Radio Drive “Let’s Get Started” : Live footage from 7th Street Entry, Mpls, MN Jan 2015.
Band members: Kevin Gullickson, Patrick Spott, Wesley Hendrickson and Ben Endiryas.
Live footage by Carsten Johnson. Additional footage via Video Blocks.
Radio Drive management:  Artista Group
Radio Drive :

MadLyn’s cover video of the new Taylor Swift song ‪#‎BadBlood‬. Playing piano in this vocal rendition with a new time signature, making the song all her own. 🙂

Greatest Lakes’ sun-drenched psychedelia combines the warmth of west coast folkrock with modern indie pop through intricate vocal harmonies, unique driving rhythms and delicate instrumentation. This indie band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that was formed in 2010 with Jon Nichols on drums, Brian Steinseifer on guitar and Mike Hawes on bass. The members would share vocal duties and, through the course of the next four years, would develop their sound characterized by 60s pop, rock and folk influences.

John Sevilla and Severe Weather- An Epic Blues Rock Band. John Sevilla’s guitar presence is spellbinding with melodic guitar phrasing that invokes an emotional music experience that captives the soul.

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