5.7 New Music Monday

5.7 New Music Monday

Featuring brand new singles just released in all genres from talented artists all over the world.

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Artist: KAJ Brothers
Single: She Wants to Dance

Pop Music
The KAJ Brothers consists of Kyle Craichy, Austin Craichy, and Johnny Atys on a mission to “make chivalry cool again” by making fun dance music that uplifts women opposed to objectifying them. This boy band perform incredibly with high energy songs and thrilling choreographies in the likes of Michael Jackson. They are far more than singers, they dance, they play instruments, write their own songs, sing acapella and put on one heck of a show!


Artist: Joshua Dairen
You & I
Genre  : Pop/alternative pop

You & I is a journey of a soul that finds purpose in the person brings them joy in a new relationship. There is a little bit of timidity due to the surreal nature of something so special, but the chorus really drives home that the person of interest was created for this moment for that person. This is all they want because it’s all they’ve ever looked for in someone.

The music is soulful but genuine. Playful but serious. It takes the shape of poetry, and through wordplay, puts emphasis on the message being carried out.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0SE2N2jWcfUYUDpoI3E16t?si=eC-rwiVPTAqjXQmAxWir7g
Twitter: @joshuamiller365
Facebook: JoshuaDairen1
Instagram: josh.d.miller


Artist: Alan Garmonsway
Single : Our Different Ways

Genre: Indie Pop / Singer Songwriter

I read a newspaper article about a professional and well-regarded medic who, through a series of unfortunate events, ended up on the London streets. That made me think a lot, as I could see some parallels with what I was experiencing at the time, although I had a roof over my head.

The song ‘Our Different Ways’ just tumbled out one evening, I think partially as therapy and partially to warn myself to get my act together. I’d like to think writing and recording it helped get me back focused and sorting things out. I hope the same happened for the medic, who I called ‘Dave’ in the song. As the chorus says, ‘He relied too much on emotion, wore his heart out on his sleeve; It all ends in commotion, and then he’ll have to leave; But I guess that we all have our different ways.’


Website – www.alangarmonsway.com
F/B – www.facebook.com/alangarmonsway
F/B – www.facebook.com/bestroomsongs
Twitter – www.twitter.com/bestroomsongs
I/G – www.instagram.com/alan_garmonsway

Band Name: Michael Grottano

Name of song: Envy

Genre / Sub-genre : Alternative,rock, pop

Michael Grottano has been producing on and off for the past 20 years writing lyrics and composing music for others. This is Michael’s first personal release. He is in the process of recording his first EP with T-Heights. T-Height is a Miami native and resides in Brooklyn NY.

LINKS: : https://open.spotify.com/album/7GjhMHt84DWd1F0Oyw5DZI
Twitter: @michaelgrottano

Artist:Mike Bauer
Single: Sky Blue

R&B/ Pop/ Soul/ Acoustic
“I refuse to pick…” It’s a mantra Mike Bauer has lived by and you’ll hear him often repeat. A Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County by day and a Singer/Songwriter by night he has found a way to balance two incredibly demanding careers without sacrificing one for the other.


Artist: Homerik

Name of song: The “Ire” of Green

Genre: Symphonic Progressive Death Metal

Love is a rare, fleeting thing. It is the amalgamation of honor, truth, partnership, and a desire for greatness. Woven by the strings of fate, your journey takes a turn towards the light. By the embrace and comfort of your companions, your adventure onboard this vessel slows as your traveling companions rejoice on deck with booze, jokes and plenty of puffs to go around.


Band Name: Dolla Bill

Name of song..: Busta U-Turn

Genre : Rap / Hip Hop

Will Francis aka Dolla Bill is a hip-hop artist who recently released Goin’ Wit Da Flow. He plays into familiar styles of rap that has been around for decades. On that note the topics also cover common topics you have heard in rap if you have been listening to even the most popular rap artists. The album opens up with “Busta U – Turn” which is darker kind of gangsta track. It had its moments and has a solid hook. Got some West Coast vibe. Trap beat with lyrics that tell a story of old school “been there done that.” A song that’s about reflection and looking back…