5.2 New Music Monday

5.2 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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New Music Monday May 2, 2016 – 6pm et


Today’s Featured Artists:

Slim Loris – Going home
It’s about a bloke who is a bit of a player that chats up a girl that he then gets hooked by her. The song is inspired by a friend of mine. My lyrics are usually written from a personal perspective but I wanted to do something different and I have a friend who´s quite the notorious player and its about him finally being hooked by someone. Our drummers is a massive reggae fan and he has a tendency to try and fit that into our songs for better or worse. “Going home” was written as a singer songwriter folky kind of thing but he decided add a reggae inspired drumbeat to it and that’s what made it really come to life. This song is from our third album called “love and fear” that we released earlier this year. Our music could be labeled as indie rock but what I think set us apart is our love for blending genres.

Sherikan Music Attraction- Queen of Everything
This song is about Bjorn’s older sister Marie who suffered from mental illness from the age of 20. In the late 70’s she was an ordinary, very attractive young girl but she got depressed after the death of her father as well as breaking up with her boyfriend. She tried to cure her sadness by shopping and looking good – had numerous new boyfriends and eventually fell into permanent mental treatment from the age of 25. Bjorn and Marie talked to each other every day, but she had very few friends and lived a very lonely life. It all came to a dramatic end a couple of years ago. The song is a tribute to Marie and the whole band feels very much the same about this song due to its dramatic context. We also believe that the song may apply to many young girls who try to be top notch.


Priestley – No More Wasting Time
Priestley are a little bit of everything prevalent in today’s folk, rock and pop charts. Homegrown; they write, produce and perform and eclectic mix of contemporary songs, celebrating music and good times. With BBC Introducing under their belt, the boys are excited to pave their way this year. The track, No More Wasting Time, is a song the celebrates the pursuit of the music  during the impact of time. It’s a song about growth and a tribute to the advice received from friends and family.

The Vine Brothers – East of Albuquerque
Criss-crossing the country since 2012, this acoustic trio uses mandolin, guitar, upright bass, and vocal harmonies to captivate audiences with their crafty songwriting, fiery improvisation, and soulful delivery.  The band’s third album features the single “East of Albuquerque”, which has been named as a finalist in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition (ISC).  The song’s intro evokes the haunting lonesomeness of the high desert before it kicks into overdrive for the journey down the mountains and into the more hectic world of the crowded East, a fitting representation of the paths, literal and metaphorical, that The Vine Brothers experience as a band on the road.

Rick Monroe – Here’s to us
Born in Florida, he grew up in a variety of places — California, Connecticut, Kansas, North Carolina, even England. After settling in Nashville and launching his career, the young singer/songwriter performed in every state except Oregon (an omission he aims to rectify soon). He’s sung the National Anthem during Fourth of July celebrations in Vietnam, performed in more than a dozen countries and entertained former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, who expressed his thanks by kissing Monroe on the cheek and calling him “pop star.”

Elinor Sitrish – Trying not to fall
Elinor was born in Dimona, Israel. From a very young age she had an affinity for music and began singing and writing songs. Inspired by many  great artists and singers , Elinor explored a variety of musical styles. Her latest song “Trying not to fall” has been released on February 2016 and got a lot of attention  and an amazing response!

DJ-K Official UK- You
Born in Yorkshire, UK DJ-K took an interest in music, computers and surfing. He learned guitar and piano in his early years and added harmonica while living in Spain in 1994 while raising 2 boys. In 2000 he moved his family back to the UK Wadebridge, Cornwall, where he started back in the music business as a D.J soon graduating to production of his own original dance music. https://www.reverbnation.com/djkofficialuk

Wolf Kroeger – Sandy Lee
Sandy Lee” is part of the first chapter of Wolf Kroeger’s next story album “BIOLEKTRIC”.The song recounts the difficult action Sandy has to take in an attempt to evade her dark destiny. While the nature of it remains a mystery, it seems that her plan has been foreseen by the forces at work. As of most of his songs, Wolf played and recorded all the instruments on “Sandy Lee” in his studio.After a year of shooting and scoring “The Agitated” (stop-motion pilot) , Wolf is excited to focus his attention back onto his music. He also has the intention of translating “BIOLEKTRIC” to the screen.

PointDexter – Blood to Black
an awesome, catchy, collaboration of musical sounds and melodies that cradle your eardrums, vibrate soul, violate your senses and leaving you with an astonishing lust for more.  Pointdexter has a combination of tasty guitar licks, inconceivable bass skills, sexy saxophone, rock vocals, and dynamic drum playing that is too good to pass up.   Pointdexter has accomplished two full Length albums, three music video, and has been featured on National Television.  We just released a brand New EP called Rocket Surgery and music video Freak Show.   Pointdexter is truly an astonishing band that can provide your venue with an unparalleled performance. Our sets are a high production mix of originals and cover music, cover that are so good and reworked better than the original artist.

The Reckless Youth – The Rain
The Rain was produced by You Me At Six, Don Broco, Architecs producer “Matt ‘O’ Grady” in late 2015, releasing the track in  early February 2016. This is the band’s 3rd single release and last release following there debut album set to be recorded in mid summer this year. “The Rain” combines melodic clean melodies with crunching cutting through distortion, bringing the elements to life in a consistent varying track. We have written this song to show our fans how diverse we really are and what we can bring into the music industry.

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