5.23 New Music Monday

5.23 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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Today’s Featured Artists:

Jake Bartley Band- Headed back to Georgia
The Jake Bartley Band is a South Carolina based band that is the result of an all star group of musicians and songwriters who have long awaited an opportunity to put their heads together and create a fresh, soulful, yet roots oriented sound.  The members of the band have each spent years traveling and performing nationally and internationally.  Individually they have appearances on their resumes such as the Today Show, the Rachel Ray Show, the Grand Ole Opry and countless other major music festivals and venues across the country.  With Jake Bartley’s powerful lead vocals, Andrew Crawford and Matt Miller’s seemingly unlimited abilities on the guitar and bass, and Tyler McCutcheon’s world class percussion skills, their progressive style is infused with a lifetime of soul, rock, funk, folk, and blues.

Samuel Singz- Best Thing
Samuel J. Moore artist name “Samuel Singz” have been singing and performing ever since he was 10 years old in stage plays, and talent shows. Since then he has competed one LP album, performed in over thirty venues and has traveled over twenty-five of the U.S states. He brings style, and excitement to the stage no matter where he performs. In Summer of 2016 he will be traveling the USA, and World for his “Married 2 the One” album tour. His first stop is Uk, Africa, and Paris in June

DeAnna Wendolyn – Hog Huntin
I wrote Hog Huntin’ after a show out in the country at a saloon in Bluff Dale, TX. We finished loading out and it was about 2:30 in the morning when a red headed cowboy asked if I wanted to go hog hunting. Being the country girl that I am, I said hell yeah! By the time we actually got out to the land it was about 3:30am. So we went hog hunting in the middle of the night. I cannot confirm or deny the details of the rest of the lyrics as to not implicate myself, but y’all can decide for yourselves how the rest of the night went. 😉

Henno William – Beauty Queen
composed by 13-year-old singer-songwriter, Henno William from South Africa.
“Beauty Queen” is Henno’s debut single that was released on his 13th birthday.
“It’s a ballad, and it is about a girl I really like, says Henno. “Last year, I asked her out to a Valentines Day dance, and then later I found out this other guy in my class asked her out as well, and she decided to go with him. I was really devastated so I wrote this song about it.” Henno was South Africa’s first ever ‘Got Talent’ golden buzzer star, and also a finalist in South Africa’s Got Talent’s 2015 season.

Bob Green- Ghost
Ghosts is a song I wrote about being with a person that has a mental illness.  Dating a person like that is challenging. They can be amazing people one second and a complete nightmare to deal with sometimes, and this ultimately takes a toll on the relationship.  I was stoked to have the awesome Jessica Martens doing the Harmonies.  She was the singing voice for Charlene on the T.V. show Archer.

Santee- History
Santee was founded by Heather and Joshua Loepp, a brother and sister duo hailing from Sioux City, Iowa. Heather and Joshua grew up side-by-side, building forts, giving each other haircuts and forming “bands”. Very young and very short, their first great idea was to form a choir with their youngest brother and some neighborhood stragglers. With only a few in their dusty lot, Heather gave up when she could not find an alto to complete their sound. It wouldn’t be until much later that the siblings would create Santee, the honest-to-god band that would become the manifestation of their combined creative power. The Loepp family left Iowa and made the essential American journey out West. The siblings witnessed mysterious landscapes never before beheld by Iowan eyes. The mountainous panorama of Washington State had a huge impact on their imaginations, and their spirits stirred at the sight of the icy Puget Sound. Not only were they changed by the Evergreens, but the local music produced by them.

Airy Jeanine – Do you
AIRY JEANINE is an emerging entertainer whose intrinsic talents have put her on a steady track toward stardom. The New Jersey native is a multi-faceted Pop singer, songwriter, and actress, who is skilled as a multi-instrumentalist and whose vocals exude an easygoing ambience. Her performing repertoire is precise and focused, as she is charting a journey into a brilliant future that is unfolding with great promise. Aligning with her award winning and all-star team, she is on a mission to create a body of work that explores various facets of life experiences from her youthful and keenly perceptive vantage point.

