5.28 New Music Monday and Music Business News

5.28 New Music Monday and Music Business News

Welcome to AVA Live Radio#MusicMonday, a dynamic playlist of what we’re listening to at the station this week. Every Monday morning, we’ll share a new selection of songs on our playlists and feature some very special artists right here on our website.


  • Google merges further with its video YouTube platform to expand the experience into deeper more memorable moments.

  • Sony takes bigger share of music industry

  • Is Vine coming back?

  • Somethings happening on twitch

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Band : FAM

New Single: Bunk Beds

Genre  : Pop Rock / Indie Rock

FAM is an upbeat Indie-Rock trio from the Tampa Bay area. Their song “Bunk Beds” brings dreamy Florida surf vibes together with a fresh rock bounce. The vocals are playfully and addictive with an irresistible falsetto paired with pulsing drums and high spirited guitar licks. For more like this, check out their album “Your Secret Admirer” on your digital streaming service!
LINKS: : https://open.spotify.com/artist/6hEnq9w2h1ezdNVfly1yId?


Band Name: The Swinging Chads

New Single: Undercover Hippie Girl

Genre  : Americana

San Francisco Sound of the 60s /Quihksilver , Grateful Dead, Moby Grape, Jeffereson Airplane. A Professional Musician for over five decades; I was born in So Cal and migrated to San Francisco in 1962. My first band was is with Charlie Baty,AKA Little Charlie and the Night Cats. A blues/rock driven cuisine was 2 years of every teen venue in The SF Bay Area. My first year of collage at 17 years of age ,I auditioned for The Mojo Men .They liked me,but I had a 5 year ride for college. So my contact at Warner Brothers set up a meeting with Ted Templeton and the other band got the gig ,They were know as the Doobie Bros.The band ;Ravenfox had the 45 year reunion this year. My meter has got to be feed to carry on with all my stories. https://open.spotify.com/track/3Az02HcEkH88YY9dILGsns?si=ibQJQzXzRTWv8lBBf0mAZw

Website & social media links: : theswingingchads.com

Band Name: Austin Colón
New Single: Fall Back into Place

Genre / Sub-genre : Indie rock
Looking out on the edge of Mass Ave. tonight. Cigarette smoke smoke swirls in the air, underneath the slowly dying night. Our own little heaven here. Street lights flicker through your window, and the morning is drawing near. When you looked right through me, I knew our time had passed. A synergy left incomplete. On the wall, a frozen moment lost, but in here the nerve still exposed. Home I’ll find you, in the darkness, and the distance drawing near. It feels like the more that we try, we lose the heart and the trust. It feels like the stories we built up have become too much. It feels like its too much to handle, fall back into place. Watching as the buildings blur and through this window pass. A road leads to somewhere unknown. All the feelings swelled inside of me, arise as the wave starts to crest. I push them back down, in the darkness, and the distance closing in. Just love me as long as you can while I push you away. https://www.reverbnation.com/austincolonmusic/song/27868705-fall-back-into-place





Band Name: Tiarra Monique

New Single: Bed Room

Genre / Sub-genre : R&B, Singer-Songwriter

A soulful new single from Tiarra Monique is now available. Chicago’s next upcoming artist mixes all your favorite flavors of Hip-Hop and R&B in a fresh new release that makes you want to turn the head phones up so you can melt into her world. Let her chill vibe dissolve all your stress as she guides you into a passionate exotic fantasy land from which you may never return.


Artist: Alan Garmonsway
Single : Our Different Ways

Genre: Indie Pop / Singer Songwriter

I read a newspaper article about a professional and well-regarded medic who, through a series of unfortunate events, ended up on the London streets. That made me think a lot, as I could see some parallels with what I was experiencing at the time, although I had a roof over my head.

The song ‘Our Different Ways’ just tumbled out one evening, I think partially as therapy and partially to warn myself to get my act together. I’d like to think writing and recording it helped get me back focused and sorting things out. I hope the same happened for the medic, who I called ‘Dave’ in the song. As the chorus says, ‘He relied too much on emotion, wore his heart out on his sleeve; It all ends in commotion, and then he’ll have to leave; But I guess that we all have our different ways.’


Website – www.alangarmonsway.com
F/B – www.facebook.com/alangarmonsway
F/B – www.facebook.com/bestroomsongs
Twitter – www.twitter.com/bestroomsongs
I/G – www.instagram.com/alan_garmonsway

Artist: Nat Berhanu
New Music: Sign Post(Break The Fear)

Genre / Sub-genre : House/Dance Pop
This song is about a strong desire a person have about the one he/she loves. It is not about just physical desire attraction but friendship as well. Specially about a person who one loves or has strong desire for. Some people have the guts or courage to say it but this song is about the one who has kept it in so long to tell the person he has feelings for and one day it just blurts out frantically and luckily the opposite sex responds. Hi my name is Nat Berhanu and I am King Of Electronica. A multi genre artist who is also a keyboardist and guitar player.I learned to play music by ear and continued through out the years by practising, writing lyrics etc.. I was in high school bands and participated in talent shows in high school. In 2016 I picked up electronica music and has continued on ever since. https://open.spotify.com/track/0H9tnhs2qplvyoDNKvUzn1?si=MH5Y5zEwRiiAtjsf51ihlg


Artist: Wolf

New Single: Dance

Genre : EDM / Electronic

Band Name: Homerik
Name of song: Wendigo

Genre: Symphonic Progressive Death Metal

A Native-American folk tale, the Wendigo is the transformation of a man into beast. The beast feasts on the carcasses of other humans, but, ever growing in size will never feel satiated. It’s body grows, always faster and bigger than its rate of ingestion. This piece is symbolic of the horrors humanity inflicts on itself in exchange for greed. https://www.reverbnation.com/homerik/song/28602096-wendigo


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