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Ashlinn Gray – Finding Home
Pop music
Ashilnn Gray. Singer, songwriter and musician from Johannesburg, South Africa. Talented singers are plentiful. Thought provoking songwriters are rare. Fortunately for Ashlinn Gray, she is both. They say never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about and for Ashlinn Gray – it’s music. Not only is she a passionate artist, but one that never gives up, risking it all to make her dreams come true. She is distinguishable by her powerful vocals, her deep seated lyrics, giving you the listener something to think about.


The Odd Gods – Caught off guard
Rock Music
The ‘The Odd Gods’ is a Thailand based band formed in in 2015, consisting of Thomas Ruiter (lead vocals), Dave Ring (bass / vocals), Nicky Scott (guitar / vocals), Own Kulhai (guitars / vocals) and Alan Pratt (drums). Each person brings something different to the mix, both musically and of course, with their personalities too.Despite the obvious differences, the five form a strong unit of like-minded souls who share a passion for real music and real performing. The eclectic mix of musicians and styles makes for a different and original sound that is fresh, familiar aitind exciting and grabs the audience by surprise.Punky, hooky, rock tunes are entangled with strong melodic instrumental and vocal harmonies that simply refuse to leave your head once you have heard them. Catch them live to enjoy a real musical experience as their performance goes from strength to strength.The Odd Gods are receiving interest for gigs around South East Asia, Europe and North America. They also want to play more at home too although playing in Thailand is not without its challenges but the audiences are enthusiastic and encouraging.


Mallory Lennon and the Sykadelix – Honey Spine
Jazz Soul
Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Mallory Lennon and the Sykadelix is an intricate fusion of soulful vocal prowess, sophisticated instrumentation, and poignant lyrical stylings that breed their trademark craftsmanship. Their new single, Honeyspine, is a marriage of the band’s dedication to both sound and lyric dissertation. Their self-released debut, Born in a Bad Way, is set to release June of 2017.


Lasvegaz – Your Love
Pop Music
They are small town girls with big dreams. (Roni and Nessy Vega ages 23 and 21). The duo (sisters) started singing at a young age. Ever since then it has been their life long dream. They have performed at local charitable events and talent shows. All the songs on this page were written by LasVegaz. The songs were inspired by situations that could happen to the youth today. Roni is what you call a “Jack of all trades”. She can sing, dance, act, do makeup, and is very articulate. She was recently cast as a lead in a theater production of “Snow White” . Nessy can also sing, dance, and act. She has received the same training as Roni. Both girls have taken voice lessons, piano lessons, dance lessons, and even a little bit of guitar, at a very young age. The girls have attended acting and musical theater workshops. Roni is very out going and humorous. Vanessa is more reserved, but the girls collaborate extremely well. They are also avid readers and this transpires in some of the lyrics in their songs. They can also sing in Spanish and are currently learning how to speak it more fluently.


Mark Spark – C.O.C.
Music Genre/ category : Rap/Hip-Hop
C.O.C. is about everyday waking up trying to get it and maximize the amount of money that you make in this cold world that we live in. A world where people hate on you and pray on your downfall but you have to keep your eyes on the prize and get money, which I refer to as “Capitalizing on Currency”. reverbnation: reverbnation.com/markspark2
facebook: facebook.com/mdubspark
twitter: twitter.com/damarkspark


OLIVE – Changing the World
Pop music Singersongwriter
Olive music is a little bit indie and a little bit pop with old vintage sound peppered on top, and is the artist label for this Australian-born independent artist and singer/songwriter. Inspired by Indie-Pop, Soul and Motown, with a hint of old-skool R&B, Olivia has embarked on her own original sound journey, with the essence of the late Amy Winehouse Back to Black album, fused with modern-day radio hits under Indie-Alternative.


Mike Contoni – Behind My Gun
Genre – Country / Singer-songwriter
This song is written in dedication to the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. Memorial day is giving thanks to people that gave their lives in service of their country. I co-wrote this song with Mark Moseley who is an awesome Nashville Musician and Producer.

WOUNDEDSPiRiT – 11Months3Weeks6Days
WOUNDEDSPiRiT are a Indie-Stadium Pop/Rock band from West Bromwich in the UK. Steve Wright BBC Radio quoted “they have a sound all to themselves they sound like nobody else”. On the cusp of making it, WOUNDEDSPiRiT were drawing big fanbases and gaining backing from some big names in BBC Radio 1(Steve Wright, Mark Goodier), WOUNDESPiRiT were on track in positioning themselves as the anthemic rock band of the 90s, yet to the dismay of their fans in the midst of their success in becoming an exciting emerging band, WOUNDEDSPiRiT mysteriously disbanded, leaving their fanbase and peers staggered and without reason why. Now 17years since their last performance they are back with a new single 11Months3Weeks6Days.

Inward of Eden- Ghost of Amelie

Inward of Eden completed their debut album, Moments to Memories, in 2014 with Mike Dearing and Grammy nominated producer Travis Wyrick (10 years, POD, Pillar). Since then they have shared the bill with many big names including Trapt, 10 Years, Sevendust, Hot Action Cop, and The Veer Union.


Sounds of Imani –  Because of Who You Are
Contemporary Gospel, Indie, Pop (singer-songwriter)
Gerald & Carol (Sounds of Imani) are one of the hardest working husband and wife teams in contemporary gospel. The duo brings a fresh sound to contemporary gospel music. As singer/songwriters they create the jazzy, soulful, upbeat style of music coupled with harmonic vocal melodies which peak the interest of listeners from all ages and various walks of life. Their debut single “Because of Who You Are” displays a soulful upbeat melody of contemporary music produced by Michael J. Powell (former producer for Anita Baker). The duo is versatile and not only performs their original material but perform cover songs of various music artists.
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/soundsofimani/song/27775672-because-who-you-are-radio-mix
Twitter Link: www.twitter.com/soundsofimani or @soundsofimani
Facebook Link: www.facebook.com/soundsofimanimusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sounds-of-imani/because-of-who-you-are-radio-mix


Katie Bates – After Awhile
Pop / Singer-Songwriter/ Break-up anthem
Singer/songwriter from Cincinnati, OH.  In 2015, Katie met Kent Wells, Dolly Partons musical director and producer, in Nashville.  A year later, Katie went back to Nashville to record her first EP with Kent.  Her upbeat tempo 6 song EP, titled Katie Bates, was released March 3, 2017.  The first single off the EP, After Awhile, drew comparisons to the early Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Pink. Her EP reflects influences such as Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, and Prince.
ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/bateskate
Twitter: @bateskatie
Instragram: @bateskatie
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/bateskate

Paula Standing- Stormy Summer Blues
Contemporary Folk Blues/ Singer songwriter
Singer Songwriter Paula Standing gets down and dirty with real people and real stories. Stormy Summers managed a famous bordello overlooking a city square in Adelaide.  She inexplicably went bankrupt and was forced to leave her penthouse. Despite barricading herself in, she was unceremoniously, removed by star force officers. The end of a decades long infamy, she has since dropped off the map, along with her pink convertible.  This is one song from the album ‘All Fun & Games’ full of ripping tales of both triumph and misfortune. https://open.spotify.com/album/3AGUI9XCR7zGBy4s4iJzVE




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