5.30 New Music Monday

5.30 New Music Monday

Featured Artists on New Music Monday

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members sponsored by Reverbnation. These artists are burning up the charts with their music and we can’t wait to play them for you.

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Today’s Featured Artists:

Bittersweet Collapse: Portraits and Vanity
Portraits and Vanity was written by Caitlin Rose Pereira and Timothy j Morgano from Bittersweet Collapde.All songs recorded and produced by pilot27studio.com .. We are now in the studio writing our new album with our new lead vocalist from the Greater Atlanta Georgia area 15 year old Caitlin Rose Pereira” Also Drummer Robert Chavez returns.We couldn’t be more happy with our new addition. At fifteen Caitlin is quite the talent. Caitlin is very focused and determined to bring Bittersweet Collapse fans the best music.

Tim Bentley- Whiskey and You
Born into a musical family. From an early he was surrounded by musicians and vocalists. The weekends at the Bentley home were filled with great food and music. With so many people in the family gathered around with guitars and great voices it was just natural to learn the harmony. As Tim put’s it “Not everybody could sing the lead, so you better learn the harmony” Coming from a musical family was one thing and earning a living in Eastern Kentucky is another. So going to work in the coal industry was the direction that Tim headed. With a wife and family, Tim knew he had to make a living and put music on the back burner. With the decline of the coal industry in Eastern Kentucky Tim found himself in the same position as so many others in the region…unemployed.  With extra time to kill Tim decided to do some on-line karaoke.  There was a new app (SMULE) that allowed him to sing a duet with a national artist…in this case country star Cam. He wanted to send it to a friend via messenger but couldn’t get it to send.  To fix that problem he simply posted it to facebook…and the rest as they say is history. in just a couple of weeks the duet had gone viral with over 4 million views. The next thing you know Nashville starts calling, radio is calling, TV is calling and Tim Bentley is making noise….a beautiful noise. March 2016 Tim Bentley signs a management deal with Freebody & Associates. Stay tuned for the studio sessions…this is going to be a fun ride.

VerseCity- Promise
Promise is a song about falling in love at a concert. Not just with a person, or a band, but with the entire night! Everything from the Music, to the conversation, the drinks, sneaking backstage and meeting the band, late night dinner, all in one memorable night that you’ll never forget. Verse City is composed of a few guys from Texas who believe in the power of music. Vibrant, passionate, fresh and tireless is the best way to describe this group of young Alternative/Pop rockers who have an oversupply of energy and personality. VerseCity brings a wave of emotions with music to fit any mood and a live show that captures and embraces the attention of all in view. Digging into this band could be the best musical decision you’ve made in a long time.

Rhea Raj- Struck
A singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress in NYC. She competed in the farewell season of American Idol, getting the golden ticket to Hollywood, which aired on national TV in Jan 2016. She released her first original EP NEON in 2014 and wrote and arranged all the songs. The style of her music is compared to Shakira, Selena Gomez, and Rihanna due to her fresh eclectic pop sound. She collaborates with EDM DJs in Europe, with her songwriting and vocals on their productions. Rhea Raj has performed at various prestigious venues including Poor David’s Pub opening for AJ Rafael, Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC, House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe, American Airlines Center, Dolby Theatre in LA, radio stations and TV channels including FOX, CBS & ABC. Rhea Raj has written over 100 songs and releases original music & acoustic remixes on piano and guitar on YouTube. In 2015, she released a music video on VEVO for her song “Struck.” Rhea Raj has a notable international fanbase and media presence on her official sites.

Kris Angelis – Heartbreak is Contagious
Her first full­length album, “The Left Atrium” produced by Jeff Zacharski, was awarded Best Female Album of 2013 by the LA Music Critics Awards, and the video for the song “Not Your Fault” was an exclusive premier on RyanSeacrest.com. She was chosen for a month long tour in Europe with Songs&Whispers in spring of 2014 and opened for Tyler Hilton on a US tour in August. Kris played at the New Orleans House of Blues as a finalist in Belk Southern Musician competition. She also played at several festivals, including Sundance, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and SXSW, and will be playing at NAMM 2016.
This year Kris is stepping into a new adventure, working on her Heartbreak Is Contagious EP with songs written with and produced by Morgan Taylor Reid and Alexander Cardinale. The new songs have the same emotional power as Kris’earlier music, but with a new infusion of energy. “Heartbreak is Contagious” explores what happens when love ends in pain. “When you’re brokenhearted it can literally feel like your heart is not working properly. You can’t really love anyone, including yourself, which can lead to you breaking someone else’s heart. But also included is the idea that you can let go—that sometimes heartbreak is just a thing that happens and it’s nobody’s fault.”

