8.15 New Music Monday: Musicians Who Built Their Careers on Youtube

8.15 New Music Monday: Musicians Who Built Their Careers on Youtube

Today’s Topic: Musicians Who Built Their Careers on Youtube

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Today’s Featured Artists:

Lyric Dubee – Young & Restless
Currently on tour with Kaya Stewart & the Go-Go’s, live Behind The Music interview coming soon.
Lyric Dubee is an AWARD WINNING, multi-genre artist born and raised near Toronto, Canada. Proficient and at ease playing ROCK, POP, BLUES, CLASSICAL and JAZZ, his deep appreciation and experimentation with all the genres led Lyric to personalize his own style of music known as REVOLUTION ROCK. A singer, songwriter, and guitarist he performs his own works as a solo artist and fronts his own band.

Alexandra Amor – Mama
Summer singles (Releasing a NEW record at the end of each month all summer long July’s release is coming up!) Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida singer/songwriter Alexandra Amor was first blessed with the opportunity to showcase her musical talents in the mid 2000’s. Making the brave decision to trade in her golf clubs and dreams of LPGA to embark on a career in music at the youthful age of 16 years old, Alexandra Amor signed her first recording contract with indie label Rich Music LTD. Having gained fame as a teenager touring the country promoting her previous pop hit “Radio”, Amor soon realized she was not passionate about the music she was making and asked to be released from her contract.  Alexandra Amor opened up for Earth Wind & Fire at the legendary venue House of Blues on Sunset after being chosen out of  3,000 indie artists through a Reverb Nation contest.

Danny Padilla- Innocent
Danny Padilla is an LA-based musician and YouTube personality with roots in the Singer-Songwriter and Pop genres. His newest single, “Innocent”, is a representation of a desperate attempt to maintain a relationship seemingly without any help from your significant other. It is one of many upcoming singles that expand upon real-life situations Danny, and many others, face.

Mia Kylie – I’m Not Accepting Sorry Today
is a 13 year old singing/acting sensation that was born just outside of New Orleans, LA.  In January 2015, Mia Kylie decided to focus on building her business of singing and songwriting and started her own company called Mia Kylie Ditta Entertainment LLC.  In addition, to starting her own company, Mia Kylie began focusing on singing, acting, and overall entertaining ability and began recording, producing, and publishing her own music at the young age of 12 years old.  In July of 2015, Mia put a band together featuring, Connor Finney on Guitar, Tristan Marchand on Bass, Erik Finney on Drums, and Brandon Wilkie on Keys.  In August of 2015 after only after 4 band practices, Mia performed her first gig at the young age of 12 with her band at a local music club called the Twist of Lime.  Mia published her music on other media sites and released her first full length Pop CD called, “RISE” on April 1, 2016.  Mia can sing just about any genre of music, including some Spanish hits from Selena. Mia turns 14 on September 19, 2016 and is ready to start the next journey in her entertainment career.  To learn more about Mia Kylie, visit her website at www.miakylie.com or contact her through her email at mkdband@cox.net

“I’m Not Accepting Sorry Today” Link to my song being played www.miakylie.com  or link to purchase https://itunes.apple.com/mz/album/r-i-s-e/id1093539880


Uberphonics- Jibber Jabber
Uberphonics is an improvisational collective based around an established Groove.  After playing hundreds of club-dates and festivals (including Memphis in May, Murfreesboro Jazzfest, and Festively Local), Uberphonics returned to the studio in 2015 to follow up their acclaimed “Dirty Banquet” once again bringing in Grammy award nominee Johnny Neel to produce. Neel is recognized in the music world for his work with the Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule, and now with his own band. This album Uber used a lessor known recording technique capturing sound in a third dimension. Using a special microphone parts of the album swirl around the listeners head when listening through headphones, far exceeding what traditional panning can accomplish.

ADO Band – Passion
ADO is a Rock band based out of York PA. ADO was started in 2014 by singer/songwriter Junyjun. The band has a mission to serve as a positive influence to it’s fans. For this reason, ADO does not write songs that are depressing, demeaning or condescending toward women, gays or lesbians, religions, race, color of skin, or anything that makes us different and unique beings. We believe everyone should be respected for their differences and valued as a human being. ADO’s songs have a positive ring to them with a funky vibe, they are energetic, and you will find yourself wanting to dance.

Coconut Sunday – Slap Me
A pop band consisting of 3 male musicians and a female singer as a front man and synthesiser.Their songs are mostly based on disco grooves and catchy melodies. Also, their synthesiser sounds and guitar riffs make their songs more colourful and unique. The idea and inspiration when we were writing “Slap Me” is, well, we always want a pop dance song with a little funky sound to entertain people when we do live performance; to let people enjoy the concert and get high in the rhythm and synthesizer sound which we wrote. Actually, if they let themselves floating with the song, they will feel a little dreamy. Speaking of lyrics, the lead singer wrote it for her husband; it is about how she felt when she first met him. That’s why it sounds lively and unpredictable.Both lyrics and melody were designed to be very loose, so people can sing along with the band even they only listen to the song once.

Kaylah Blue – Go Crazyyy
Kaylah Blue is making a name for herself on the local Vegas music scene as well as within the industry having featured with G.O.O.D Music Artist the Word Smyth Malik Yusef, collaborated with rising Hip Hop phenomenon Dizzy Wright, and released her debut single “High School Luv’s” and new banger “Go Crazyyy”. Kaylah has graced several industry mix tapes and was named “Breakthrough Artist” by Hype World Magazine in 2014. If you want to catch up with Ms. Blue, you can find her in the studio doing what she does best…sangin’ baby!!

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