6.13 New Music Monday Industry Business News and Social Media Technology

6.13 New Music Monday Industry Business News and Social Media Technology

New Music Monday & Industry News Update

Jacqueline_Jax_1Join host Jacqueline Jax for today’s Top New Music Discoveries broadcasting live featuring new music from our newest indie artist community members, the latest music business news, social media technology updates and opinions from the music industry.

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Today’s Featured Artists:

LoveSick Radio- Numb Me Up
LoveSick Radio (LSR) brings a unique blend of unapologetic rock coupled with pop melodies and a little hip-hop swagger, creating a fresh sound all their own. The band formed in 2006 in Columbus, Ohio and now call Las Vegas home. With their high-energy live show, the band has opened for acts such as Bon Jovi and Kid Rock,hit the stage at festivals including the July 2012 Vans Warped Tour and, most recently, the Changjiang International Music Festival in China this past April.
Riley Bria – Shotgun
Riley Bria is an 19 year-old singer/songwriter in the Nashville area. Country artist from Spring Hill, Tennessee. Infusing country with rock and pop influenced for mainstream sound electrifying audiences all over Tennessee.
II BIG – If I can’t Be Your #1
A mainstay on the Northern California music scene since 1994, II BIG has stayed true to the original vision of founder and drummer Ken Ingels — these guys come to rock! Each of the four current members bring passion and perfectionism into the incredible chemistry of the band. Aubrey Hansen (guitar & vocals), bassist Derek Soderquist, guitarist Indiana Slim and drummer Ingels come together to bring you ‘Brand New Classic Rock’!
Aileeah Colgan – Should Have Know Better
is a fast-rising new artist in the country music scene, and people are taking notice! After releasing her self-titled debut album in 2015, she has performed VIP pre-shows for Luke Bryan, Little Big Town, Shania Twain, Dustin Lynch and Gavin Degraw. She has opened for Scotty McCreery, Kane Brown, RaeLynn, Rodney Atkins, and Lee Greenwood. She also took 1st place for the state of Illinois in the 2015 Country Showdown competition and is currently signed with Green Shoe Records.
Sasha Aaron – Intervention
Currently at work on her first full-length album with veteran musician and Grammy nominated producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton), Sasha’s new material is honest in content and exceptional in artistry. “The music on this project is the best I’ve written to-date, thanks to my growth as an artist and writer. It’s a reflection of how living in Nashville has shaped me – for better or for worse.” Drawing inspiration from her life and the lives of others, her primary motivation in everything she does remains helping others. “Country music is all about stories – happy, sad, fun, reflective – and I love being a storyteller. My hope is always that, through those stories, someone will hear and say, ‘someone else out there gets me’, whether it be a happy or sad moment.”
John Moukarzel – A World In The Dark
Born in Ghana from a Syrio-British mother & a Lebanese father, John Moukarzel lived 11 years in Africa before moving to Syria to eventually graduate from Esmod (Ecole Superior De La Mode), Degree in Fashion Design before moving to Paris. One day John decided to write, sing and record his own music for his runway shows. He soon developed a unique sound influenced by both his British and Arabic backgrounds where his music is pop/commercial enough to be catchy and on the radio but influenced with alternative ethnic scales & instruments to give it a good blue print. Coming from Ghana and brought up there, John’s grooves & reggae feels exist in the very far background as an overview. High falsetto notes, fast notate rapping, and powerful belting gives a unique combination altogether. His mother being half British has brought him to the ‘Brit’ field, where electronic/dance and alternative music are in the back bone of the songs whilst his Lebanese dad & living 5 years in Far-East Asia, has influenced oriental music & scales which all together brings a ‘new pop sound’.
ROB MANS – Anytown USA
Recently returned from Nashville where I recorded my first single ” Anytown Usa” At Red Ridge Entertainment. Next step , Grand old opry ???? 🙂 One can only wish.
Indio I – Number 3
What once started as a jam in the dormitory lobby has evolved into a desire to spread pure, positive energy beyond the school walls. Indio i’s unique rock-reggae fusion has brought the band to numerous bars, beaches, house parties and major music festivals all over the Philippines. For more than two decades the band persevered amidst a ruthless and unforgiving music industry; a long, uphill battle that eventually led to the band periodically breaking up and coming together again.
Melia – Deep Waters
has become known as one of the top female indie rock artists on the music scene today. This musical prodigy is considered one of the top female lead guitarists of this generation.

