6.4 New Music Monday and Music Business News

6.4 New Music Monday and Music Business News

Welcome to AVA Live Radio#MusicMonday, a dynamic playlist of what we’re listening to at the station this week. Every Monday morning, we’ll share a new selection of songs on our playlists and feature some very special artists right here on our website.


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  • How visuals effect a musicians ROI (return on investment)

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Band Name: Kevin Dardeman

Name of song: Lustrous Light

Genre : Rock/ Pop-Rock/ Singer-Songwriter

Kevin Dardeman is an American musician who plays multiple instruments including drum set, piano, guitar and bass. In addition to that, he also sings, writes and records all of his own songs as well as producing, mixing and mastering them. The number one rated song by KD is entitled, Lustrous Light, and it has earned a spot on the crowd picks section of the ReverbNation home page. The song has a pop rock feel along with its driving beat which really delivers. Throughout the piece, the listener will be escorted on a journey ride through the universe, witnessing the truths of life.

LINKS: : https://www.reverbnation.com/kevindardeman/song/28717128-lustrous-light


Band Name: FITZ ROY


Genre : Rock, Grunge, Stoner
FITZ ROY is a huge monolithic rocky formation from Patagonia. FITZ ROY Is a rock band from Brussels. We play heavy basic melodious riffs. ANIMAL is our first track of an album coming out in October 2018. https://open.spotify.com/track/7KNEP9xWQ13P3TgPl8Lep6?si=-ZoeRXUHSUqtforx171-MQ

Artist: Daniel Siebert
Song: Brothers

Genre  : Rock/Alternative rock
Brothers is the first official single of Daniel Siebert. The song is in Portuguese and it is about struggling to make a difference in life, overcoming difficulties and reenforcing that we can always go a bit further to achieve our goals. Daniel is a Brazilian musician and composer that writes songs in Portuguese, his native language, and english. Daniel lived his teenage years and early adulthood in the United States. Nowadays he is the lead singer of the band Machado de Einstein. The band is currently active recording and playing shows. The band of Machado de Einstein has already a song on A.V.A Live Radio, called Won’t You.

Indie band: The Melvinator
Song: New Year

Genre  : Alternative rock

I composed and recorded this composition and was joined by artists from across the globe, each adding their creative spirit and energy to achieve this final result. It is a shear joy to hear the uplifting feel of this true collaboration.

LINKS: : https://www.reverbnation.com/themelvinator/



Artist: Katie Bates

New Single: Special Somethin’

Genre : pop/hiphop
Special Somethin’ is a pop mix with high energized love. It’s about finding that someone who has something special and you just can’t live without it. It’s a catchy tune.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bateskatie
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/bateskatie
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/batesekatie
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2HsgkptqB0AQsN7DzHEhbt?si=YClv5fjbQrSFfTZxEzVVCg


Artist: WicoSanii ft. Tejai Moore
Song: Take me (as I am)

Genre : Pop / Dance

Take me (as I am) by WicoSanii ft. Tejai Moore is about lies, incident and pain. The song references relationships, a blind or lost love, loved ones who have fallen out to missed communications. Lies, pain, incident, no communication, a relationship without respect and honesty – I think many people have had a similar experience (once). To walk the journey, we must grow from our experiences but we can only do that when we are first honest with ourselves. ” You should know ” & „ I said „ are my next projects – coming soon. Generally – my music is the book of (my) life. I always try to write my lyrics in a positive style to motivate people to love, have fun and not to give up. I love to spread looooovvvveeeee ?


Twitter: @WicoSanii

Band Name: Jimmie Lee
New Single: Windy (Love In Her Eyes)

Genre  : Pop, Rock, Dance, Electronica, Indie

Jimmie Lee resides in Dallas, Texas and he writes, sings, and produces his own material. His song, “Windy”, is Jimmie Lee’s first single release which has earned him an award for Best Pop Rock/Electronica Song. Jimmie describes “Windy” as a song about a woman who’s looking for a long term relationship, but she’s not willing to put up with any kind of guy. She has standards and morals and knows what she wants. She has the upper hand and is always in control.