!  Chase hit the airwaves in 2014 with his first single, “Straight Country,” then again in 2015 with “Just Right.”  Now with the threat of ISIS on the rise, Chase ventured out in hopes to capture some of the emotions that Americans might be feeling right now with his newest single, “Without A Fight,” which can be heard on 94.9 The Bull, He has already had the privilege of opening for National Entertainers including: Chris StapletonCorey Smith & Brantley Gilbert!

The Lewis Hamilton Band – Old Faces
‘Old Faces’ is about how people who have been a major part of your life never really change. His 4th studio album Shipwrecked which was released in November 2015 to stunning reviews, has been chosen as an ‘Album of the Month’ by the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association. The Lewis Hamilton Band have been booked for over 600 shows from Scotland to Slovenia, and have appeared at most of the UK’s biggest blues festivals.

Juke Johnson – Eagle Fly
Juke Johnson, singer songwriter and producer who was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the former lead singer for the rock band IDK in the 80’s. JJ has written and co-written 1000’s of songs in various genres. While on a 6 year hiatus as a solo artist, Juke produced and co-wrote with some well-known writers and producers like Kenny Lamb and Kevin Savigar. During those 6 years, he built a catalog of a couple hundred tracks that included pop, dance country and rock. March 2013, Juke Johnson released his first Country- Southern Rock CD, Simple Things, “a country flavored gumbo of feel good music for the soul“-2014 American Dream / 2015 Forbidden Fruit/ 2016 to be released Gypsy Rose .

Rufio G – Dear Miss aka Love Letter
Rufio G is a talented, up and coming artist hailing from Luton, UK.
First and foremost Rufio G is a lyricist, and his ability to think outside the box and stay original shines on every track he creates.
His wordplay and flows originate from his roots as a Grime and Drum n Bass MC, with his storytelling ability showcased on debut single “Dear Miss aka Love Letter”, which is available now. Rufio G is currently working on his debut mixtape ‘New Dawn’ – release date TBA.

Ben Steezy – MTW
#MTW is the breakout single of artist Ben Steezy and Indie HipHop label Gone Green Records. This fun and upbeat anthem type record may seem like a boastful run of the mill rap song at first, but upon further listening you realize that you are taking a journey into the mind of the once troubled artist and how he has transmuted his personal struggle into a greater purpose.

D.Tayls – Unwind
Dustin D-Tayls Taylor is an Independent Artist coming out of Norfolk,Va. He is currently working on the release of upcoming album The Climax. D-Tayls released his first single UnWind which was inspired by D-Tayls hard work and grind in creating his own sound and with recording, performances,etc D-Tayls realized that sometimes you got to step back Chill and UnWind, exhale from day to day life obstacles, and problems. D-Tayls vented on the track for therapy. UnWind is currently available for sale on CD Baby and all Digital Outlets. Be on the look out for more singles and soon to be released album “The Climax”.

B-Qubed – On The Corner
Raised in Boston with a single mom , he comes from a background of poverty, struggle, crime and violence . And it comes across as a clear message in his music. With his diverse flow and intense lyrical gestures , Hip-Hop artist B-QUBED ( Boston baked beanz , b to the third power ) gives listeners what they’ve been waiting for with every bar. After becoming serious about music in 2008, B-QUBED engulfed himself in perfecting his craft ; building a name for himself as a gifted emcee across the country. With his lyrical flair B-QUBED displays his intelligence , verbal skills , and keen eye for social observation on every track. In 2012 he released Beanz-Town 3 . A dirty curry thing ,with features from , lil Wayne & wiz khalifa it quickly grabbed the attention of audiences world wide . With his 2015 release of Duende you can quickly realize the ability of this hip-hop lyricist . Always in the mist of his social media presence , you’ll be sure to see to his name everywhere soon .

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