Peter Mandic – Don’t let him go
Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia and raised in the country of Serbia, Petar Mandic moved to the United States at the age of 17 to pursue his passion for tennis. As a Junior National Tennis Champion of Serbia, Petar attended the University of Iowa on a full tennis scholarship and graduated with a business degree in finance. In 2013, Petar turned to music full time professionally, and in 2014 released his debut album “Someday Mine,” receiving favorable acclaim from fans and the press as well as receiving steady radio airplay. Presently, Petar is touring 250 dates per year and actively expanding on his artistic reach! Petar is the recipient of Leo Weekly – 2015 Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Musician.”

Cole Wilkinson- Sanity
Discovered on YouTube & invited to an industry audition, Cole Wilkinson made his international television debut during the Blind Auditions on NBC’s The Voice Season 7.  He captured hearts & gained new fans around the world! Pharrell Williams shared, “Cole is a great singer and I think he has a lot to offer!” While Gwen Stefani claimed, “He’s the total package! He’s cute! He can dance!” And when asked to sing a second song for the judges, Gwen said his singing gave her goosebumps! Adam Levine observed that, “The audience freaked out!” And Blake Shelton summed it all up when he said, “You’re definitely an entertainer!” At 18 years old, Cole is a gifted singer-songwriter, with abilities beyond his years. His originals are inspired by his own experiences & his honest lyrics touch the heart. He’s excited to share 7 new originals on his 1st EP set to release April 15, 2016. Cole’s unique voice & style draw an audience in & his personality seals the deal in winning over new fans & followers. Cole’s been featured & a cover of several magazines that reach hundreds of thousands of readers, and performed the vocals on an International ad campaign. He has performed at a variety of venues including The House of Blues-Dallas, Gilley’s-Dallas, Disneyworld, The Hard Rock Riviera Maya, The New York City Marathon, and The United Nations to name a few!

Piqued Jacks- Kindred Spirit
The Piqued Jacks are a passionate and polychromatic alt/funk-rock band of brothers from Italy, with a tight and highly captivating live show. They opened for Interpol the “El Pintor” world tour, won “The Freshmen” competition by MTV, which spun their “Romantic Soldier” video on mtvU for six weeks, and the Best Live Band contests of the Marea and MusicaW festivals. The guys have methodically made their way from the small Buggiano to Austin, TX, where they played during SXSW in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Dara Niemi- Texas Girls & Georgia Peach
has been fortunate to write and perform with talented people all over the South.  At the early age of 12, she was working with several writers in Nashville and by the time she was 13 had generated her first E.P. album.  Dara has had the privilege of meeting many great artists and managed to develop the right chemistry for success.  She and her bands have performed in many locations across the South in states like Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas.  Dara has had the opportunity to open for many talented bands such as Kyle Park, Fastball, and Mingo Fishtrap at many exciting events with crowds in excess of 6,000.

Alinn Leeve – Sexual poison
Always good to leave a story with a question mark, the more curious you are the more achievements you will get, we question everything, ‪‎relationships‬ , ‪‎truelove‬, ‪‎ideas‬, ‪‎decisions‬, and even after we make the final destination we are still not satisfied, coz we will always have the taste for more, but the question is what more do we need ? What more do we want? we are chasing what’s in our ‪#‎mind‬, but not what we need for the ‪#‎soul‬… We compromise part of us for someone else, and asking why? we share and give and still ending with a question mark… Was it worth it? Are we ‪#‎happy‬? What’s missing?

The Gillis Silo- Rock in Your Country

Blurring the lines between defiant southern rock and traditional country roots, The Gillis Silo boasts a wide range of sonic weaponry and inspired truthful lyrics that are winning over the hearts of devoted “Silo Soldiers”, as frontman, and U.S. Army Veteran, Caleb Paul, calls them.

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