5.16 New Music Monday

5.16 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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Today’s Featured Artists:

Lizzie Blazquez – Deep inside of me
is a bilingual Singer/Songwriter & Musician. She learned to play guitar at seven years old and later began writing her own songs. In the early years of her career Lizzie was working on a pop rock sound and released her first single called “Tanto de Nada” in Miami, FL, shortly after making a music video for the single. The music video was aired on HTV (Well known Latin American music network). The video is currently found on Youtube. Lizzie also recorded a version of Knocking on Heavens Door which can also be found online. Lizzie currently lives in New York and is working on her new music and performing in different venues in Manhattan. She was in Miami, FL recently, promoting her new singles  in various known programs and channels such as CNN Spanish, Telemundo and more. She Released a new single called “Deep Inside Of Me”  and already has Excellent reviews about the club dance track.

Stirling- Writing on the Wall
The door to the kingdom is opened with eighty eight keys. Wading through the carnage of twisted compositions we arrive at the point of Six Strings and Chords De Vocale. Over in the corner hanging by a thread, are the remnants of songs past and the lingering seeds of new inspirations sprouting from their remains. Amid the dark depths and mire of Musicarnia emerge three soulful artists brandishing the name carried from generations gone by. From the hills of Scotland to the French Alps and finally resting on the shores of Australia come Stirling. The ground moves in Victoria, it’s no earthquake… Lisa, Alan and Matt have arrived!!!

Lizette & – No More Lies
The band is called Lizette &, a female fronted industrial rock/metal/alternative band – from Sweden. We strive to write songs and lyrics that make people think or maybe just stop for a moment and see things from a new perspective. Lizette (the singer in the band) is also the producer and songwriter – also known as “the dictator from hell”. 🙂 The band – Lizette & – consists of Lizette on vocals, Tomas on bass, Marqz on guitars and AleX on drums. Lizette & has released 3 full length albums and are working on their fourth album as we speak. They will also release a live album within a few weeks.

Streetlight Cadence – Great Unknown
Streetlight Cadence was founded on the streets of Waikiki, Hawaii as friends who needed to earn grocery money while studying in college. What started as a sidewalk band quickly grew into an folk-pop force of nature and over the years Streetlight Cadence has toured the East and West Coast as well as Japan with an ever-growing fanbase. By combining classical instrumentation with pop songwriting they have created a refreshing spin on music that is ready for both the radio and stage.
Their song Great Unknown is featured on their third full-length album, “Beyond Paradise”.

The Ashdown Roadhouse Band –  The Men In The Valleys
has been gigging for 3 years in various pubs and clubs in the Bristol area, playing my original songs. The band consist of myself (12 string guitar and vocals), Tony Barrett-Powell (lead guitar), Richard Craine (bass guitar).

The Baby Grand – Note To Self
is an indie pop artist from Washington, DC. He plays honest, heartfelt, original music based on real life experiences. The Baby Grand is known for his ability to connect on a personal level with the audience and his devotion to his fans.  The Baby Grand’s EP’s “Dirty City” and “With The Wind” and his album “Renaissance” are all currently available on i-tunes.

The National Parks – Monsters of the North
A lot of our music deals with the idea that we’re impacted and shaped by the world around us. Place is a pretty consistent theme throughout our first two albums. And Monsters of the North is one of the songs that carries that theme. It’s a special one for us because it was inspired by an experience from our very first tour, right when we released our first album. The song evolved a lot by the time we finally recorded it for the second album so in a way it feels symbolic of our own growth as a band.

Tristan Thompson – Man of your dreams
Tristan Thompson, a 17-year-old Victoria, BC, native, convinced his family at a very young age that he was born to be a performer. Music and dance consumed his life as if nothing else mattered. It’s not hard to imagine that Tristan’s future in music will be successful considering his natural talent and unwavering commitment to honing his craft.

Noah Young – Fame & Fortune
Noah Young was born in Murrieta, California on March 21, 1996 to parents Les and Jeannie Young. Noah has lived in Temecula, California his entire life, where he attends Linfield Christian School. Noah has an older sister, Holly, who is currently attending Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, California. Noah started writing music at the age of 12 and to date he has written nearly 100 songs. Writing music is his passion, and he loves to spend his free time expressing his creativity.

Shawn Lyricz – Right Now
raised in Minneapolis, MN, first emerged in music as a songwriter at age 15. It wasn’t long before his passion for music evolved into becoming a recording artist, while helping other young artists pursue excellence in their music. At 16, Shawn started a music class at a local recreation center for teens to learn and discover themselves as artists. This class titled “We Are Hip-Hop”, managed to reach the attention of the local news channels and papers, and over the years is still continuing to help new, artistic teens reach thier potential after Shawn has moved on to new endeavors.

Electric Airways- Don’t Sleep
Hailing from Oklahoma, Electric Airways is a three piece alt/pop band Featuring Bear (lead vocals, guitar, bass) Adrian (lead guitar, keys, vocals) and Tyler (drums, vocals). Having a sound that’s been described as the love child of Coldplay and The Cure, the guys began working with producer James Sanger (credits include, U2, Keane, Dido) in mid 2015. They soon established a solid sound that reflects a similar anthemic energy of some of their influences, such as Coldplay and U2, while still maintaining their own unique voice and style.

After the Spider Band – Girl Named Red
After the Spider is a powerful band of teenage musicians from Northern  New Jersey and New York. We bring our different styles to create our own special sound. We perform original music and covers of rock classics and alternative music. Kate Missionelle (vocals), Sean Demarest (bass, vocals), Aaron . Anesgarth (drums), Evan Fortgang (guitar). They have been called a cross between The White Stripes and Nirvana, with guitar tones of Pantera. The song “A Girl Named Red” was written by our bassist Sean Demarest. He writes all of the bands original music. This song started off as a  simple acoustic piece to his girlfriend. When the rest of the band heard it they just had to rock it out.

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