Bing Futch – Drinkin & Drivin Blues
is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. Performing with mountain dulcimer, Native American flute, ukulele and pedals, Futch lays out a dizzing variety of music served up with humor and virtuosity.

Joey Mack – Got the Juice
In this day and age it’s unusual to find artists that are genuine and true to their roots. With current mainstream music standards of quantity over quality it’s hard to find artists that still write their own music; artists that pour their experiences, thoughts and emotions into their work. Independent hip-hop recording artist/songwriter Joey Mack of Cincinnati, Ohio. is the centerfold for the type of artist this dying art form needs today. Joey Mack has built quite the name for himself locally and even on a more broad s cale. Joey Mack has been blessed with many opportunities of opening for greats like Twista , Raekwon, Kid Ink, Machine Gun Kelly, Hopsin, Afroman , Caskey , and more. Joey Macks first major release “Run It” has a feature from Gorilla Zoe produced by Kill Will who produced “Fire Flame” for Lil Wayne. Not only has he gained the respect of his local peers he has also received a co-sign from Twista who invited him to SXSW with his label GMG. Where he met Drumma Boy & other huge names . Needless to say aside from the fact of the openings he is described as a “diamond in the rough” with a unique style which is extremely diverse makes him a threat to any up coming or veteran of the game. With bangers like his release “Got The Juice” showing off his ability to write and record catchy a song , this song is his introduction to letting the world know how he feels and displays his attributes and aura of knowing he is one of the best yet to be mainstream.

Delano- Ready
Born in Houston Texas Delano was involved with music at a young age. His earliest music memories include singing in church choirs, and uncle who was a pianist, and listening to anything from “Willie Nelson” to “Luther Vandross” with his mother. Although music was a passion of his, like most boys Delano took to sports. Excelling in basketball and football until a major Acl surgery side lined his indefinitely. After that, writing music was his only outlet. “I want my music to captivate ppl, but more than that I want to bring those powerful story’s back”. Delano took an interest in the engendering side of the music industry and began hanging knowledge and experience. In 2014 Delano opened “Role Model Studios”. Delano is in the process of completing his first studio Album entitled “Uncertain”. With the release of the 1st single off of the album “READY” gaining increasing popularity, “Uncertain” is expected to release this fall.

Shannon Callihan- You don’t know me
is a pop/r&b singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She currently resides in Nashville, TN pursing her music career. ‘You Don’t Know Me’ was released this past April with the RNRBasement (an artist production/management company based in Nashville) for their company album ‘Dumped’. You can find this song at rnrbasement.com available for free stream and download. Callihan is currently busy working on a full length EP and hopes to have it released later this summer!

Whitney Peyton- It’s all good
If artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Eminem, and Missy Elliott miraculously had a pale love child that somewhat resembled Hayley Williams of Paramore, she would be just like Whitney Peyton. W.P. is a unique emcee, with a firecracker personality, hailing from the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. Beginning close to home she became, and generally still holds the #1 spot on The Hip Hop Charts on Reverbnation in Philadelphia.

NOSE! – Affliction
(like “I Don’t Know” in spanish) is a Chilean punk/rock band formed in 2011. The band is comprised of Mauricio Vidal (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Patricio Álvarez (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Sergio Flores (Bass) and Tim Sepúlveda (Drums). Most of NOSE!’s band members started playing and making music in early high school, capturing heartbreak, summer loves, relationships, and good ol’ school drama in their lyrics. As the band members have grown older, so has their music, as their songs have more of a personal vibe as they look for life’s next big challenge. NOSE!’s first album “Estúpido Proyecto Bipolar” (Stupid Bipolar Project) was released in September of 2012, and “Fuera de Control” (Out of Control) was released in February, 2014, both getting more than 1 million likes on social networks. NOSE! has released five official music videos, with more than 120,000 views on Youtube. The band has performed in many Chilean cities, and always brings big crowds to their concerts across the country. Currently, the band is working on their third album and planning a National Tour to celebrate their five years together. Aflicción (Afliction) is their latest single


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