5.14 New Music Monday and Music Business News

5.14 New Music Monday and Music Business News

Featuring brand new singles just released in all genres from talented artists all over the world.

Music Business News:
– Warner quietly launches free Tunecore rival for unsigned artists
– What does Spotify’s new ‘hate content’ policy mean for artists
– YouTube launches expanded music charts in 44 countries

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Band Name: Fight Like Sin
Name of song: Nightmare

Genre : Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock
Fight Like Sin fearlessly engages, and flawlessly delivers, strong, emotional, and core stirring anth emic rock. An assailing descent into the modern rock arena.
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Ixyt0Ah86g7rmyguEkcTp
Facebook : https;//facebook.com/fightlikesin
Twitter : @FightLikeSin
Instagram : https://instagram.com/fightlikesin


Band Name: Modern Day Outlaw
Name of song: Good Day to Die

Genre : Rock
Good Day to Die was written to remind us all that tomorrow is never promised and all we have is today. Its about the passing of a life from one place to another, so leave nothing to chance and make today a “Good Day to Die”!

Our music is a blend of a few genres, take the aggressiveness of heavy metal and combine it with the Southern swing of country and sprinkle in a good Rock vibe. That’s Modern Day Outlaw in a nutshell

Twitter: moderndayoutla1

Band Name: Aaron McMahon
Name of song: Quicksand

Genre : Singer/songwriter
Aaron McMahon NEW acoustic song “Quicksand” (Common Man) Soul Folk with an acoustic rock/country edge.


Band Name: Blake Trent
Name of song: Run Boy Run

Genre : Singer-songwriter/folk

Born and raised in Orlando, Blake has been playing music mostly in a worship setting since college. Learning guitar and piano from a young age, music has always been a strong part of his life. Around 18 He started writing his own music because He “wasn’t satisfied with what was on the radio.” People often ask what genre of music Blake falls into, and for now it would seem there is a variety. Blake always wants his lyrics to impact his listeners, and challenge them to understand themselves and others around them in a deeper way. At the end of the day this has, and always will be, about people.


Band Name: Spencer and Sequoia
Name of song: Most Amazing Thing

Genre: Folk/Singer-Songwriter
Spencer and Sequoia started as an intercontinental collaboration via email. Sequoia (in Auckland, New Zealand) would send demos to Spencer (in New York) who would produce them with his band. When Sequoia finally made the trip to America, what started as a musical connection became much more. Now Spencer and Sequoia are a husband and wife duo, touring the US sharing their love and music.

Artist : “The American Dream” Luca Brassy

Name of song: 3000

Genre  : Hip Hop/ EDM
Luca is a unique and on the rise artist from upstate NY. In many of his records, such as 3000… he blends lyricism, powerful beats, dance, club, EDM and old school elements of hip hop into his music. His passion began at a young age and he continues to grow each day. His newest album “Retroactive” is due to be released this summer in 2018. POW!
What we have been waiting for. POW!

Band Name: PyraKite
Name of song: Beauty Queen

Genre: Pop, indie pop, rock, indie rock
PyraKite emerged after two years of sadness and misery, joy and laughter. The band consisits of Henning Iljero-Winnberg- songwriter, lead vocals, keys, guitar, drum programming, mixing and producer. Robert Säll – guitars Christopher Anderzon – bass Henrik Ståhlberg – drums and percussion. The debut album ’7 Steps’ is a journey. After experiencing some sudden deaths of friends and relatives Henning decided to compose songs to deal with the inner and outer loss of close ones. ’7 Steps’ is a concept album with multi-layered meanings enbedded within the songs and throughout the album. Inter-connected lyrics and music all enclosed within the finished music experience. All from the album cover to the last note played on the last song.

It has a happy melodramatic vibe to it and has been compared to the sound of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Steely Dan mixed with a bit of Grunge with a poetic and thoughtful sence to it. It’s up to the listener to find their own personal meaning and way through the journey. It’s our hope that others may find something they need in the music. The first single Beauty Queen is to be released on all digital platforms on the 1 st of May 2018. And later throughout the year two more singles will be released finishing with the release of the full concept album by the 23rd of September 2018.



Artist: Can2
Single: ‘My Truth’

Genre: HipHop
Born Robert Cantu on November 5, 1980. From humble beginnings Can2 was the youngest of five children in Lubbock Texas. Can2 is a Hip-hop/Rap artist, songwriter, and entertainer. In his formative years Can2 developed a thirst for knowledge, writing, and poetry. These three gifts along with a strong belief in God serve as the cornerstones on which he is building the most impressive music career ever erected. Can2 believes “music is the language of the soul” and goes on to say “If I can reach one person the way I was reached when I was lost I am a success.”

This music is a window into my own experiences. I know the power of music and its ability to evoke emotion. I want to be able to relate to my listeners on a personal level.



Band Name: Nat Berhanu
Name of song: Still 1 Love

Genre : pop
I am Nat Berhanu An Independent Artist living In England, United Kingdom. King Of Electronica Music as well as Instrumentalist. Playing the keyboard, piano and guitar. First album #Incredulous has well known tracks #partyhouseii #planettrancev #signpostbreakthefear which have gone viral on Soundcloud ‘Still 1 Love’ is a song I about the notion Bob Marley had 40 years ago, with his song ‘One Love.’ I am agreeing with him completely. Where ever we are from, Love is the same one thing across the globe, each generation to the next. It is important to teach our children and our children to their children. You can download on ITunes or Stream on Spotify or SoundCloud. https://open.spotify.com/track/0R5AX5duuyRw0C8AM0ugCi?si=mZFkrU1QQlmQ0q9WZTVl_w