Mind`s Eye – I’m Going Under
from Oshawa, Ontario, a small city, forty miles east of Toronto. Jackson-X is an uncompromising, multi-talented young artist that strives to have his presence felt. Jackson-X mixes a potent alchemy of haunting melodies with a dark potion of heart pounding grooves that leads Jackson-X and his followers to a new dimension of yearning and hunger. 

Cassandra Kubinski – Avalanche 
Blending pop and theatrical musical stylings with a decidedly singer/songwriter approach to lyrics: telling stories, digging into love, regret, and healing, and adding a twist of wry humor. Her upcoming EP features “Not So Different”, a song for Autism featuring the Goo Goo Dolls and 10,000 Maniacs. You’ve heard her music on Lifetime’s “Dance Moms” (9 song placements), ABC, NBC, Bravo, MTV and more, and you’ve heard her voice on commercials for Snickers, Plenti, Homegoods, Kohls, Maybelline, and more.

Brogan Kelby – Motion is Poetry
performed at coffee shops, arts festivals, and multiple venues from Logan to Provo eventually earning opening spots for bands such as Thirty Seconds to Mars, Bastille, Panic! At The Disco, Hollywood Undead, Neon Trees, Switchfoot, and many others. Brogan’s single “Who Cares” features drummer Branden Steineckert (Rancid, The Used). Branden also made a guest appearance in the music video. Brogan’s relentless dedication to his music has expanded beyond his songwriting skills into production. Brogan has released three independent albums and has spent the past two years working on his latest self-titled EP that is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify & more.

Kaylee Keller – V.I.P Remix X Vinyljackers
Kaylee Keller’s title track, “Diamond” which is now available, neatly packages her life’s purpose into one perfectly wrapped anthem. “Lift your head up high ‘cause you’re beautiful,” lyrics co-written by the stellar combo of herself, her mom and top Nashville based songwriter, Jeff Pardo, sum up Kaylee’s number one goal; empowering young women and men to embrace their inner beauty and talents and love themselves despite the world’s efforts to encourage feeling inadequate.

CARDIAC – Here I Fall
Cardiac is much more than a band, it is a creative project dedicated to connecting spirits, spreading hope and providing a much needed shoulder to cry on, a sympathetic ear, a friend to those who need it most. The music is a personal journal highlighting the difficulty in dealing with heartbreak and loss; battling with drug use and suicide; and ultimately, overcoming those obstacles in a realization of purpose. The band consists of seasoned musicians who, along with a wealth of talent and experience, all possess a willingness to reach out and help those who need it. The performance combines raw emotion and delicate movements. There is graceful harmony and yet severe force in the melodies and rhythms.

The Violet Hour – Dilaudid
After an exciting 2015, logging nearly 10,000 miles of regional touring on the band van, The Violet Hour is back in 2016 and ready to do it all over again. The Violet Hour not only has a strong and energetic set list, but they also share something very unique–a friendship and passion for each other. Alli and Jon, along with Jake on drums, Tye on guitar, and Jeff on bass have developed a classic yet alternative sound that ranges from sections of haunting vocals to roaring anthems to funkilicious grooves.

JAD – Down the Rabbit Hole
A young, driven, creative writer that carries a message for the world. Through clever lyrics and cheeky melodies, he ignites a smile to which all people can relate. He aims to further the awareness of individuality and the power of gratitude through music and visual art.He was born in South Carolina and currently lives in Memphis Tn, where he began a career in the fashion community as a runway show coordinator and model. After further diving into the local artistic community, he found a deep love for music. Passionate about his development in art, combined with an unyielding appetite for the visual beauty of Memphis, he has developed a unique sound and a memorable performance personality. To best describe, he resonates the theme of Comic Book meets Alternative Rock. Pulling inspiration from all forms of music and the aesthetic beauty of his hometown, he finds his place amongst the ever-changing current.“ The Trend agenda makes it fun for me as a writer and performer.


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